Scooby-Doo! – Pressman Toys – 24 pieces

Mom and I had a little puzzle marathon on September 1st – 4 kid’s puzzles and a 3D puzzle! This was the first one. Excellent quality pieces.


Surprise Party for Pooh – Mattel – 24 pieces

Winnie the Pooh is a favorite of mine, this puzzle makes me smile! Fortunately all the pieces were there and we can pass this one on. Very nice quality puzzle. 🙂


Racing Scooby Doo – Pressman Toys – 100 pieces

This puzzle was a little more challenging than the average 100 piece. All those racing tracks made for a bit more brain power required! Excellent quality kid’s puzzle with a really nice fit.


Doc McStuffins – Cardinal – 135 pieces

Very cool puzzle! 3 puzzles with different sized pieces  – 24, 48, and 63 pieces. You can assemble them separately or combine them into a panoramic puzzle. A missing piece unfortunately – bummer!


Celestial Map Puzzle Ball – Ravensburger – 540 pieces

Our last puzzle for marathon day and the most disappointing – 4 pieces missing from this puzzle. 😦 We had such a good time assembling the previous puzzle ball we had high hopes for this one, but missing and broken pieces dropped the fun level a bit.


A Purrrfect Escape! Wasgij Mystery #13 by James Alexander – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

An excellent Wasgij mystery – how will Agent Wasgij escape from the villain’s evil lair? Assemble the puzzle to find out!


The Victory of Alexander the Great by Albrecht Altdorfer – Pomegranate – 1000 pieces

Wow.  Just… This artwork is incredibly detailed and was not easy at all! I’m pretty proud of myself that it only took 3 days. Not my typical puzzle choice, it wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t fantastic either. Excellent quality, just not my type of artwork to puzzle.


Church by Joseph Burgess – Milton Bradley – 1000 pieces

Lovely image, not too much challenge so it was perfect to assemble during hurricane preparations. I love these premium MB puzzles! I want to find them all. 🙂


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book One – Pressman Toys – 200 pieces

A fun puzzle to assemble, and even though it’s only 200 pieces the black and white color palette made it challenging. I liked it!


Prehistoric Cave – Great American Puzzle Factory – 100 pieces

My daughter assembled this one on her own while we were sequestered for the hurricane. She wouldn’t let me or my mother help her with it, so I told her she had to write up the post for my blog. I think she did a great job!


Travel Stamps by Finchley Paper Arts – Ravensburger – 2000 pieces

This was an excellent puzzle that was so much fun to assemble! I had help from mom and my daughter during the hurricane, and I finished it up. Each stamp was like it’s own mini puzzle and they added up to make a great puzzle!


Walt Disney World – Disney Theme Park Merchandise – 500 pieces

6 missing pieces, and the quality was not good. Disappointing, because I really like this image. 😦


Grist Mill Stream by Sally Caldwell Fisher – Pastime Puzzles – 500 pieces

Wonderfully interesting piece shapes with whimsies. A bland sort of image, but a fun assembly!


Come to Switzerland By Plane by Michael Crampton – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

Mom was suspicious that this would be like Chat Noir, I said it wouldn’t be that bad. She was right, as usual. I’m not a fan of Eurographics grid cut. It doesn’t seem to fit right, and made for a more difficult assembly in my opinion. I like this image, but it wasn’t much fun at the end.


Wasn’t feeling great so I only assembled kid’s puzzles this day – this and one other. I liked the educational aspect of this puzzle, it comes with an informational sheet about space. Nice puzzle.


Under the Sea – Melissa & Doug – 100 pieces

This giant thing is over 4 feet tall, had to assemble it on my bedroom floor. Nice, thick pieces that fit together well. This puzzle also came with an informational insert naming all the under sea creatures shown. Melissa & Doug make some nice kid’s puzzles.


Noah’s Ark by Jenny Tylden-Wright – Pomegranate – 300 pieces

Beautiful and interesting Noah’s Ark puzzle. I loved it, and wish there were more puzzles available from this artist. Pomegranate puzzles are so well made!


Just Married by Ronald West – Anatolian – 1024 pieces

I absolutely loved this puzzle! The artwork, there’s just something about it. I love the people, to me it feels like they have character. My brain is unable to come up with reasons why, I just love the art and the puzzle too. Definitely a keeper!


Magical Jungle by Johanna Basford – Buffalo Games – 500 pieces

I love the coloring book feel of this puzzle, not to mention the colors. Fun assembly!


Penny – Bendon – 101 pieces

Very cool round puzzle, the pieces were quite thin, but the finished image is kinda awesome. 🙂


What TV Show Is That? – Buffalo – 252 pieces

Another fun quiz puzzle! This one about tv shows instead of words. Perhaps we aren’t as intellectual as we thought, because we knew almost all the answers. So much fun!!


Hot Chocolate – FX Schmid – 500 pieces

Cute puzzle all assembled, but it wasn’t an easy one. In my opinion it’s better to do this with a friend – it makes the tedious parts go by quickly.



Dog Hammock – Remarks – 200 pieces

This puppy is adorable! After a day of puzzling over at mom’s house I assembled this one in bed with my white board. Didn’t take long and it was so cute!


The Music Castle by Colin Thompson – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

This wasn’t a quick 500 piece, but every bit of it was fun. I love Colin Thompson’s artwork, it’s so detailed and entertaining!


Colorful Animal World Map – Ravensburger – 100 pieces

So this one glows in the dark, in 3 different colors! I’ll put up a picture of that when I post about it. So cool!


Galaxies – Epoch – 1000 pieces

My first Japanese puzzle, and boy was the quality excellent! This one glows in the dark too! Loved it.


More calendar puzzles.  Pretty! The one on the left should be for October or November if you ask me. 🙂