Live for Today

Live for Today
Live for Today by Thaneeya McArdle – Ceaco – 550 pieces

Loved this one, but it wasn’t easy. And as an added bummer, I lost one of the edge pieces. I’m not one of those people who find that there’s a missing piece and immediately decide that it must be the puzzle company’s fault – I’m certain it was me and that I just wasn’t able to find it. It’s a bit disappointing, but not the end of the world by any means. I still enjoyed putting it together, and that’s what matters – at least it is for me.

This Ceaco had a great fit, so much so that I was able to take one of my favorite kinds of pictures. I stood it up on it’s edge to take a picture…

Live for Today 1

I don’t know exactly why, but I really like doing this when the fit is good. It makes me happy. Most puzzles, even those with a good fit, aren’t tight enough to stand on the edge, and when I find one tight enough it’s fun to stand it up for a picture.

This was more challenging than it looked, but the challenge was both absorbing and entertaining. I started with the word “Live”, but that was a lot of pieces and it took longer than I thought to put it together. The same went for the word “Today”, lots of pieces to work through. I loved it though, and the end result is a very nice puzzle.

There are 3 images in this series, each with it’s own quote. They’re all colorful and fun like this one, and I’m pretty sure I’d have a good time assembling the other two as well. Unfortunately I never found the missing piece for this one, so I can’t pass it on for anyone else to assemble.


Horses – Patch Products – 24 pieces

I’m loving these 24 piece puzzles; both the cute picture side and the informational side. They’re great when I want to complete something quickly, which is usually right after I finish a larger sized adult puzzle. These puzzles are excellent quality too; that’s not always the case with children’s puzzles and I appreciate it when we find great quality.

Horses 1.JPG

I learned about the differences between an English and Western saddle, and the different types of bits – I didn’t know any of that before – obviously I’m not a horse person. I have nothing against them, they’re beautiful animals, I just haven’t been around them all that much.

I still have about 5 or 6 puzzles from this box to assemble, and I’m looking forward to finishing them all. I’m trying to space them out because a bunch of kids puzzles in a row would probably be boring to read about, but I also want to get them finished and send them off to school with my daughter. The kids love puzzles, and my daughter tells me they’re needing some new ones.