Wednesday 11-30-16


Most of the light blue clouds are finished and I’ve started the dark blue sky. There are about 1200 or more of the dark pieces left, wheeeee!!

I’m surprisingly not finding this puzzle tedious yet.  I figured once I had to start on the sky it would be difficult and frustrating, but it isn’t.  I’ve been working on the clouds for 2 days and it isn’t bothering me at all.  In fact today I was having a great time working on it, in between throwing a toy for the dog over and over and watching netflix.

Tomorrow I have to get groceries in the morning, but hope to be able to work on the puzzle during the afternoon after I rest from shopping.  I bet there’ll be more sky done! Super exciting!

Pencil Collage

Pencil Collage by Maureen Rupprecht – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

This White Mountain fit together so tightly it could be stood on end!  So of course, I had to take the picture that way, and with the way the pencils are laid out in the puzzle it makes an awesome picture!

We ordered this puzzle and I put off working on it for a while because it was on the “challenging puzzles” page of the White Mountain website and I needed to be in the right mood to do it.  I did not find it to be that difficult actually, and really enjoyed the entire assembly. The image was crisp and all the printing on the pencils was easy to read. There were some funny sayings on some pencils and some very interesting ads as well.  Super fun puzzle for me – especially because I always love to have words to assemble AND it’s a collage.  Bonus!

Don’t be frightened away from challenging puzzles, sometimes the challenge is just what you need and sometimes it isn’t as difficult as you think it will be.