Desserts by Monika Forsberg – eeBoo – 1008 pieces

OMG was this puzzle WAY more fun than I anticipated! The bright colors and excellent quality made for a puzzle I could hardly walk away from. ❤🍰❤


Tall Tower
Tall Tower by Tomasz Pietrzyk – Artifact Puzzles – 629 pieces

Tall Tower was much more difficult than we bargained for! Mom did most of the work – we started the puzzle on Thanksgiving and it stayed at her house. I went over to help with the last 150 pieces or so. Fun, entertaining, and a challenge!


Snowman Trio
Snowman Trio by William Vanderdasson – Wenthworth – 25 pieces

A very cute micro puzzle that my youngest son requested that I assemble next. It’s one of the “cracker” puzzles, so the piece count is lower. Fun and quite easy to put together.


New company called RedisCover that only makes puzzles of album covers. I wanted to give them a try, and unfortunately I was disappointed. Very loose fit, and the image is torn in many places where the pieces connect. 😦