The Seven Chakras – Day 1

The Seven Chakras by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – approx. 94 pieces/661

There was a bit of research done by me about chakras for these posts. There was SO MUCH information! So, rather than go into detail about chakras, what I decided was to just give basic info about each in general. What I learned was that while the animal representations are not always the same – the order, shapes, colors and names of each are consistent. This is the first chakra, Muladhara, the root chakra. It’s amazingly detailed, and beautiful! 🐘

I did not assemble them in the correct order of the chakras, this one was completed closer to the end than the beginning. But they were put together with a puzzler’s eye; and without any knowledge that there was an actual order to them. Brighter colors went first, and this was closer to the end because the red in this puzzle was close to the orange in another and I didn’t have them sorted as well as I thought. You know, you sometimes save the more difficult parts until the end. I don’t always, but that’s how it went for this one – the puzzle always leads me – even though I think I’m the one making decisions. 😉

Each of these small puzzles of approximately 100 pieces was much more difficult to assemble than they look, and most of them took me an hour or so. And that’s not including pulling the pieces and putting together the multipiece whimsy characters! You wouldn’t think it would be that demanding once you see it from the back, but it was – for me anyway. At times my poor, menopausal old lady brain felt very tired and inadequate (and I consider myself pretty good at jigsaw puzzles too).

You can see the symmetry in some of the pieces, and one that looks like the trunk and tusks of an elephant. There’s a puzzle within a puzzle, and it took me a while to figure it out. The symbol for each chakra is shown in the middle of each puzzle, and each also has one or more shapes of people in various yoga poses, although the two shown here seem to just be standing. Have any of you taken yoga classes? Is this a yoga pose? If not, these figures may be showing where the root chakra is located – at the base of the spine.

You can see by the elephant whimsy that most aren’t pieces you would pick out when sorting the puzzle. Once I realized that each small puzzle also had a multipiece representation of the animal (or flower) shown in the image; I was actively looking for pieces that might make up that animal/image. It wasn’t always easy, but for the most part you can see symmetrical pieces that stand out, and those are the ones I was always on the lookout for. I was able to find and assemble 6 out of the 7 images, one of them was too difficult for me – but I will get there eventually!

That’s one of the reasons I decided each puzzle would need it’s own post. There’s too much to see to just give each one a passing glance in the whole of the set. Yesterday’s picture is gorgeous and all, but you really need to see the detail in each of them, because the parts are just as impressive as the whole.

I will give you a little teaser by telling you that this is the LEAST impressive set of whimsy pieces. By far. Most of them have so much going on, and so many interesting shapes and figures, they’re amazing!

The Seven Chakras

The Seven Chakras by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – 661 pieces

This is the puzzle my husband gave me for my birthday this year, and it’s bleeping amazing! When assembly started on the first of the seven puzzles my thought was that there would be just one post showing all of them together. Nope. There’s so much going on with each small puzzle that I decided right away that each puzzle needed it’s own post.

There are multipiece whimsies in each puzzle that are near impossible to pick out unless you see the puzzle assembled, and even then I wasn’t able to find and figure them all out. So, my usual routine of picking out all the whimsies and taking one big picture before assembly just wasn’t gonna cut it this time. It may need to be assembled more than once. (Such a hardship! 😎)

Seven small puzzles mixed together in one box – that’s all the description said about this puzzle. There is much, much more to say! So buckle up buckaroos, there are seven more posts about this puzzle, with plenty of details and amazing shapes to see. This post was just to give you background info on this puzzle; each chakra/puzzle will be getting it’s own post to show you the image close up, the elaborate whimsies, and the view from the back.

Also, all pictures are taken with my phone and try as I may the images do NOT do justice to the colors, they are bright and deep and overall just stunning. Genuinely stunning.

Gingerbread Jumpers

Gingerbread Jumpers by Cobble Hill Puzzles – Wentworth – 40 pieces

Although this puzzle is named Gingerbread Jumpers in this Wentworth version, Cobble Hill’s puzzle (in a 1000 pieces) is named Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Whether you call them jumpers or sweaters, it’s a great puzzle image – and I have to say, whatever bakery Cobble Hill uses for these cookie puzzles does AMAZING work!

I chose this puzzle for the first day of Hanukkah, because it’s the only holiday puzzle I have that isn’t only Christmas or generic winter themed – there’s a blue “jumper” with a menorah on it so it’s the puzzle for today.

