Star Wars – Finn – Cardinal – 100 pieces

First puzzle of the year! Thrift store puzzle with a missing piece, but that’s ok. It was still fun to assemble, and that’s the point of puzzling for me. 🙂


Me Mood
Momma’s Me Mood by Iralu – Cardinal – 300 pieces

I absolutely adore this artwork (and the other 11 images in this multipack box), I’m so looking forward to assembling them all!


Dog's Life
Dog’s Life by Gary Patterson – Eurographics – 500 pieces

This was a Christmas present from my beautiful daughter, and it was as much fun to assemble as it is adorable! 😍


A Cranky Camper by Iralu – Cardinal – 150 pieces

Terrible quality puzzle, but I knew that when I bought it. The 300 piece from the same pack was much better quality than this one. So I know what to look for when I’m assembling the other three 150 piecers.


Art City
Art City by Robert Williams – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 1001 pieces

Fantastic, imaginative, colorful, wonderful image by the Bob in Mr. Bob Puzzles. What a joy to assemble and look at!


Garden Paws
Helpful Garden Paws by Jenny Newland – Karmin International – 550 pieces

I was a little worried about all that fur, but it was lovely to assemble and I adore the artwork. Too much cuteness all crammed into one little puzzle!


Firefly Friends
Firefly Friends – Creative Edge – 100 pieces

A silly little kids puzzle that gave me a great glow in the dark picture too! The quality was pretty terrible, but I knew that going in; I just hadn’t done a kids glow puzzle in a while and this one was cute. 😉


Birthday Candle – Sure-Lox – 300 pieces

Isn’t this adorably hilarious? I loved this puzzle, and I documented my progress as I went. Great puzzle!


Candy for All Seasons by Lewis T. Johnson – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

I loved this collage, and even though there were some fuzzy areas it was still entertaining to put together. It was missing four pieces though, those are the chances you take with a thrift store puzzle.


Cats Around the World by Eric Dowdle – Dowdle Puzzles – 500 pieces

I enjoyed this one much more than I expected, normally I find Dowdle puzzles to be quite difficult. This one was great to sort and assemble, and I truly had a great time with it.


Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas! – Buffalo – 750 pieces

This was the first of the Cities in Color series that I’ve assembled, and I have to say I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would! Fun puzzle.


Surf Shark
Surf Shark Bar by Iralu – Cardinal – 150 pieces

The 150 piece puzzles in this box of 12 puzzles are terrible quality, much worse than the 300 pieces in the same set. Very odd. Still, I like the images and I’ll be assembling them all. 😉


Pixar Posters
Pixar Posters – Ceaco – 2000 pieces

This puzzle was a gift from a puzzling friend, and it was great fun! It went together pretty quickly, and even though I haven’t seen all of the movies I enjoyed every poster. If it wasn’t a Ceaco I would recommend it, but I’m still cross with the brand.


Prague Clock
The Prague Clock – Nautilus Puzzles – 500 pieces

Hubby surprised me with this puzzle for no reason, and I absolutely loved it! Great quality, wonderful cut, excellent image reproduction, and fantastic whimsies. 💖


Forest Animals
Forest Animals by Natasha Chetkova – Cardinal – 100 pieces

Cute little kids puzzle that I assembled to even out my pieces for the month to an even number, but I really enjoyed it. Even though the quality was pretty bad it was a cute image and I had fun.


GH Collection
Good Housekeeping Collection – New York Puzzle Company – 1000 pieces

I adored this assembly, and the puzzle is one that I worked on previously with both my mother and my daughter – I’m keeping it forever. Fantastic image and excellent quality.


Doughnuts – Cobble Hill – 500 pieces

How nice it was to get back to a Cobble Hill puzzle, it seems ages since I’ve assembled one and I need to make sure it doesn’t take to long before I get to assembling another one. Great quality, excellent image and a wonderfully entertaining assembly. 🙂 🍩


Cake Shop
Vintage Cake Shop by Aimee Stewart – Buffalo – 1000 pieces

Beautiful Aimee Stewart image that made for a bit of challenging puzzling. It was lovely though, and I highly recommend it!


Farmers' Market
Farmers’ Market – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

Quick and fun little puzzle, with bright colors and an interesting image. I didn’t like the slippery back, it made it pretty difficult to get a good picture.


Knitters Stash
Knitters Stash – Springbok – 1000 pieces

I started this puzzle at around 3 am, and had it finished before I went to bed that night. Once I got my brain in random cut mode it went much easier. Good sorting helped too!


Aquatic Harmony
Aquatic Harmony by Chris Hiett – Sure-Lox – 529 pieces

Family puzzle of questionable quality, and to be honest it wasn’t a fun image either. I think for a family puzzle a more colorful image would be better.


Game Pieces
Game Pieces by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

After Aquatic Harmony with it’s almost one color palette I wanted a colorful, fun puzzle – this one did the trick! Even with a missing piece I still thoroughly enjoyed myself! 😍


January Stats:

  • Puzzles completed           22
  • Pieces assembled      13,329
  • Brands                                15
    • Cardinal *5
    • Eurographics
    • Mr. Bob Puzzles
    • Karmin
    • Creative Edge
    • Sure-Lox *2
    • White Mountain *2
    • Dowdle Puzzles
    • Buffalo *2
    • Ceaco
    • Nautilus Puzzles
    • New York Puzzle Company
    • Cobble Hill
    • MasterPieces
    • Springbok