Pets Rock
Pets Rock – Ceaco – 550 pieces

A quick, fun puzzle that brought me my mojo back after more than 10 days without puzzling. I enjoyed it very much!


Vintage Games
Vintage Games – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

This one was more fun than I thought it would be, and I highly recommend it. A bit looser fit than normal for a Ravensburger, but still great quality.


Summer Thatchers
The Summer Thatchers by Steve Crisp – Wentworth – 40 pieces

This is an absolutely gorgeous image that made for a lovely few minutes of puzzling. I’m not sure I’d want to do it in a larger piece count, but I truly enjoyed this one.


Another fun kids puzzle from a box found at the thrift store. I love the educational sides, sometimes I learn some new info!


Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat 2 by Sheila Lee – Sunsout – 500 pieces

A really entertaining jigsaw that I’m saving to post closer to Halloween. Great randomly cut pieces and bright colors made this one really fun!


Animal Planet
Animal Planet – Majestic Puzzles – 400 pieces

This is one of the two family puzzles I got from mom’s house. I enjoyed this one much more than I expected to – what a lovely surprise!


Almost done with these kids puzzles, sadly this one with a missing piece won’t be making it’s way to the school I donate them too. I enjoyed looking at the trains throughout the years. 🙂


Big World
Big World by Ciro Marchetti – Milton Bradley – 750 pieces

I seem to be a little obsessed with panoramic puzzles lately, they’re just so much fun to put together! This little picture here doesn’t do the image justice, it is stunning!


Mini Succulents
Miniature Succulents – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

This was quite a challenging puzzle, it sucked me in every time I sat down in front of it. I love puzzles like that! It’s not an image I would normally purchase, but I was looking for 300 piece puzzles and I didn’t think it would be too difficult – I was wrong. 😉


Sadly, this is the last of these kids puzzles – I had a very good time putting them together and I’m disappointed that I don’t have any more children’s puzzles here to do. These were great quality and very educational!


Paris by Ciro Marchetti – Ceaco – 1000 pieces

An absolutely gorgeous puzzle with absolutely terrible quality. I don’t recommend this particular puzzle, but if you can find this image from another brand it’s definitely recommended. The image itself was a joy to work with.


Happy Meow
Happy Meow-O-Ween by Michele Ridgway – Wentworth – 40 pieces

Happy Meow-O-Ween everyone! This adorable micro puzzle from Wentworth is the perfect Halloween puzzle.


Little Feminist
Little Feminist by Lydia Ortiz – Mudpuppy – 500 pieces

I had a wonderful time putting this puzzle together even though there was only one piece shape. I do love having little sections to assemble. Great quality puzzle!


Who Said That
Who Said That? by Colin Bodie – Crystal Lines – 504 pieces

An excellent quality puzzle that was tons of fun! I wish mom were still around so that we could have assembled it together.


Wings by Sasha Carolina – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Bright and fun puzzle that was actually quite calming to assemble. It had a very shiny finish, but it wasn’t too bad under artificial lights. Very pretty!


Fuzzy Friends
#Fuzzy Friends by Keith Kimberlin – MasterPieces – 500 pieces

I enjoyed this puzzle more than I anticipated – those kind of puzzles are the best! Great quality and adorable pictures by Keith Kimberlin. 🙂


Safari Park
The Safari Park by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

I had so much fun with this one that I finished it extremely quickly. It’s so nice to work with such a great quality puzzle, it’s lovely.


Traditional Mexican Skulls – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

This was a Christmas gift from my son last year, but he wanted me to wait until closer to the Day of the Dead to assemble it. It’s a gorgeous image, but I was disappointed in the lack of piece shape in the puzzle.


50 Scents
50 Scents of Grey by Lucia Heffernan – Eurographics – 500 pieces

I loved assembling this puzzle, and what a funny image! My daughter wants to hang it in her house, so I’m going to be putting it together again. 🙂


Winged Things
Winged Things 17 – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

Beautiful image that made for a challenging puzzle; I enjoyed it very much! It isn’t often you find 300 piece circular puzzles, very nice.


Michigan State University – R & R Imports – 500 pieces

A gift from my favorite sister-in-law – she knows me so well. Not the best quality, but I still had a good time.


Upstairs, Downstairs by Art Poulin – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

I enjoyed this much more than I’d thought I would, and it was really a gorgeous image for puzzling. Great puzzle!


Jumanji – Cardinal – 300 pieces

My daughter was quite excited when we found this puzzle, and I seem to be buying puzzles SHE likes when we’re together. She’s got good taste though, this was challenging but fun. 🙂


October Stats:

  • Puzzles completed          22
  • Pieces assembled      11080
  • Brands                               14
    • Ceaco *2
    • Ravensburger *3
    • Wentworth *2
    • Patch Products *3
    • Sunsout
    • Majestic Puzzles
    • Milton Bradley *3
    • Mudpuppy
    • Crystal Lines
    • Buffalo
    • MasterPieces
    • Eurographics *2
    • R & R Imports
    • Cardinal