There have been several of these cookie puzzles from Cobble Hill, Sugar Skulls and Easter Eggs come to mind, and they’re always so much fun. I haven’t done this image in a larger piece count, but I couldn’t resist it in the micro puzzle size from Wentworth, it’s just too adorable! (Plus, there’s so much green in this image I thought it would be much easier in a smaller piece count puzzle)

There’s not much more I can say about Wentworth puzzles, you’ve heard it all before. They’re fantastic quality wooden puzzles and I love assembling just about any image they’ve got. Mostly I get their micro puzzles because I’m in bed a lot due to my chronic pain issues, and their small puzzles are perfect for assembling on a cookie sheet while I’m laid up. They’re more expensive than cardboard puzzles (obviously), so I usually only splurge once in a while; but when I order them I always get quite a few, to make the shipping from across the pond worth it. 😉

The reindeer is very cute, as is the snowman; and love that they’ve put a “jumper” in here too. I think I like the word jumper better than sweater. It sounds happier, “I’m putting on a jumper!” Is that just me?

My mind is weird – welcome to my world.

It’s a little chilly here today, has anyone seen my jumper? 😁

For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Hanukkah! I’m sending out wishes for a joyous eight-day festival, and a lifetime of light. 🕎

Beauty Lips

Beauty Lips – Piatnik – 1000 pieces

Wow did I love this puzzle! I’d seen the image several years ago and really wanted it, but for some reason never purchased it. Not until Penny asked me what puzzle she should do next and this was one of the choices; I told her to do the Lips and then send it to me, but then decided I didn’t want to wait and ordered one for myself.

At the time I’m writing up this post she’s still working on this puzzle – she has a life, a full time job, and two young children – I have none of those things, so I finished first. Partly because this puzzle was just too fun to walk away from, and partly because I don’t sleep much and am up in the wee hours puzzling when most others are sleeping. Honestly though, I’m a little sad that it’s already done. 😭

*Penny has since finished this puzzle too. I don’t think she enjoyed it as much as I did, but we can’t all love the same puzzles in the same way. All the flesh colored pieces in between had her a little frustrated, but she says she did like the puzzle.*

According to my blog this is only the second Piatnik puzzle I’ve done, the first was three years ago and was a collage of vintage needle books. From these two puzzles I can say that the quality of this brand is very good. My only issue was with the shine on the pieces, it was a bit difficult to see the darker pieces under the lights, there was a lot of glare. Otherwise, the fit was excellent, the image reproduction is stellar, there were a variety of shapes – just a great jigsaw puzzle all around.

The rainbow lips on the left were so fun to assemble, that bright yellow really stood out. The deep blue with the diamond was the first one that caught my attention, it’s just such a great little picture and the pieces were easy to find as well. I’m not sure what to call the lips on the right, funky rainbow perhaps? The pieces weren’t as easy to find as the first two, but it is such a great image – and that black background made it a little less challenging.

If this puzzle is on anyone’s wish list, I highly recommend you get it for yourself. It was such great fun, and it’s a very good quality puzzle as well. Thanks Penny for giving me the push I needed to get myself this wonderful puzzle! 🧩💗

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp – USAopoly – 500 pieces

Well ya’ll, the holiday for Americans to gorge themselves on dinner and fall into a tryptophan coma has passed. It is now – according to my father – officially the Christmas season. What better way to kick it off than with a puzzle from the quintessential holiday movie … A Christmas Story.

This puzzle was first assembled over four years ago; back then mom wanted to assemble it too so I took it apart and off it went to her house. The plan was to glue it after she was finished, and then I would hang it in the window or on the door as a Christmas decoration. She never did get to it, and so it came back to my house and this year it was finally reassembled – it is already glued on both sides and ready to show everyone my oddball Christmas spirit! 🤪

Reading through my previous post about this puzzle, it was a little surprising that I didn’t mention the edges and how in some places the pieces just sit together instead of attaching to each other. It’s a big pet peeve of mine, and assembling the shaped edge was hard enough without the added annoyance of having to find the piece to make it all click together. Either I was much more excited about this puzzle four years ago, or I am much crankier these days. Or both.

Probably both.

But, if you’ve got this puzzle and are going to assemble it, here’s a tip…. When you’re sorting for edge pieces take every piece that has any bit of the white border. Then, when you come to edges that don’t connect you can help anchor them with the inside pieces

It was simple to sort ; edges, lampshade, fringe, fishnets, and shoe/base. The assembly was pretty simple as well, but nonetheless enjoyable. Truly a fun puzzle, and I’m excited to finally have it as a holiday decoration.

As I sit here typing up this post I’m thinking of where exactly to hang my new Christmas decoration. Hubby wants to build a custom frame for it, complete with LED lights! We gotta show it off – “It’s a major award!” 🤶