July – September


Country Cottage by Dominic Davidson – Ravensburger -1500 pieces

Ok, so I know I need to get better at taking pictures of my completed puzzles.  To be fair though, I didn’t know I would be starting a blog and publishing them.  I usually just text a picture to my mom and daughter.  I’ll do better – promise!  This puzzle is not the image I would usually pick, but it was a thrift store purchase, and a 1500 piece Ravensburger for 99 cents is too good to pass up.  I enjoyed it very much, perhaps my taste in puzzles is changing; either that or I’m just an addict and will do whatever jigsaw I can get my hands on.

The Talking Jigsaw Puzzle – The Fitness Center – Buffalo Games – 560 pieces

This picture is deliberately a little out of focus and far away – I don’t want to give away the answer if anyone has this puzzle.  Had a great time completing this one.  I enjoyed the logic puzzle aspect of it, in addition to the jigsaw assembly.  The characters “talk” to each other and by what they say you have to determine where they fit into the picture. This puzzle is two-sided, with the word “congratulations” printed all over the back in several different fonts.  It’s very helpful to check and make sure you’re putting the right person in the right spot.  Would have been great to have a glass table top to work on instead of having to lift up pieces to check.  Super fun!

Television History – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Another collage and thrift store purchase.  Easy assembly, and it was fun to figure out who everyone is and to reminisce about TV shows I watched as a child.  There’s even Bill from Schoolhouse Rock!

Pencil Collage by Maureen Rupprecht – White Mountain Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Here’s another White Mountain that fit together so tightly it could be stood on end!  We ordered this puzzle and I put off working on it for a while because it was on the “challenging puzzles” page and I needed to be in the right mood.  I did not find it to be that difficult actually, and really enjoyed the entire assembly.  Don’t be frightened away from challenging puzzles, sometimes the challenge is just what you need and sometimes it isn’t as difficult as you think it will be.

World of Books by Aimee Stewart – Ravensburger – 2000 pieces

Perhaps my favorite puzzle of the year so far;  gorgeous artwork by Aimee Stewart, not an overly difficult assembly, and 2000 pieces to keep me busy for a few days.  My daughter got this for me as a gift, what a sweetie! I can’t recommend this puzzle enough, beautiful and fun.

Coca Cola – Aquarius – 1000 pieces

Another gift, this one from my mom.  An easy assembly, and fun to look at older ads from Coke.  Aquarius is a puzzle company I hadn’t heard of or assembled before.  Pretty good quality as far as I can remember.


Buried Blueprints Adventures of Robin Hood – Masterpieces – 1000 pieces

I did NOT enjoy this puzzle at all.  If it weren’t for my husband working it with me and making me keep going I would have stopped halfway through.  The quality was good enough, but the artwork was fuzzy and indistinct which made it quite difficult to find pieces you’re looking for. Not a fun one in my opinion but for 99 cents, it occupied me for a while.

Treasured History by Aimee Stewart – Masterpieces – 750 pieces

This puzzle bums me out because after it was already purchased and assembled I saw that it was also made into a 1000 piece by Ravensburger😦 Still, it’s Aimee Stewart and her art style is a favorite of mine.  The pieces were unbelievably crisp and clear, very very nice quality.  Only drawback was quite a bit of glare on the darker pieces at night under the lights.

Coffee Cafe – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

Fun puzzle.  I love coffee and jigsaws, so put the two together and it’s a good combination. The quality of the pieces was quite good, although as you can see the finish was somewhat shiny causing glare under lights. There was also a poster included in the box – added bonus!

Mystical Garden by Aimee Stewart – Masterpieces – 750 pieces

Another beautiful puzzle by Aimee Stewart.  Much more difficult than I had expected, but still a fun assembly – I enjoyed the challenge!  Beautiful image reproduction on the pieces, only drawback was the shiny finish.

Transit Graphics – Galison – 1000 pieces

Another new puzzle company that I tried out.  The pieces were satisfactorily thick with no image lift, and they fit together quite nicely.  This was an easy puzzle for me, super fast assembly – I started in the morning after hubby left for work, and was done before he got home!

Sewing Notions by Shelley Davies – Cobble Hill – 1000 pieces

Another Cobble Hill, the pieces feel so nice and the matte finish is a pleasure especially after working several shiny puzzles. Fun image, it makes me think of my mom who always had plenty of buttons, pins, thread and scissors for whatever repair work we needed on our clothes.

Kitchen Cupboard by Colin Thompson – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

There are always so many fun things to discover when putting together a Colin Thompson puzzle.  The kitchen cupboard has many drawers for cake, little toilet bowl egg cups, a hotel made of bacon and much much more!  A completely enjoyable assembly, beautiful artwork and the finished puzzle would be excellent for framing.

Stonehenge in a Nutshell – English Heritage – 750 pieces

Interesting jigsaw.  My first from this company, and I would say the quality is satisfactory, piece thickness was good, image reproduction was slightly fuzzy but I believe that was the artist’s rendering.  This puzzle is grid cut, with basically only 2 piece shapes.  It was the first time I was unable to assemble all the edge pieces first.  Most were a solid color, except the sides and certain parts of the bottom edge with writing.  I connected what I could, and had to wait until the puzzle was almost complete before I was able to finish the edges.  Nevertheless it was a fun, informative puzzle.  Excellent thrift store find.

