Today’s Reasons…


Puzzle piecesI puzzle because I love it. 💗

I puzzle to unwind.

I puzzle to manage my stress.

I puzzle to clear my mind.

I puzzle to take my mind off my chronic pain.

I puzzle to bring order to chaos.

I puzzle to get away from all the screens in our lives.

I puzzle to spend time with those I care about.

I puzzle to put together pretty pictures.

I puzzle to keep my mind active.

I puzzle to help relieve anxiety.

I puzzle for whatever reason today brings.

I puzzle because I love it. 💗


Never Satisfied


I have a serious addiction. I’m almost done with my current puzzle, and I have PLENTY more to do here at home; but for some reason I’m itching to go find more. Thrift store or retail store – it doesn’t matter, new puzzles to choose from is what I want.

I can’t be the only irresponsible puzzler who does this, surely I am in good company. My fellow PADS posse members understand, don’t you?