Vacation Stamps

Travel Stamps by Finchley Paper Arts – Ravensburger – 2000 pieces

I picked this puzzle out to work on with family while we were holed up at my house during Hurricane Irma. I’ve had it for some time and I’m not sure why I waited so long – it was really fun! I had help from both my daughter and my mother; 3 generations of awesome women working together.

Usually when I start a 2000 piece puzzle I’m slightly intimidated. It’s so big and there are so many pieces to sort through it almost feels like there’s no good place to start and that it’ll take forever to finish. I realize how odd that sounds coming from someone who has completed the World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle, but I never said that I was rational or that I always made sense. Anyway, for some reason this puzzle wasn’t intimidating for me and I knew exactly where I should start. 😎

The assembly was very methodical and soothing for me and I enjoyed each and every piece we put together. We started with the pale border area and then with all the wording. From there it was easy to pull out all the colored frames for each stamp and assemble them one color at a time. We didn’t get it completed before everyone left to go back to their homes, but we got quite a bit accomplished together; I finished it 2 days later.

This was a great puzzle with what seems like 15 small puzzles in the middle of it. That made it easy to find and assemble pieces, especially when several people were working on it. If you’ve got a big enough work space this puzzle would make a great family project!


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book One

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book One by Jeff Kinney – Pressman Toys – 200 pieces

This was a challenging 200 piece puzzle; the line drawings along with the black and white palette made it pretty difficult. I enjoyed the challenge, but had to check the box lid more often than I normally do.

The quality of this puzzle was good, the pieces were thick and sturdy and fit together well. The only issue I had was that the finished puzzle didn’t lie flat. You can see in the picture above that the tabs seem to stick up. I’m not sure what the cause of that might be, but it was odd. We found two of these Wimpy Kid puzzles at the thrift store, so I’m curious to see if the second puzzle has this same issue. I’ve been impressed with the other puzzles by Pressman Toys that I’ve assembled, so I’m interested to see if I find this problem with other puzzles they’ve produced.

I thought this would be a quick assembly being only 200 pieces, but I had to work at it a bit more than I assumed I would have to. That’s not a bad thing, I enjoy being challenged and I’m always trying to exercise my brain to keep sharp. It doesn’t always work, but I keep on trying. 😉