Desserts by Monika Forsberg – eeBoo – 1008 pieces

OMG was this puzzle WAY more fun than I anticipated! The bright colors and excellent quality made for a puzzle I could hardly walk away from. ❤🍰❤


Tall Tower
Tall Tower by Tomasz Pietrzyk – Artifact Puzzles – 629 pieces

Tall Tower was much more difficult than we bargained for! Mom did most of the work – we started the puzzle on Thanksgiving and it stayed at her house. I went over to help with the last 150 pieces or so. Fun, entertaining, and a challenge!


Snowman Trio
Snowman Trio by William Vanderdasson – Wenthworth – 25 pieces

A very cute micro puzzle that my youngest son requested that I assemble next. It’s one of the “cracker” puzzles, so the piece count is lower. Fun and quite easy to put together.





New company called RedisCover that only makes puzzles of album covers. I wanted to give them a try, and unfortunately I was disappointed. Very loose fit, and the image is torn in many places where the pieces connect. 😦

Sunrise Colorful Country Quilt
Sunrise Colorful Country Quilt by Cheryl Bartley – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

Charming puzzle that was quite lovely to put together. The brush strokes made some sections a bit difficult, but I do love a quilt puzzle!


Three French Hens
Three French Hens by Rachel Arbuckle – Wentworth – 250 pieces

I love the artwork of Rachel Arbuckle! This wasn’t as challenging as I thought, but it was by no mean easy either. Gorgeous 💖


Sea Anemones
Sea Anemones by Ernst Haeckel – NookPuzzles – 596 pieces

Wow. Just, wow. Beautiful puzzle image, and an interesting new wooden puzzle company. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it yet, I’m still trying to decide – I guess I’ll find out when I write up the post! LOL


Two Turtle Doves
Two Turtle Doves by Rachel Arbuckle – Wentworth – 250 pieces

Another gorgeous puzzle in the 12 Days of Christmas series. I found it more challenging than Three French Hens. Stunning!


Christmas Pudding
Christmas Pudding (Wallace & Gromit) – Wentworth – 40 pieces

Now here’s a Christmas puzzle unlike the usual images! LOL I’ve never seen an episode of this show, but it makes a great puzzle. 🙂


Innocent Light
Innocent Light by Alan Giana – E&L – 100 pieces

Beautiful image by a fantastic artist – unfortunately, really poor quality.


Partridge in a Pear Tree
Partridge in a Pear Tree by Rachel Arbuckle – Wentworth – 250 pieces

The last of my Rachel Arbuckle 12 Days of Christmas puzzles for the holiday season. They’re absolutely beautiful, and so much fun!


Feeling a Little Blue
Feeling a Little Blue by Denyse Klette – StandOut Puzzles – 750 pieces

I adore this image! It was about as much of a challenge as I thought it would be, but definitely worth it. Very impressive quality!


Ocean Life
Ocean Life by Paul Daviz – Mudpuppy – 64 pieces

Amazing quality kids puzzle, what a bummer that it’s missing a piece! It’s also a search & find puzzle – but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the 64th piece. 😦


Christmas Cats
Christmas Cats by Richard Macneil – Wentworth – 40 pieces

This is my least favorite of the Christmas micro puzzles we bought this year. Still, it’s cute enough.


The Stocking Filler
The Stocking Filler by Richard Macneil – Wentworth – 40 pieces

So much red in this image! My favorite part of it is the dog sitting so sweetly looking up for a treat or a pat on the head – adorable. 💗


Vintage Greetings
Vintage Greetings by Lois B. Sutton – Wentworth – 250 pieces

Beautiful vintage collage by a wonderful artist. Lovely!


100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix
100 Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix – Hartmaze – 253 pieces

My son gave this to my mom for Christmas and we assembled it on Christmas Day. Beautiful wooden puzzle that’s quite difficult – the posse and I loved it!


Harry Potter Book 1
Harry Potter Book 1 by Mary GrandPre – NY Puzzle Co. – 100 pieces

I got a collector’s set of all the book covers as a gift this year – I LOVE THEM!! Book one – check. ✔


Crossword Jigsaw
Crossword Jigsaw – Babalu, Inc. – 550 pieces

Another Christmas present, and it was so fun! There are so many words – I love assembling words! New brand too, which is always fun for me to try. 🙂


Movie Posters
Movie Posters by Lewis T. Johnson – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

I think this puzzle may hold the record for the fastest time – my son and I assembled this 1000 piece puzzle in less than 2.5 hours! Holy guacamole!


Mousing Around
Mousing Around by Tim Rogerson – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

My last puzzle of 2018. It was really fun – thank goodness! I didn’t want to end my puzzling year with a stinker. 😉