January – February


6/10 of the World’s Largest Puzzle Complete!

This was my favorite section of the puzzle so far. I love the colors and the image, and I had the best time doing it!


Celebration of Women – Tea Time by P. Govezensky – Sure-Lox – 500 pieces

I wasn’t sure about this puzzle, was kinda “meh” about doing it. And to be honest I didn’t really start enjoying it until about halfway through. But in the end I think it’s a great image and I love the finished product. I sure do wish there were more variety in the piece shapes though. 😐


Model & The Muse – Get Your Jig On – 513 pieces

This was the first puzzle from this company I assembled and I loved it! Love the image, love the quality, love what the company stands for, loved the challenge of assembling this puzzle! It was also my first completed puzzle of 2017, and I don’t know why I flaked out and didn’t add it to this page until January was almost over. 😐 I’m blaming menopause and old lady brain! If you’re looking for an adult puzzle, check out Get Your Jig On. Their catalog isn’t large yet, but they’re working on it!


7/10 sections of The World’s Largest Puzzle complete!

This was the section I was most scared of, but I shouldn’t have been. It was fun just like the other 6 sections and nothing to dread! That being said, I’m glad it’s behind me and I don’t have anxiety about it anymore!


Offering of the Coral Plants to the Emperor – Springbok Puzzles – 500+ pieces

The first Springbok puzzle I’ve done in a long time! And this was a thrift store find that was produced in 1965 – FIFTY TWO years ago! Damn! I really enjoyed this puzzle and it has held up beautifully. They made some quality stuff in the 60’s, I was made in the 60’s. 😉



Yarn Party by Linda Picken – Karmin International – 550 pieces

Fun thrift store puzzle that I enjoyed very much in spite of it’s quality issues. I say if you find a puzzle that you love the picture of you should just go for it! Especially if you’re thrift store shopping. Even if you don’t enjoy the assembly as much as you’d hoped, you’re only out a dollar or two! Spent 99 cents on this puzzle, and I had a great time with it. What a bargain!


8/10 of the World’s Largest Puzzle complete!

The Lion King was so much fun! It’s not the best picture, but the colors in this section are just amazing, it really is beautiful. I can’t believe it’s only February and I’ve completed 3 sections this year alone! 😮


Fuchsia Faerie by Rachel Arbuckle – Purrfect Puzzles – 1000 pieces

My first puzzle by this manufacturer and, wow are they great! Thick pieces, they fit together amazingly well, the image quality is gorgeous and I just loved it! I want all their puzzles now. 😐


Star Spangled by George Kovach – Ravensburger – 500 (large) pieces

My first large piece Ravensburger – loved it! Something about the large pieces make me want to keep going until it’s done, and that’s exactly what I did. 🙂 Loved this picture after it was assembled – thrift store puzzles are the best!


Witches Wardrobe by Kathy Weller – Andrews + Blaine – 1000 pieces

What a fun puzzle! Start with one small section which leads to another and another and before you know it the whole thing is finished in less than a day! I love puzzles like that, it’s so awesome to be swept away into puzzling! Love this company, first time assembling one of their puzzles and I think they’re great quality.  We’ve got more puzzles from this company waiting to be done that we’ve found in thrift stores – sweet!


Underwater World – Janod – 100 pieces

This is a 100 piece puzzle we bought for a friend’s son. Wanted to put it together to make sure all the pieces were there, and it was more fun and more difficult than we thought! Love the quality though. Excellent puzzle 🙂


Sequoia National Park by Eric Dowdle – Dowdle Puzzles – 500 pieces

Fun puzzle! Very dark in the background though, it was a challenge to finish it. Although I had no picture to go by, so it was probably harder than it needed to be. Mistake at the manufacturing plant apparently, wrong bag of pieces in the box. To their credit though, Dowdle responded to my email very quickly and are sending the puzzle that was supposed to be in the box. Thanks Dowdle!


Telephones by Troy Litten – Galison – 550 pieces

I really enjoyed this puzzle.  What’s not to love?  Lots of different piece shapes, matte finish, collage – all the things that make momma happy 🙂 My first puzzle by Galison, I was impressed with the quality.


Creepy Crawlies! – Creative Edge – 100 pieces

Another puzzle purchased for my honorary grandson, I assembled it to make sure all the pieces were there. Of course I ended up having a good time doing it! My inner child is always hanging around. 😉