10/10 of the World’s Largest Puzzle Complete!

I finished both this section and the entire puzzle! Loved this last section, and am completely proud of myself for finishing all ten 4032 piece puzzles! Bambi, Thumper and Flower were tons of fun to assemble. 🙂


King Dog – Ceaco – 300 pieces

A quick 300 piece puzzle mom and I assembled in a couple of hours. I’ve come around to the 300 piece puzzles while I was working on the BIG one, it’s so nice to start and finish a puzzle in the same day! Lots of fun and who couldn’t love that face?


What If #3 Home Makeover by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Another fun What If puzzle, I really enjoy the puzzles that make me think a little harder. This one took a few more days than normal, but I got there in the end and had a great time figuring it out. Ravensburger is still my favorite puzzle company, and their puzzles make me happy!


Woodstock by Arnold Skolnick – Andrews & Blaine – 1000 pieces

It took me two tries to get this one finished! I started it once, and quit when I saw how loosely the pieces fit together; I knew I’d need to work it on one of my fabric covered boards. So I waited until the board was clear and then I set to work. I knew it would be a challenge and boy was it ever! But I finished it and I’m extremely proud of myself. 😎


The 50 United States of America – Lafayette Puzzle Company – 60 pieces

A little thrift store puzzle I put together to be sure all the pieces were there. They were and this was a cute puzzle! I know my “grandson” will be thrilled with it.


Jiuzhaigou Park – Milton Bradley (Big Ben) – 500 pieces

Gorgeous puzzle! I finished it in one afternoon while lying in bed. You wouldn’t think a Milton Bradley puzzle would have such nice quality, but it certainly impressed me! The wonderful things we find at the thrift store!


Keep On Dancing by Marcello Corti – Gibsons – 500 pieces

This is one of the first puzzles I bought myself after a self-imposed ban on puzzle purchases. I hadn’t gotten a new puzzle for myself since I bought the giant Disney puzzle, and I finally rewarded myself with a new batch of puzzles. This was the one I wanted to do first – so much fun! Beautiful image and excellent quality, I couldn’t walk away until it was finished. Love, love loved it!


Wasgij Back to …. Basics! – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

I’m on a Wasgij kick right now, there are so many I have yet to do and I love them so much! This was my first “Back To” puzzle, and it was excellent! What did we do back in the 60’s before cell phones, home computers, video games and tablets? The answer is in this puzzle and if you can believe it – people survived! 😮


Dancing Fairies by Gary Walton – Jumbo – 500 pieces

LOVED this puzzle! Jumbo puzzles have such a great feel, and the image of this one is just gorgeous. Why, oh why can’t I find a way to have a job assembling jigsaw puzzles??


Higgledy-Piggledy House by Colin Thompson – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

This is another puzzle that took me less than a day, because I couldn’t make myself walk away from it! I love a puzzle that just sucks you in. Ravensburger’s awesome quality, Colin Thompson’s gorgeous artwork – a match made in heaven!


Stamp Collector’s Dream by Charlie Girard – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Collage, thrift store – fun fun fun!! This is one I’ve been wanting for a while now, and mom finally found it at the thrift store – wooooo hoooooo! It was as much fun as I’d hoped!


The Wasgij Express! by Graham Thompson – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

My first Wasgij Mystery puzzle – loved it! I don’t think I’ve ever not loved a Jumbo puzzle, hmmm.


Let’s Golf by Kate Ward Thacker – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

Hubby got this puzzle and another one for me to assemble and glue for him. He’s decorating his golf room soon! I’m always happy to do a fun collage puzzle – even if the subject is golf. 😉


At The Vets by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

This What If puzzle I did totally blind, I didn’t even look at the box for clues about who is wearing what, etc. Super fun puzzle!


Emergency Room by Jean-Jacques Loup – Heye – 2000 pieces

My first Loup, I loved it! I thought all the people and chaos would make for a puzzle that was not quite as fun – I was wrong, it was so fun! I have several other Loup puzzles waiting to be done, and now I’m really looking forward to them!


Double Trouble – 100 pieces

Who gives a puzzle to a thrift store missing 7 pieces? Just recycle the damn thing! 😡


Fountain Pens by Garry Gay – Vermont Christmas Company – 1000 pieces

This puzzle is gorgeous! It was mom’s Christmas present last year, and we assembled it together. It’s very difficult though, much more so than I anticipated. But in the end, just a beautiful puzzle!


High Jinks on the High Seas! by Ulli Schneider – Springbok – 500 pieces

Springbok thrift store purchase. I have to say, I enjoy the artwork by Ulli Schneider and would love to find more puzzles with her cartoons. It made the randomness of the cut a little more fun for me. Mom and I enjoyed this puzzle – or maybe we just enjoyed doing a puzzle together. 🙂