Realm of the Giants

Realm of the Giants by Silvia Christoph – Ravensburger – 200 pieces

Isn’t this a beautiful dinosaur scene? I love the colors; a lot of dinosaur puzzles are more drab, with browns, greens, etc. – this one seems to pop. The detail and colors make it lovely in my eyes.

Surprise, surprise! Not a clue how the assembly of this one went, you’re shocked right? It’s no surprise to me, as I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday – or if I even ate lunch at all! My memory has been steadily declining for the past few months, and I keep commenting on it to the hubby. But you’re here to see about a puzzle, not the ramblings of an old lady who can’t remember sh*t. 🤔

Anyone else reminded of Jurassic Park 2 where the little baby-looking dinosaurs attacked the little girl on the beach? Or is it just me?

Most people would look first at the T-Rex, as it’s the one dino that everyone knows and recognizes; but my eye was drawn to this “little” guy. I love the purple colors on the back, and that gorgeous fin. The colors in this image are absolutely beautiful, and it made for quite the fun assembly – I think.

I just liked the wings on this one, that’s the only reason you’ve got a close-up of them. I don’t know what the name of this species is, but I can say without doubt that I enjoy looking at their wings. 🙂

As always, Ravensburger puzzles are excellent quality. I would even go as far as to say that their kid’s puzzles are exceptional. The pieces are truly thick and sturdy and the fit is wonderful. This puzzle is still here in the house, and I took out some pieces to feel them – fantastic!

Dory and Nemo

Dory and Nemo by Disney/Pixar – 24 pieces

To be honest, this was done so long ago that I no longer have the puzzle here at the house, and I cannot remember which brand it was. But I can tell you that I delivered it to my darling “grandson” and he is enjoying it quite a bit according to his mom. Excellent news!

I can also tell you that it was relatively good quality, other than some slight warping on the pieces that you can see in the picture below…

But for me, spending 59 cents on this puzzle at the thrift store, I still got my money’s worth and then some. A sturdy kid’s puzzle for less than a dollar, and I was able to give it to my honorary grandson for him to enjoy assembling many more times. A bargain at twice the price!

I had the most awful day yesterday (which I will tell you all about later on), and was looking through my phone at old pictures (you’ll understand later). There were several pictures of finished puzzles and I decided to transfer them all to the new computer. Shocker of all shockers – I’ve got six completed puzzles that I never wrote about – pictures and all!

As I was trying to take my mind off of other things this evening (it’s after 11 pm currently), I started putting together drafts of all the puzzles that were completed forever ago so that I’d have a little bit of leeway in getting myself back to the puzzle table while still being able to post more often. There will be discussions in the Jigsaw Journal household today regarding use of the puzzle table and how I can both be able to work on puzzles and allow my husband to continue to bring home the bacon – from home. As it were.

Sorry, it made sense in my head. 🤷‍♀️