Glen Canyon – Bela Baliko (America’s Parks Collections) – 1000 pieces

First puzzle of the month! Very pretty photograph puzzle by Bela Baliko Puzzles, excellent pieces, terrible fit. 😦  It was so loose it was constantly coming apart. Still, it’s a gorgeous picture, and if nothing else I got to have fun putting it together with my mom❣


Antique World Map – Ravensburger (Wood Finish) – 1000 pieces

This wood finish puzzle was difficult and took longer than most 1000 piece puzzles, but I loved it anyway. The pieces look and feel amazing, and the finished puzzle is gorgeous. Definitely going to glue and frame this one once mom has done it. 🙂


Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs – Mega Puzzles – 100 pieces

Not the best kids puzzle I’ve done, not the worst either. Cute image though.


Santa’s Highway by Jim Todd – Sunsout – 1000 pieces

This shaped puzzle from Sunsout was so much fun! Christmas in July with a great puzzle that went together quickly. I enjoy the shaped Sunsout puzzles more than their rectangular ones, I think the fit feels better. Loved this one!


Puppies in a Basket by Susan Brabeau – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

Who doesn’t love puppies? Fun puzzle by Ravensburger, I like the bigger pieces of their 500 piece puzzles. Excellent puzzle with an adorable image. 🙂


Shells of the South Atlantic Coast – Heritage Puzzles – 550 pieces

Cool thrift store puzzle, and educational too. 🙂 Excellent quality puzzle and fun to learn the names of a lot of different shells. Florida Fighting Conch, King Helmet, and Finger Sponge to name a few!


Festive Felines by Rachael Hale – Andrews + Blaine – 500 pieces

Unopened thrift store puzzle, very cute! The pieces were shaped oddly with many very thin “arms” that will most likely break. A+B usually has better quality than this, it may have been a fluke.


Winnie the Pooh – Ronda – 46 pieces

Adorable kid’s thrift store find with large foam pieces! So adorable, and from a company in Columbia. 😮


Holiday Treats – Remarks – 1000 pieces

Mom and I did this puzzle together, more difficult than it looks but not too terrible. 3 missing pieces unfortunately. 😦 At least it looked cool and frosty – better than this terrible July heat!


What Word is That? – Buffalo Games – 252 pieces

OMG the most fun puzzle!!!! Mom and I had a blast assembling this in one afternoon. Match words with definitions, some everyday words and some amazingly weird words! Fortunately the pictures help with assembly so you don’t have to know them all. We were disappointed that before it got to the thrift store someone’s puppy got their chompers on one of the pieces. 😦


The Racehorse by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger (What If #8) – 1000 pieces

Another excellent What If puzzle – Geoff Tristam comes up with the best scenarios! Loved this one from start to finish.


Amazing African Wildlife – Dalmatian Press – 101 pieces

New puzzle company, fun circular kid’s puzzle – it was more difficult than it looks! Either that or these hot flashes are cooking brain cells!!

Seems like a LOT of puzzles already for so early in the month! But two of them were started in June and finished in the first couple of days in July. And a few others were assembled by mom and I together which makes for a much quicker puzzle. The kid’s puzzles take about as long as a cup of coffee, so if I was in the mood I could do 5-10 kid’s puzzles in one day!


Paris Opera House – Masterpieces (Masters of Photography) – 500 pieces

I was dreading this one, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. It wasn’t easy, but I enjoyed it. Gorgeous finished image – stunning!


Five Cent Piece by David Behrens – Sunsout – 1000 pieces

Beautiful puzzle from Sunsout. The fit was looser than normal and I appreciated that! It took me 4 days to complete because it’s been a bad week, it wasn’t too difficult. Fun assembly!


Garden Bridge by Alan Giana – Masterpieces – 300 pieces

Pretty puzzle mom and I assembled after giving up on a horrible not-fun-at-all puzzle. This one restored our happiness. 🙂

Love Letter by Bob Byerley – Anatolian – 500 pieces

I finally tried Anatolian puzzles! I like them, good quality puzzle, lovely image. The dark parts were difficult because I only work under artificial lights, otherwise a fun assembly.


