Where Do You Puzzle?

Do you have a special place to work on your puzzles? Do you have a puzzle board that’s exclusively for you or do you have to take over the dining room table from time to time? Do you work only in one place or do you roam the house and puzzle all over?

I’m always interested in how others get their jig on, so to speak.

When this post starting forming in my brain it had me thinking about how my Grama (who instilled in me my love for jigsaw puzzles) used to work on her puzzles, and I’m amazed at where she chose to puzzle. She always sat in “her” chair in the living room and used a huge piece of cardboard that she placed on the big footstool in front of the chair. Thinking about how much leaning over that required, I’m stunned she didn’t develop back problems. When my sisters and I would spend the night at her house there were many times when we went to bed and Gram was working on a puzzle; when we got up in the morning she was still sitting there in her pajamas in front of the board and the puzzle was much closer to completion. I used to think to myself that I couldn’t wait to be a grownup so I could stay up all night if I wanted to and work on puzzles. (I have done so on several occasions, and it is very nice not to have to answer to anyone about my bedtime, that’s for sure.😉)

Mom used a big sheet of white board paneling, cut down to a manageable size, that my dad bought from the hardware store. When she was working on a puzzle she’d put it on top of her big table in the office (it had plenty of room for us to sit side by side and puzzle together when I visited), and when she needed the table for other things she’d just pick up the board and set it on the day bed. She also worked late into the night on puzzles, especially if we hadn’t finished a puzzle on one of our Friday visit days. She’d text me a picture of the finished image and say something like “worked on this one till 3 am, but we finally got it done!”.

I have several boards and have both a dedicated room where I work on my puzzles, and extra boards and trays so that if need be I can work on larger and smaller puzzles in other rooms of the house. My main boards were made by hubby, my mom, and me – it was definitely a team effort.

My fantastic husband helped me to make a board to work the giant 40,320 piece Disney puzzle, measuring 5 feet by 4 feet, plenty of room for each section to be completed.  Mom and I found some gorgeous suede-like fabric on clearance at Joann Fabrics that was perfect for the cover.  I purchased enough material to cover a smaller board (4′ x 3′) and 2 large boards (5’x 4′) for about $12.  We bought a 4′ x 8′ sheet of sub-flooring (luan) for about $13, and cut it into the 2 sizes I wanted.  Mom and I then glued the material on the boards and for about $25 total I have two beautiful jigsaw boards, and they are extremely nice for working puzzles. The fabric makes it so the pieces don’t slip around easily and the color makes a nice background contrast so the pieces are easier to see.

The smaller board fits puzzles up to approximately 3000 pieces and is the main one in use.  The larger one was primarily for my Disney monster, but is also needed for some bigger piece count puzzles I still have to get to. Plus I have a white board (dry erase) that I use when working on larger puzzles in bed, and various other boards that can be put to good puzzle use if need be. And let’s not forget my paper-lined cookie sheets that I use for our bathroom puzzles and for working on small puzzles in bed. 🛌🧩

Well, that’s where and how three generations of women in my family got/get their jig on. I’m certain most people’s homes aren’t as crazy with so many boards and places to work on jigsaw puzzles as mine is, but I’d love to hear where and how you puzzle.

Sound Off!

So who’s working on what? Tell us all what fabulous puzzle you’re working on at the moment; or let us know if you found a great puzzle or image you’ve recently purchased.

I’m hoping I’ll be feeling up to having the computer in bed, and will be replying to everyone’s comments if at all possible. We’ll have to wait and see. Every time there’s another surgery or procedure with anesthesia it takes longer and longer for me to recover from it – and it sucks.

But at least I’ve got my puzzle posse to talk to, right?

Happy Mother’s Day!

My gorgeous momma!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, and if you celebrate Mother’s Day I hope it’s a fabulous holiday for you. As for me, hopefully I’ll be in bed being pampered by the kids and hubby – or sitting in front of my puzzle board putting together little pieces of cardboard or wood to make a pretty picture.

If you’re a mom – thank you for all the wonderful, tedious, brave, boring, gracious, heartbreaking, compassionate, caring, forgiving and loving things you do. Even if it isn’t spoken aloud to you enough (and it never is), it is always appreciated. If you’re not a mom, Happy Mother’s Day anyway!

Enjoy your day everyone; my wish for you is lots of love and peaceful puzzling.

Of course the picture above is my beautiful, loving, fantastic, silly, sweet, kind momma. She was the first and most important member of my Puzzle Posse and she loved sitting with me and talking about everything and nothing while we worked together on puzzles. I treasure every moment we had no matter what we were doing, her momma mojo was amazing and as friends we were the bestest of besties. She is so very missed – especially today. 💗

Sorry Guys…

My apologies for not giving all my faithful readers a heads up, life kinda took me over for a bit and it was all just too much. I took a very much needed mental health break, including a trip back to my home state of Michigan to visit loved ones.

I haven’t touched a puzzle since the last time I posted, on June 2nd. But today, at the very least, I’m back on my computer and sitting at my puzzle table.

Depression and anxiety are no joke, and dealing with them on a daily basis sucks big time. Life just overwhelmed me; hubby had another surgery and I had to drive him everywhere – my anxiety about being on the road went absolutely crazy. That made the depression worse and it was just an infinite circle of one feeding the other. I’m sure that being away from my puzzles didn’t help, but I honestly spent almost all of the last 6 weeks in bed and jigsaw puzzles weren’t even on my mind.

But at least I’ve chosen my next puzzle, a collage of canines that make me smile. Plus, it’s the smallest piece count I have here at the moment (750) other than a 500 piece of 12 shaped puzzles that I’m just not in the mood for right now. I will try to get it sorted today, and may even start on it – but no promises.

So how are you all? Working on some fantastic puzzles? I’d love to hear from you!

*My sincerest apologies for disappearing again, I’m just doing the best I can.*

My Latest Subscription Box

May subscription box from MicroPuzzles

I was so tickled by this month’s box that I decided to share it with you all. On the same day that my husband took me to a local kitchen supply shop to force me to spend some gift certificates, we received this fun-packed box in the mail. What a coincidence!

So along with my new mixing bowl, fancy knives and beautiful bamboo utensils from the store I also got a couple of very nice looking baking-themed puzzles, some puzzle piece cookie cutters and a refrigerator magnet with a measuring conversion table. It definitely cheered me up some. 😊

Along with some baking facts you can also see the full puzzle images on the right – don’t they look like fun? I wish I had the first one, Bake Someone Happy, in a larger piece count; it’ll be fun in this 150 piece puzzle, but it would also be great at 500 or 1000 pieces too I think.

I’m looking forward to both puzzles very much, and can’t wait to see what next month will have in store. 💙