Selfies In Progress

Selfies IP
Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – 500 pieces

I fretted over doing too many of these small shaped puzzles in a row. But then I remembered this blog is about the puzzles I assemble. I’m not in a mood for a bunch of 1000 piece puzzles right now, smaller and easier to do in little bits of time is where I’m at.

Plus, I just got myself a bunch of new sets, of course I want to do them!

Selfies is the one I chose to put together next, although because they’re all aquatic animals I think “Underwater Selfies” might have been a better title. Oh well, they’re so cute it doesn’t matter. 😍

Look at the smile on this one – how silly and adorable is that? I love it!

Ice Cream Pops

Ice Cream Pops
Ice Cream Pops – Eurographics – 100 pieces

What a fun puzzle! It’s perfect for both kids and adults, it isn’t an easy one so it’s a good puzzle for more than one generation to work on together, and it’s full of ice cream – who doesn’t love ice cream pops?

This puzzle had very good quality even though it’s Eurographics; large, thick pieces, lots of variety in piece shape, and nice fit. From the last four or five Eurographics puzzles that I’ve assembled, I have noticed that their puzzles for children are very good quality, but their new adult puzzles are quite poor quality indeed. Luckily I enjoy a good puzzle for children. (If you only assemble adult puzzles, I would recommend skipping this brand unless you know that it is a much older copy. Their puzzle quality has gone downhill in the past several years.)

Ice Cream Pops 1

This ice cream pop is not only kinda pretty, but there’s a recipe for it on the back of the box! So if a yogurt berry ice cream pop sounds good to you, you’re in luck!

Ice Cream Pops 2

Here’s the recipe for anyone who might want to make some, and if you do – please let me know how they turn out. I’d love to hear from you.

I haven’t been making any ice cream pops, but I have been making ice cream. I have an ice cream maker that churns and stirs the “slurry” as my husband calls it, and we’ve been enjoying all sorts of different flavors of ice cream. Our favorite so far is raspberry, but the mixed berry has been great too, as well as chocolate pecan, pistachio, and maple nut. With all this time at home I have plenty of help in the kitchen, and making ice cream has been a favorite activity for us all.