Want a Ride?

Want a Ride
Want a Ride? – Milton Bradley – 100 pieces

Another silly title by me for a puzzle with no title shown on the box. How intense are these puppy/kitty looks? Pretty intense. Would you want a lift from a car full of these darlings? I definitely would!

Fair quality kids puzzles from Milton Bradley. The fit was good, the pieces were on the thinner side, and the finish was a bit shiny. Not too bad for a thrift store purchase, I got 3 silly puzzles to assemble for a dollar – not bad at all! 🙂

Inspiration Please!

I’m wallowing, I’ve been wallowing for more than a week now and have absolutely no ambition, energy, physical strength, or anything else I need to get out of bed and work on a puzzle.

In my head I want to puzzle, but then I’m lacking whatever else is needed to actually get up and do it. There’s a 500 piece puzzle that has been on the board for about a week now, and I just can’t seem to get my butt in there and finish the damn thing. It’s very pretty, a bit challenging, and has been fun so far – but the inspiration seems to have flown away from the Hummingbird Garden.


All nine hummingbirds are assembled, as are the flowers in both the upper and lower right corners. It’s more than halfway complete, putting it away now is just stupid. Besides, who says if I take this one down and start another that there’d be any more inspiration?  Sigh.

Ah well, today is Wednesday. Hump day. Maybe I’ll finally get over the hump and finish this one. Perhaps all I needed was to moan and complain about it to my PADS posse and get all that whining out of my system; here’s hoping!