Update #3

So in the two weeks since my last update much has happened. While Shands Hospital accepted mom as a patient, they didn’t have an available ICU bed. We waited for 2 days while she continued to decline, and then the neurosurgeon brought onto the case told us that he believed she wouldn’t survive the 2 more days we might need to get her to Shands – in fact he wanted her in surgery that night.

2 brain surgeries later, we’re still at our regional hospital and we still don’t have a definitive diagnosis. She was in the surgical ICU for a week, then moved to the neurological progressive care unit. Less than 24 hours later we had a big setback and we’re currently back in the ICU again.

Their latest theory/guess/hunch has yet to be confirmed – the samples they took from her second brain surgery were sent to California for testing. It may be a week or more before we have results from those; so we wait and hope and pray that she starts improving soon.

I wanted to wait for good news to share, and although we had some small victories we also had some big setbacks. Trying to remain positive has become a challenge for me but I’m doing the best I can; Dad, my daughter, and I are at the hospital every single day and it is physically and psychologically exhausting.

Dad has slept at the hospital every night, in her room when they allow it and in the waiting room when they don’t. They’ve been married 53 years and he refuses to leave her side. I have gone home a few nights to sleep, but have spent the majority of the nights sleeping on chairs and couches in the waiting rooms trying to take care of both mom and dad. My daughter comes to the hospital every morning before work, bringing coffee, breakfast, or whatever we need from home – she works all day long and then comes back at night to visit and take care of all of us. I have an amazing family. 💕

As I sit here unable to sleep at almost 2:30 in the morning, I’ve been looking through old posts – so many of them mention my momma and our adventures puzzling together. My post from Mother’s Day last year says it all. I love her to puzzle pieces!💖💖

Update #2

Unfortunately the news isn’t very uplifting. Mom spent 16 days in the ICU and then we were transferred to the acute care unit. Today is day 25 of her hospitalization and we are now going to be transferred to Shands hospital in Gainesville, Florida – about 4 hours away from where we live. It’s a much larger hospital with more resources and hopefully they’ll be able to help her.

She has not been improving and in fact has been declining for several days. When we get to the new hospital (either tonight or tomorrow) she will be back in the ICU. If you are the praying type, continued prayers would be appreciated.

Since I’ll be so far from home, I may end up taking some puzzles with me to work on either at the hospital or wherever I end up staying. It’s just going to be me and my dad up there, I may need something to occupy my mind other than staring at mom to be sure she’s alright or watching tv.

I hope all my readers are well, I miss talking with you every day!

**This is my 1000th post on My Jigsaw Journal. I had plans for something special to commemorate 1000 blog posts but it was not to be. You have no idea how much I wish this post was about a jigsaw puzzle instead of the subject matter at hand.**