Nothing in Progress

I’ve chosen which puzzle is next, but I haven’t started sorting it yet. Mom bought this at the thrift store five years ago (so says the sticker) and I’m just now in the mood to assemble it. It’s funny how many puzzles are still here that she bought for us.

Yesterday was the first time in three days that I’ve even sat at my puzzle board. I finally took pictures of the Gorey book covers puzzle and disassembled it. I put together a super quick 300 piece puzzle and now I’ve decided to give Streets of France by Ravensburger a go.

Hope all is well with you and yours and that whatever puzzle you’re working on is entertaining and fun.

6 thoughts on “Nothing in Progress

  1. Beth

    I’ve been having so much fun re-assembling jigsaw puzzles that I’ve only done one brand new puzzle (the Saturday Morning Cartoon one by White Mountain). I finished up Pizzeria by Re-Marks and am now doing See Beautiful NYC, also by Re-marks. Both are excellent quality puzzles with thick pieces that fit together well and can be moved around without falling apart, excellent image reproduction.

    If you haven’t sat down at your puzzle board in a few days it sounds like you’ve been busy taking care of the hubs or perhaps driving him to PT and doctor appointments? How is he doing?

    As for the sticker on your thrift store puzzle box, did you (or your mom?) put a sticker on there to note the date of acquisition?

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    1. I’ve just been quite down and not feeling like doing anything – so I haven’t. Hubby is doing well and looking forward to having the sutures removed next week so he can start putting weight on his leg again and get back to walking at least a little at a time.

      Our local thrift store puts the month and year on their price stickers, and puzzles don’t last long there unless they are awful pictures. So I know it was sold to us in 2017.


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