80’s In Progress

80's IP

I finally got myself back to the puzzle table and started on this 1500 piece collage of the 80’s. It truly stuns me that this decade was more than 30 years ago. I must be very old indeed!

It’s going together very quickly, most likely because collages make me happy and I love assembling each little section. I didn’t spend much time on it yesterday, but hope to be able to get back there today. It makes me wish I had more collages in the to do pile, this one has been so enjoyable that it would be nice to have some more to do.


Jumanji – Cardinal – 300 pieces

I love the look of this, it’s quite striking compared to the fuzzy, soft, sweetened Christmas puzzles I’ve been seeing everywhere; I much prefer the look of this to be honest. I loved the movies too, both of them, which is why I bought it. I’m glad I did. 💗

It’s only a 300 piece puzzle, but don’t be fooled, this was way harder than it looks! It isn’t the best quality puzzle I’ve done lately, but it wasn’t too terrible. At the very least the colors are quite nice. The thickness of the pieces was fair, as was the fit. But it’s one of those puzzles where the image is so cool or entertaining that I can overlook it’s shortcomings.

Even if it wasn’t as easy as I’d assumed and wasn’t premium quality I still very much enjoyed this puzzle. The colors are both subdued and bright at the same time, and it was great fun figuring out which of the corner vignettes I was working on or what letter in Jumanji I was assembling.

300 pieces of entertainment and looking at the picture of it still makes me smile. Lovely!