October – December

Ethel the Gourmet by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo Games – 750 pieces

So this really wasn’t done in October but I know it was done this year. Since I am working primarily on my 40,320 piece puzzle and doing other puzzles on the side I figure there won’t be as many puzzles completed during these last 3 months of the year. ¬†Therefore I decided that the puzzles I know I completed this year but don’t have a definite date on I can put on this last page. ¬†I enjoy Charles Wysocki’s puzzles and this one is no different. ¬†It was fun to assemble, especially the books at the bottom and the cookie jar in the middle. Definitely recommend this puzzle.


Paris Adventure – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

I don’t have a picture of the completed puzzle, no idea why. ¬†This is not the typical puzzle I would choose, but it was purchased and stored at my house, and I decided I might as well give it a try. ¬†I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, much to my surprise. ¬†The Eiffel Tower in the background was a challenge, but enjoyable. ¬†I liked the non grid cut piece shapes, and the quality was good. More fun than I thought. ¬†It seems I am wrong about what I will like, a LOT.


Classic Movies Panoramic – Re-marks – 1000 piece

Another one with no picture. ¬†This was an excellent collage, lots of words to put together, each little movie poster was big enough to be read, and good quality. ¬†The pieces were thick enough, but unfortunately the piece cut was extremely visible in the completed puzzle. I’m not sure if this was the end of a run when the blades were getting dull, or if it’s because of the panoramic nature of the puzzle. ¬†Still, it did not detract much from the enjoyment of the assembly.


The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle – The Office Building – Buffalo Games – 560 pieces

Had a great time finishing this puzzle after putting it off for too long because of the Disney monster that has taken up so much of my time.  Love this puzzle series and I wish they were easier to find and not out of print.


1/10 of the World’s Largest Puzzle Complete!

I decided I might as well add these to my completed puzzles page even though technically the whole puzzle isn’t complete. ¬†This section is finished though, and I’m super proud of it!


Insights by Colin Thompson – Schmidt Puzzles – 1000 pieces

My favorite Colin Thompson puzzle to work so far! The simplicity of each of the boxes in this cupboard made for a fun and quick puzzle that was hard to stop working on. Each box completed led to another box to work on, so much fun! I love the quality of the newer Schmidt puzzles, the pieces feel good in your hand and the fit is almost seamless.


Heirloom Seeds – Remarks – 750 pieces

Another collage ūüôā I really do enjoy them very much. ¬†This one was extra fun because there were so many words and I love to have words to assemble! The image quality on this puzzle was wonderfully crisp and detailed, the only drawback was the shiny finish caused some glare especially when working on the darker pieces. ¬†Still, the pieces were satisfactorily thick and sturdy and feel good in your hand.


2/10¬†of the World’s Largest Puzzle complete!

This section was just as difficult as I thought it would be! Her dress took me 3 days! Still it’s done and the entire puzzle is 20% finished. Still having a great time!


Civil War Generals – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

This isn’t technically a collage, but it felt like one. ¬†I learned a lot reading all the little bios of the generals! And the facial hair on these men! Mutton chops and mustaches and beards – oh my! This Eurographics puzzle was a lot of fun.


3/10 of the World’s Largest Puzzle complete

Isn’t he adorable? I love this image! I’m loving this puzzle and even the challenging sections are enjoyable. Dumbo and Timothy are just as cute as can be and they were so much fun to put together.


Songbird Garden by Johanna Basford – Buffalo Games – 500 pieces

I love the colors of this puzzle. I hadn’t done any puzzles with Johanna Basford’s artwork before. Buffalo games quality is always good, and the artwork was fun!


4/10¬†of the World’s Largest Puzzle complete

Another of the 3 most difficult sections finished. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and at least there were 4 large characters to assemble. I’m not sick of this giant puzzle yet, and don’t think I will be at any point!


The Earth 3D- Ravensburger – 540 pieces

My first 3D puzzle. Mom and I assembled it together in an hour or so.  It was way more fun than I thought it would be!


Bold Spirit – Buffalo Games – 300 pieces

This was completed the same day as the 3D globe. We were puzzle machines that day! Super colorful puzzle, would be great framed!


5/10 of the World’s Largest Puzzle complete

This little bugger was completed twice! I was trying to stand the board up to get a better picture for the blog and bumped it and whoosh! It fell off the board and completely disintegrated. I was so upset with myself ūüė¶ But it’s redone now and safely put away. I’m halfway there!

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