Vintage Needle Books

Vintage Needle Books by Beryl Peters – Piatnik – 1000 pieces

My brain is an interesting place, and for some reason it doesn’t want me to talk about this puzzle. I have absolutely no valid reason for it, but every time I look at this picture I don’t want to type up the post. It makes NO sense.

I had a wonderful time with the assembly; it’s a beautiful collage, it had great quality, and I even got to work on it with my puzzle posse. I absolutely loved it! Why shouldn’t I want to talk about it? No clue.


These sections were the ones I most enjoyed putting together. The blue Woolworth needle book was the first one to be assembled – 79 needles for 19 cents? WOW! I’d love to know how old that needle book actually is. The family in the upper right corner was the most challenging for me, and the very last section to be completed. There was something about the colors that seemed to make it more difficult than the rest. Still, I do love a challenge!

Vintage Needle Books was great fun (even if my aging, messed up brain doesn’t want to discuss it); it’s definitely recommended!

Back to the Board!

Sugar Magnolia 1
I’m finally back to work on this beauty!

It was almost four days that I was completely unable to puzzle, but finally I was able to sit and get back to the hobby that I love! It was only for a few minutes, but I still was unbelievably happy to get back to it.

My birthday puzzle is still far from done, and even though I’m only able to work in short sessions I’m thrilled to be working on it again. Depending on how I’m feeling it may take another week or so to finish, maybe more. It doesn’t matter though, assembling this gorgeous puzzle is a joy – every single piece makes me smile!