Tower of London Remembrance
Tower of London Remembrance – Wentworth – 40 pieces

My first puzzle of the month! It’s always lovely when it’s a wooden one, they’re so meditative for me. Beautiful image, great puzzle!


Skiing by Margaret Loxton – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I absolutely adore this new image from Wentworth, it makes me smile. It’s so sweet!


Happy Nautilus World
Happy Nautilus World – Zen Puzzles – 68 pieces

A new wooden puzzle company that I wanted to try. This is one of their children’s puzzles (it was on sale), and I decided to buy this and one of their “adult” puzzles to see how they compared. It’s a beautifully made puzzle, but I wish the shapes were more fun to work with.


Found Love
Found Love – Zen Puzzles – 49 pieces

This is the adult Zen puzzle. I love the image, and they’re well crafted puzzles. I’m just looking for more interesting piece shapes with a wooden puzzle. It was fun to try out a new company though!


Summer Medley
Summer Medley by Mandy Budan – StumpCraft – 207 pieces

Another new puzzle company that I decided to try out. Holy guacamole! This was so difficult, the color line cutting and amazing shapes gave mom and I a run for our money! Loved it ❤


Sugar Magnolia
Sugar Magnolia by Phil Lewis – Liberty Puzzles – 881 pieces

Here she is! This was the most beautiful puzzle I’ve ever assembled, and it was the most fun too! I absolutely adore it❣


Cottages by Kim Leo – Lafayette Puzzle Factory – 500 pieces

So cute! And so much fun! These little cottages are adorable, but I wasn’t as happy with them as I’d hoped. I’m not sure why.


Father Frost
Father Frost by Rachel Arbuckle – Wentworth – 36 pieces

Beautiful and very challenging micro puzzle! I didn’t realize when I assembled it that it was by Rachel Arbuckle, I love her work!


Darth Vader
Darth Vader – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I don’t know why I thought this puzzle would be easy, of course I was wrong. It took longer than I expected and was a bit of a challenge. On the plus side, hubby helped me finish it!


The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker by Anie Maltais – JaCaRou Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Another new brand, and a unique Christmas image. I love it! There were a few damaged pieces, but the customer service I received was excellent. I’ll definitely be assembling more of their puzzles. 🙂


Over the River
Over the River by Susan Winget – Ceaco – 500 pieces

This is a cork-backed puzzle, and it’s was a challenging little bugger! In the end, as with most puzzles, it’s beautiful and I’m proud that I stuck with it.


Coastal Cove
Coastal Cove – Shutterfly – 252 pieces

Last puzzle of the month! This is an unnamed thrift store puzzle, I wouldn’t normally choose this image but it wasn’t too bad. I was impressed with the quality of this brand.