Many Travel Bags

Many Travel Bags
Many Travel Bags by A. Keattikorn – Milton Bradley – 500 pieces

My apologies for the cockeyed photo – I can usually do better than that. I like the alternative title for this puzzle shown on the box, “Valises a Gogo”. Sounds much more fun, doesn’t it?

The 300 piece Milton Bradley puzzle I posted yesterday was much better quality than this one, unfortunately. This 500 piece puzzle from the same brand had a very loose fit that was a difficult to work with early on in the assembly. The edges barely stayed together, and it wasn’t until quite a bit of the interior was done before I could trust that the pieces would stay connected if accidentally bumped. On the plus side it had very nice image reproduction, even if it was a tiny bit darker than the box showed.

I don’t know that I would have picked this puzzle out for myself, but it was more fun to put together than it looked. If you come across “Valises a Gogo” or “Many Travel Bags” it’s a fun picture to assemble, but I would recommend it from perhaps a different company if you’re not a fan of an extremely loose fit.

I Will Keep a Light On

I Will Keep a Light On
I Will Keep a Light On by Thomas Wood – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

With such a lovely image and wonderfully thick pieces, this puzzle was an all around pleasure to put together.

Milton Bradley’s EZ Grip pieces are the thickest I’ve worked with, and that’s including premium brands. They’re sturdy and easy to pick up, hold, and maneuver; there are a nice variety of shapes and they fit together extremely well. The general quality of MB’s 300 piece puzzles is excellent and there’s never any hesitation to purchase or assemble one. If you find one while you’re out thrifting, you might want to give it a try!