Kiss Me
Kiss Me – Ceaco – 100 pieces

I saved this puzzle for months and months waiting for the holiday season. Now that it’s here I wanted to start the month of December with a completed puzzle on day one. Not the best quality, but it was a thrift store puzzle that mom bought. Miss you mom. 💗


Frosty Treats
Frosty Treats – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I’m trying to finish a puzzle every day for a little while; both to build the queue back up, and to get myself back in the habit of puzzling every day even when I don’t feel well. I’m glad I put this one together, it was bright and fun, and very good quality.


5th Avenue
Browsing & Butterflies on 5th Avenue by Charles Fazzino – Sure-Lox – 2000 pieces

Gorgeous 2000 piece puzzle that I enjoyed much more than anticipated. I loved the 3D Pop Art style, and it made for a great time! 😎


Kitty in a Basket – Unknown – 24 pieces

A cute little puzzle I came across in the puzzle room. It was easy and quick to put together, and those eyes are very piercing!


Tropical Paradise
Tropical Paradise 14 by Hello Angel – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

I enjoyed this circular puzzle much more than the last one – both from the same artist. I think the color palette of this image is a little more pleasing both to look at and to work with. Just the right amount of challenge!


YEAH – Knock Knock – 500 pieces

I enjoyed this puzzle very much, although at times it made me feel a bit stupid. It’s more of a challenge than expected, but luckily I was up to the test!


CS Lewis
C. S. Lewis – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was great fun to assemble, but the quality was disappointing. Still, I have a lot of fun assembling all those words and book covers.


The Puzzle that Broke the Ice – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I’m so proud of myself for finishing this puzzle! It was quite difficult even though it was only 40 pieces. Great little challenge!


All Good
It’s All Good by Thaneeya McArdle – Ceaco – 550 pieces

It’s All Good was an all good assemble, aside from one missing piece. Perhaps that was the plan all along, to be sure we could be “all good” even with a missing puzzle piece.  😉


Best Friends
Best Friends by Dean Russo – Starz Puzzles – 158 pieces

What a fantastic image and a fantastic puzzle! I assembled this for review, and I was engrossed and impressed by the unique pieces and excellent quality. Amazing!


North Pole
The North Pole by Medana Gabbard – Wentworth – 40 pieces

This is a unique image for a Christmas puzzle, and that’s why I loved it. I haven’t seen any artwork by this artist on any puzzles before, but I’ll be looking out for it! 😉


Follow Your Nose by Lucia Heffernan – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Ah, puppies in a collage, it makes my heart go pitter patter. ❤ I loved this assembly, and the only criticism is that it wasn’t big enough – it was over too soon!


Jingle Bell Teddy & Friends by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Beautiful Wysocki that I put together in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn’t sleep. Much different than the Americana puzzles he normally painted – this one is lovely.


Keepsake Memories – Springbok – 1000 pieces

I assembled this puzzle for mom and grama this year. They loved the Hallmark ornament puzzles that Springbok put out every year, and this one was for them. Lots of fun, but a super tight fit that isn’t my favorite.


12 Days - 1
Day 1 – Cute Santa with Gifts

Adorable little Santa Claus from an advent calendar of puzzles, this is day 1. There’ll be plenty more where this came from – 11 more to be exact! Pretty good quality, and really cute images, what more can you ask for?


12 Days - 2
Full Mailbox – Ceaco – 100 pieces

This image isn’t one I particularly care for, but it was only 100 pieces and I can get through without much of a problem. Unfortunately there was a piece missing, but oh well, I’m still enjoying my advent calendar of puzzles. 🙂


12 Days - 3
Penguin – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Mr. Penguin here was much more enjoyable than yesterday’s puzzle, much more colorful too! The quality is good, and I’m glad that I’m assembling them one by one. It’s very nice to have something small and sweet to look forward to each day.


12 Days - 4
Knitting Snowmen – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Day 4, and another bleeping missing piece. I’m pretty annoyed. I hauled my butt out of the house to make a special trip to get these puzzles and 2 already have missing pieces? Grrr.


12 Days - 5
Snowman & Kitten – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Thankfully all the pieces were here for the snowman & the kitten. It was harder to assemble than it looks! Lots of brush strokes and fuzzy colors.


12 Days - 6
Santa’s Ride – Ceaco – 100 pieces

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this assembly. This image is the kind of Christmas puzzle I truly don’t like. But it was fun to put together – who’d have thought?


50 Scents
50 Scents of Grey by Lucia Heffernan – Eurographics – 500 pieces

I re-assembled this puzzle to glue and give as a Christmas present. I sure hope she’s not looking at these pages until after the holiday! 😉


12 Days - 7
Last Minute Santa – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Day 7, yawn. Another typical Christmas image. Not my favorite at all. And why is Santa finishing the presents in the house? The elves are slacking!


True Love
True Love by Myrna – Sure-Lox – 500 pieces

This is a bit harder than it looks, there’s a lot of fur in this image. Still, it was adorable and keep my mind off other things. Perfect.


12 Days - 8
Santa & Reindeer – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Another freaking missing piece! Arrgh! It’s so frustrating! How in the world could I get a set with 3 puzzles missing a piece? So annoying!


The puzzle on the left is the image that was supposed to be Day 9, the puzzle on the right is the puzzle that was in the slot for Day 9. To say I’m disappointed in this set of puzzles is an understatement. I was so looking forward to the ornaments! 😥


12 Days - 10
Town Square Tree – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Perfect tree with perfectly wrapped presents in a sleepy town square. Yawn. I’m becoming so weary of Christmas images, truly. At least all the pieces were there.


Circles Strokes
Circles Strokes by Kirsten Hinte – Milton Bradley – 750 pieces

I love the colors and the broad strokes atop them, great puzzle image! A lovely respite in a sea of holiday images, and it was a bit of a challenge too.


12 Days - 11
Holiday Dogs – Ceaco – 100 pieces

I liked this image, and found it fun to put together, though I’m glad it’s only 100 pieces, I’m not sure I’d want to tackle that night sky in a larger piece count. 😉


12 Days - 12
Merry Christmas To All – Ceaco – 100 pieces

Yes, another missing piece – in addition there were also two EXTRA pieces with this one. It’s been a ridiculous situation, one puzzle after another with problems. If Ceaco doesn’t make this right I am DONE with their brand and will never purchase another one of their puzzles.


Mr Rogers
Mister Rogers Neighborhood – Aquarius – 500 pieces

I enjoyed putting this one together, but it was much harder than it looks!


Heroes & Heroines by Aimee Stewart – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

My last puzzle of 2019, and it was an Aimee Stewart – how perfectly wonderful! It wasn’t an easy image, but I loved it anyway. Excellent fit too.


December Stats:

  • Puzzles completed          31
  • Pieces assembled     11,542
  • Brands                               13
    • Ceaco *14
    • Buffalo *3
    • Sure-Lox *2
    • Unknown
    • Milton Bradley *2
    • Knock Knock
    • Re-marks
    • Wentworth *2
    • Starz Puzzles
    • Springbok
    • Eurographics
    • Aquarius
    • Ravensburger