TV Legends: The Honeymooners

TV Legends The Honeymooners by Linda Koast – Ceaco – 550 pieces

This puzzle was completed more than two years ago, but I’m going back through the ones I’ve done and that are posted on my completed puzzles pages to find new ones to post here. I’ve done complete posts on most of them, but there are some left that I’ve never written about. My lineup of puzzles in the queue to be posted has been almost completely depleted! 😱

As you can see, my photography leaves a lot to be desired. At the time I was taking pictures just to send to mom to show her the finished puzzle; I had no idea that I’d start a puzzle blog and be posting the pictures online! As a result, the picture is cockeyed, and you also get a small view of my bedspread – not my best camera work.

This was a thrift store puzzle, and was pretty fun to assemble. As usual for me I started with the words and the Honeymooners emblem. Ralph Kramden’s outfit was easy enough to find and pull out to assemble, as was the tablecloth and all the flesh. The rest of the assembly was just picking what color or texture to do next and going for it. The floor was the most challenging part to put together – that I definitely remember! This puzzle was entertaining and challenging in a good way, and the quality was pretty good for a Ceaco.

I was planning on posting this yesterday, but was feeling terrible and out of sorts; it just completely slipped my mind. I make it a point to post a puzzle every day, but with the medication I had to take I spent most of the day either sleeping or just resting in bed; there was almost no time spent on the computer at all. My apologies for my tardiness. 😦

Walk Me

Walk Me by Amy Rosenberg – Bits and Pieces – 500 pieces

How cute is this little one? I definitely wouldn’t be able to deny him/her a walk. The rug, however – yikes! The background was the most difficult part of the assembly, but overall the entire puzzle was fun to do and highly entertaining.

Bits and Pieces puzzles don’t have the best reputation in my book, but I’ve also worked some great puzzles from them. The quality being hit or miss, we don’t buy this brand new – we only get them from thrift stores. This puzzle was good quality, but not great.

The pieces were a good thickness, with an excellent variety of shapes. The fit was good, if a bit on the loose side. The image reproduction was good as well, although the finish was quite shiny which made for added difficulty when working the darker areas under indoor lighting. There was a fair amount of puzzle dust, even being a thrift store puzzle and having been worked before.

My one major problem with this puzzle was the construction of the edge pieces – not all the pieces connect. You can see in the picture below that you can pull away a whole section because some of the pieces only sit next to each other instead of fitting together.


This is a pet peeve of mine, and a major annoyance; especially when they are edge pieces. Until you get specific pieces inserted into the inside of the puzzle the edges move and it becomes extremely irritating.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, I very much enjoyed this puzzle. Other than the edges, the quality was good and the image is adorable! I started with the leash, and although it didn’t go quickly it was fun to figure it out; the puppy was next and kept me completely enthralled. The rug, however, was quite challenging and was the part that took the most time. Still, the entire puzzle was highly entertaining and so damn cute!