Golf – Mandolin Puzzles – 1500 pieces

This is obviously the second puzzle hubby got for me to do. I enjoyed the collage and the quality wasn’t bad either. I don’t think Mandolin Puzzles are being produced anymore, but I enjoyed this one, and it’s going to make a lovely framed  puzzle!


Hearts of Gold by Stefanie Steinmayer – Heye – 500 pieces

Did this baby in one day, it was just too much fun to walk away from! The fit of this puzzle was a bit loose, but still very nice Heye quality. I loved the metallic finish and the artwork of Stefanie Steinmayer.

Jungle Colors by Susan Patricia – Rose Art – 500 pieces

Mom and I assembled this one together, it makes a gorgeous picture! The quality was less than optimal, but still such an interesting image that we almost didn’t notice the thin pieces. Alas, a missing piece – but it was still fun to assemble.


Family Farm by Mary Thompson – Bits and Pieces – 300 pieces

How cute is this farm puzzle? So cute! Super random cut and large pieces made this an interesting assembly. I love throwing together a 300 piece, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. It’s even more fun assembling it with mom. 🙂


Colours of Asia – Educa – 1000 pieces

Beautiful, right? I love this puzzle, the image is striking! It’s also fun to have several smaller sections to work on one by one. This was my first Educa – not bad at all. I had preconceived ideas about how the quality would be, it was better than expected. Nice!


Ludicrous Lighthouse by Colin Thompson – Ravensburger – 995 pieces

Colin Thompson is awesome, and so is this puzzle! There are so many things to discover – and it’s worth it! I’m really starting to enjoy shaped puzzles. Bring it on!


The Frozen Difference – Ravensburger – 100 pieces

My first kid’s Ravensburger, the pieces were slightly warped, but I’m attributing that to it being a thrift store puzzle. They’re still my favorite!


This was another cork-backed puzzle by Ceaco. Unfortunately it wasn’t as high quality as the previous one I assembled. It’s a cute image and I love the whimsies, but I wish the pieces of cork and the image weren’t peeling off on many of the pieces. 😦


3D Underwater Puzzle – Unknown Manufacturer – 21/35 pieces

Bizzare “3D” puzzle, but it’s an interesting one! I’m anxious to see how my grandson will like it!

Tarzan by Mordillo – Heye – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was as much fun as I’d hoped! Excellent Heye quality, I adore the image, and who could ask for anything more? I definitely recommend this puzzle!

Country Cupboard – Springbok – 500 pieces

Ugh. This Springbok puzzle was not good quality in my opinion. The image isn’t bad, in fact it reminds me of my mom, but the pieces fit together way too tightly and the finished puzzle is so tight it won’t lay flat! A missing piece too, but these things happen.


What If #5 The Village Hall by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Another excellent What If puzzle. I really enjoyed the concept of this one, and the results are pretty funny!


Scooby Doo – Pressman – 100 pieces

Excellent kids puzzle! Very sturdy pieces, and who doesn’t love Scooby-Doo?


Noah’s Ark by Jean-Jacques Loup – Heye – 2000 pieces

The edge on this sucker was a challenge! Otherwise it was fun and funny and I love Jean-Jacques Loup! Excellent puzzle. 🙂


Slumber Party! (Wasgij Imagine #3) – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

Another fun puzzle where you can’t see the whole image. Trust me, it’s excellent and if you have this one you’ll enjoy the results.


Birthday Owls – Mega Puzzles – 100 pieces

Mom went a little crazy with the kids puzzles, that’s why there are so many this month. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to assemble them and they’re always colorful and cute!

Monday’s Child by Betsey Clark – Springbok – 500 pieces

Challenging puzzle from Springbok. Everything is so pale and with the random cut it made it extremely difficult to figure out what shape of piece you were looking for. It’s a cute result, but unfortunately you can’t see most of the picture you just see piece shapes.

Think Spring by Maureen McCarthy – Bits and Pieces – 500 pieces

Another random cut puzzle, but this one didn’t bother me at all because there were colors and textures to help. This was one of the better Bits and Pieces puzzles I’ve done lately. Yay thrift stores!


Dog’s Life by Marino Degano – Heye – 1000 pieces

I loved this image and bought this for my mom. We assembled it together at her house – but I have to confess she did 75 percent of it. What I did work on was great!

Grinch – Mega Puzzles – 24 pieces

Lenticular puzzle! (it changes when you look at it from a different angle). Extremely thick pieces that clicked together very tightly. I liked it!


Biking – Mega Puzzles – 63 pieces

This one is cute, and I was hoping for it all to be there but obviously it wasn’t. Oh well.


Legendary Landmarks – A Broader View – 700 pieces

Another thrift store purchase that was really cool! It was a fun assembly and the website for this company has a LOT of these round puzzles where everyone gets the good seat in front of the puzzle. 😎

Meet The Imaginaries by Philip Straub – Endless Games – 1000 pieces

Holy guacamole! This was dark in some places and difficult to do under lights. Yikes. But I adore the artwork! It’s so adorable – can you see all the imaginaries hiding everywhere?


Noah’s Ark by Eric Dowdle – TDC Games (Jigsaw Puzzles for Dummies) – 1000 pieces

Interesting puzzle concept. Each piece is lettered and numbered so you can find it’s place on a grid. I worked the puzzle that way for a while but I prefer the regular way, there’s more sense of accomplishment for me. Still a good quality puzzle with excellent artwork.