Wolf Rider

Wolf Rider by Viktor Vasnetsov – Artifact Puzzles – 58 pieces

I was cruising my favorite wooden puzzle websites (as one does) and found this interesting image for only $14! How in the world do they expect me to pass something like that up? I’m a jigsaw puzzle junkie who was left unattended with access to my own debit card, so of course I had to buy it – and in order to get free shipping I had to buy another puzzle. Guess who got free shipping? 😇

At only 58 pieces this one didn’t take long to put together, but it was very entertaining! Mom actually did most of the work; she came over to see the new puzzles the day they were delivered and couldn’t leave before we assembled this one. It’s so small, why not put it together right away?

We started with the blue dress, the male rider, and the wolf. The flowers on the right side were next, which then left mostly dark pieces. Although it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t too difficult either – it was Goldilocks – the difficulty level was just right!

As usual, the quality is excellent. The pieces are made of 1/4 inch wood and are laser cut. The fit is loose, as laser cut puzzles tend to be, but I don’t mind it much because the rest of the puzzle’s quality is so good. The whimsy pieces are extremely detailed and make for interesting adjoining pieces as well. Artifact puzzles are quite reasonable – especially compared to many other wooden puzzle manufacturers.


It was a fun assembly from start to finish, although mom did most of the work. We enjoyed the quality, the image, the pieces, and how they all worked together.


Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory – 500 pieces

Are you getting tired of these small shaped puzzles? I’m not! They’re so much fun to put together that I wish I had more of them. There are still a few left that I don’t have, and I’m super tempted to have myself a little online shopping spree and get the rest of these babies on their way to my house!

The only drawback to these puzzles is that they’re not completely separated when they arrive, and some pieces from each one have to be taken apart. I believe it’s due to the colored backing that allows you to separate them before assembly. The pieces are on the thin side, but they are sturdy and the fit is very good.

Bits and Pieces also has a couple sets of small separate puzzles, but to me they are way too much money – $18.99 for a 700 piece cardboard puzzle is way too much for my taste. I’ve worked a couple of this brand’s shaped puzzles before, and the quality was horrible on one, and good on the other. With hit or miss quality I’m not willing to spend that much. Bits and Pieces is a brand whose quality leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion, so their puzzles are ones we only buy secondhand.

Like the last few sets of these puzzles, my oldest son helped me assemble them while we spent time together watching M*A*S*H. I’m enjoying both the puzzles and the bonding. (Not many 29 year old men want to spend time with their mom watching tv and assembling puzzles!) The two birds above were our favorites; the colors are beautiful and although they look a little boring in the pictures they are quite stunning in person. Gorgeous!

There’s more to come, because I find them so entertaining; not to mention it’s easy for me to work these when I’m not feeling well. For the most part each one is small enough to assemble on a tray lined cookie sheet while I’m lying down. Perfection!