Chocolate Memorabilia – Great American Puzzle Factory – 550 pieces

Very fun puzzle! Mom and I worked on it together for part of the day, and she finished it by herself that evening. I enjoyed the parts I worked on very much. 🙂


Fishing with Friends – Jumbo (Deco Puzzle) – 1000 pieces

It’s as beautiful as I thought it would be, for some reason I didn’t enjoy the assembly as much as I’d hoped. Still, it’s gorgeous and will look amazing framed!


Spirit of Coca Cola by Pamela Renfroe – Springbok – 1000 pieces

Fun and challenging puzzle! The bottom half was easy and went quickly; the top half, not so much. 🙂


Albuquerque Balloons – Masterpieces (Masters of Photography) – 500 pieces

Extremely fun puzzle! It seems I’ve been doing many random cut puzzles lately. I’m not minding it much anymore, it’s fun to switch back and forth between random and ribbon cuts. I’m loving these space saver puzzles!

The next 5 puzzles mom and I did in one day! We rock! 🙂


To the Barns by Art Poulin – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

Cool puzzle, fun to assemble. Missing 3 pieces. Grr.


Kittens with Pumpkins by Persis Clayton Weirs – Cobble Hill – 60 pieces

It would be great if all kid’s puzzles were made with as much quality at Cobble Hill puzzles. The pieces feel awesome and are very thick. Gorgeous puzzle!


Country Store by Tom Antonishak – TCG – 100 pieces

This puzzle would be good in a larger piece count, 500 or 1000 pieces. Love the artwork, not a fan of the pieces. Way too thin. 😐


House Sitting by Louisa Jean – Karmin – 100 pieces

Another puzzle with beautiful artwork and not so beautiful pieces. So thin!


Bambi – Golden – 200 pieces

I can’t say for sure how old this puzzle is, but I’m guessing it’s from the 70’s. Adorable puzzle and I didn’t know Golden did more than books! Really cute puzzle!

That’s the end of our kid’s puzzle marathon for the day. We started another 200 piece puzzle, but didn’t get it finished today – perhaps tomorrow!


Battle Creek Balloons by Anthony Kleem – Prism Puzzles – 500 pieces

Fun puzzle mom and I did mostly together (she finished the last 100 pieces or so). It’s always more fun working on puzzles together!


Horse of Iron by Werner Willis – Sunsout – 1000 pieces

Holy guacamole! Is this a spectacular puzzle or what? I’m pretty dang proud of this one, the horses were very difficult – but I got it done with a little help from mom. Thanks mom! If you’re looking for a challenge, give this baby a try. 🙂


Train Station, Eden Central by Thelma Winter – Milton Bradley – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was great! The quality was excellent – pieces were thick with a matte finish and fit together wonderfully. The image is great for puzzling and I enjoyed every piece. I’d love to find more Milton Bradley puzzles like this one – I’m impressed!


100 Elephants and a Mouse by Kevin Whitlark – Ceaco – 750 pieces

Missing pieces, missing quality. Kind of a bummer, but I still like the image. Hopefully we can find some Kevin Whitlark puzzles by a different company. 🙂


Teddy Bear Christmas Tree by Dona Gelsinger – Masterpieces – 500 pieces

Quick assembly, fun puzzle! Last of the Christmas in July puzzles, so I’m ending it with a glitter puzzle. I gotta admit, I loves me some glitter❣❣


Wasgij Back to #2 – A 14th Century Castle! by Bill Houston – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

I haven’t done a Wasgij in over a month! This was fun to figure out, it was my first of the “Back To” series. Loved it!


Tulips? – Hasbro – 300 pieces

There was no name for this puzzle anywhere on the box, so I have named it Tulips. Extremely thick, large pieces – would be great for kids or adults who need larger pieces. Excellent quality!


Road Trip USA – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Quick puzzle – I like the Buffalo large pieces, they feel nice and fit together very well. Love this image and it made for great puzzling. 🙂