Grandpa's Shed
Grandpa’s Potting Shed by Steve Read – Wentworth – 40 pieces

I enjoyed assembling this image much more than I usually do for a micro puzzle. I loved this one!


Sketches – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

It’s amazing how quickly this went together, and I enjoyed every moment. Sully is my favorite from this image, the sketch of him was fun to put together. 🙂


Hair Gossip
Hair Gossip by John Lund – SureLox – 300 pieces

Great little puzzle with a wonderfully fun image! These newer 300 piece Sure Lox puzzles with the new packaging are quite good quality. Can you believe it?


Chocolate Milkshake by Ashley Davis – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

When I saw this at the store I just had to buy it, it’s so adorable I couldn’t help myself! Great quality too. Just lovely all around.


Afternoon Visitor
Afternoon Visitor by Steve Read – Wentworth – 40 pieces

Of all the micro puzzles I’ve done in the past few months, this image may be my favorite. I would love to assemble it in a larger piece count. Great whimsies too!


Aussie Icons
100 Aussie Icons by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 515 pieces

Awesome Australian made wooden puzzle that was a bit challenging and so much fun! I can’t wait to get going on the next one!


20th Parade
The 20th Party Parade by James Alexander – Jumbo (Wasgij) – 1000 pieces

I loved assembling this Wasgij puzzle, and I love that I can shown the finished image without spoiling anything. Great quality puzzle.


Save The Whales
Save The Whales by Robert Williams – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 515 pieces

My second and favorite Mr. Bob Puzzle. This image was so entertaining to assemble, I absolutely adored it!


1980’s – Re-marks – 1500 pieces

Of course I loved this puzzle, it’s a collage of the 1980’s. It was very good quality, and each of the sections was something I knew. Great fun!


Dog Stamps
Dog Stamps Quilt by Barbara Behr – Bits and Pieces – 300 pieces

Another fun, interesting collage – this time of dogs. I think I would have liked this one in a higher piece count too. Completely entertaining!


Doug Cheesy
Doug the Pug (Cheesy) – Buffalo – 300 pieces

My daughter knew I would love this puzzle, and she made sure it was in my hands as soon as possible. It was a great assembly, but much harder than I though.


Doug Donuts
Doug the Pug (Doughnuts) – Buffalo – 300 pieces

I assembled both of the Doug the Pug puzzles in the same night, and I enjoyed this one the most. It was a little easier than the cheesy one, but still challenging enough to be entertaining.


I had a great time with this puzzle, but it is much harder than it looks! Each letter was it’s own puzzle, and they all had the exact same color scheme. It took much more time than I thought it would, but it was completely worth it. I love this!


London In Snow
London In Snow by Richard Macneil – Wentworth – 40 pieces

My first Christmas puzzle of the season! They’re not my favorite type of image to assemble, but put it on a great quality wooden puzzle and I’m much more likely to assemble it. 😉


November Stats:

  • Puzzles completed          14
  • Pieces assembled        6750
  • Brands                                 9
    • Wentworth *3
    • Ravensburger *2
    • Sure Lox
    • Mr. Bob Puzzles *2
    • Jumbo (Wasgij)
    • Re-marks
    • Bits and Pieces
    • Buffalo *2
    • Knock Knock