Still Life – Fast Moving

Still Life-Fast Moving by Salvador Dali – Ravensburger – 300 pieces

Oh man this was so much fun, it was done in one sitting! I should have taken a break, I should have taken several breaks – because I paid for my insistence on staying seated for that long – but it was worth it. I love puzzles. 💛

This was a fantastic puzzle to do after the horrid mandala by Page Publications; this was like eating fresh fruit after having to lick garbage – it tastes like nectar from the gods. Sorry for the gross imagery, but honestly the difference between the two was equally as great. Ravensburger quality – especially with the smaller piece counts – is excellent!

This is actually the first image by Salvador Dali that I’ve done and I enjoyed it very much. Famous art doesn’t always make for the most entertaining puzzles (for me anyways), and I haven’t seen one of Dali’s works from a good brand that I wanted to assemble until now. Eternal thanks to my friend and fellow puzzle blogger Nicola from Puzzler1909 for sending this in our puzzle swap – it was lovely!

Started with the bedspread/tablecloth, it was the most difficult part, and sometimes I like to get the hard parts out of the way at the beginning.

Loved this section, it’s so crisp and clear it looks almost like a photograph – fantastic!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

This assembly was so much fun! All the bright colors made it relatively easy to put together, and the entire image just made for excellent puzzling. I really had a great time. 😊

Working with a Ravensburger puzzle is almost always a wonderful experience. The excellent fit, the beautiful image, the quality of the chipboard and how the pieces feel in your hands as you’re contemplating where it should go – all reasons they’re one of my favorite puzzle companies.

There’s a thing that happens each time I sit down with a puzzle, it’s hard to describe. At first I’m looking at all the pieces as I lay them out, trying to find things that look easy to pick out or colors that jump out at me. I’m searching for the edges, and also for what parts I’ll be assembling first after the border is put together. The pieces and I are almost getting to know each other.

Every time I’m searching for a particular piece to finish a small section I’m also becoming more familiar with every piece, every color, every shape. Soon, it becomes easier to find a piece; because I’ve seen them and touched them and moved them around so much that I know exactly which one I’m looking for. The assembly starts to speed up, the image is becoming clearer – it’s exhilarating and intoxicating – I love that feeling!

This puzzle was the epitome of those things for me, and was completely entertaining to assemble. Cartoon images are much more fun for me to put together than photographic images (just my opinion), and the bright colors make it easier for these old eyes to see what’s going on. There were so many great characters and sections to assemble – absolutely loved it! 💖

Tweedledee and Tweedledum. When you say the names it makes me think of lovable but annoying idiots. They try to help, they think they’re helping – they are so NOT helping! I’ve run into a few people in my life that I would put into this category; unbelievably exasperating. You know the kind of person I mean; the ones that make you repeat over and over in your head that you are actually a good person and please don’t lose your temper – they’re trying to be helpful.

Or is that just me?

Ah, the king. He’s so darn cute, at least I think so. He’s only about 12 pieces out of 1000, but I distinctly remember his voice from the movie; and how he wanted so much to be in charge but was completely overtaken by the Queen of Hearts.

I had such a fun time with this puzzle. I’d like to find more of these collector’s edition puzzles; there are so many memories for me that are locked up in these old Disney movies.

I’m amazed that this movie came out in 1951 – my parents were four years old!