Spirit of the Elements by Josephine Wall – TCG – 750 pieces

My mom was surprised I wanted to do this puzzle, but I thought it looked like fun- and who can say no to glitter??  It was also from another puzzle company that I’d never tried before.  When my husband sat down to help me, he commented on how nicely the pieces fit together, and I agree.  They fit together very satisfyingly.  The image is gorgeous and the assembly was fun, another wonderful thrift store find 🙂

Wasgij Original #22 Studio Tour – Jumbo – 1500 pieces

Only get to see a tiny bit of the puzzle, can’t give away the ending!  The was my first Jumbo puzzle and first Wasgij – and I think I’m in love!  The pieces have a waxy feel which I love.  I can’t help running my fingers over the completed pieces and when I pick up a piece to consider where it goes I rub my thumb over the top as well. It is an entertaining challenge to figure out what everyone on the box is looking at, and always funny when you get things finished.  After completing this puzzle I went a little bit insane and ordered 22 more Wasgijs. My husband is a saint I think 😉

I Love Great Britain by Mike Jupp – Gibsons – 1000 pieces

My first Gibsons puzzle.  If I hadn’t found the Jigsaw Junkies website I would probably not even know about some of these puzzle companies.  The brand comparison on that site gave me confidence to try new companies I hadn’t before, because I knew what kind of quality I would be getting.  I enjoyed the Gibsons brand which is another puzzle with a waxy finish, and the artwork by Mike Jupp is so fun!

Couples by James Mellett – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

Another collage – of course.  This was really fun artwork, there weren’t only human couples there were plenty of fun things that make a great pair – chips and dip, cookies and milk, ebony and ivory piano keys, Buzz and Woody, etc.  This is another one that is fun to do with others while talking about the couples and figuring out who or what things are.

Vintage Stamps by Finchley Paper Arts – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Gorgeous puzzle, but I had some issues with the quality, which is rare for Ravensburger. On the plus side I wrote to Ravensburger and they replaced the puzzle for me. As you can see the piece cut is extremely visible, the piece fit was extremely loose, there were a few warped pieces and pieces still connected, and a ton of puzzle dust.  But don’t let that stop you from buying from Ravensburger, because they are the company I compare all other puzzles to, and if you ever do have an issue with quality they will take care of you. Beautiful puzzle.

Buy a Ticket See 90 Movies by Adria Chesterman – Sunsout – 1000 pieces

I must have been on a tear in August, this was my FOURTEENTH puzzle for the month! Wow. I love all the visual puns and it was fun to see how many movies we could name.  We didn’t get them all.  FYI if you’re looking for the guide to see the names of all the movies the website listed on the box no longer has the key.  If you email Sunsout they will send you the list.


Glorious Vintage by Aimee Stewart – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Another Aimee Stewart, cause it’s just gorgeous!  It was way more difficult than I thought, and took me longer than the average 1000 piece.  Still, I’m stubborn as anything and the end result is beautiful.  Excellent quality pieces, and piece fit; just an all around fun puzzle to assemble even with the extra challenge of all the green areas.

Vintage Love Letters by Aimee Stewart – Schmidt – 1000 pieces

I saw a review of this puzzle on Jigsaw Junkies, and fell in love with the image.  It was the first puzzle I purchased with the intent of gluing and framing it; isn’t it a beautiful, romantic image for the bedroom?  This was also my first puzzle from Schmidt, and I must say I was even more impressed with the quality than I expected to be.  The finish on the pieces feels almost luxurious, the pieces fit together satisfyingly well without being so tight you had to push them into place, and the image quality is amazingly bright and detailed without being too over the top.  I would definitely buy many more Schmidt puzzles without hesitation.  The quality of this company impressed me, and once my self-imposed puzzle buying ban is over I’m looking for more! BTW, the puzzle is framed and looks amazing.

Great Books by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

Another fun collage puzzle.  When we got this one my husband and I looked at the box and counted up how many of these books we had read, it was around the same number of books, but none of them were the same except for The Cat in the Hat!  Lots of little sections of the puzzle easy to pull pieces and assemble without the aid of the box, which I love.  It was quite a fun and quick puzzle, although the piece cut is very visible once you’ve finished.

Fantastic Voyage by Aimee Stewart – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Of the first four puzzles I completed this month, 3 of them were by Aimee Stewart!  I guess you could say I enjoy her work 🙂 There is just something about the colors in her art and the way she uses them together, it’s beautiful.  This was easier than the Glorious Vintage puzzle, but still loads of fun to assemble and makes a gorgeous image suitable for framing.

Wasgij Destiny #9 Super Models by Graham Thompson – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

Again, I can’t show you the whole finished puzzle, it’ll spoil the fun!  On the box are beautiful ladies modeling swimsuits, and the finished puzzle is how they’ll look about 50 years in the future.  I loved this puzzle, it’s so much fun to get to the end and see all the little jokes in both the foreground and background.  The Jumbo quality is awesome and the puzzle feels lovely to run your hands over (which I always do).


Books by Igor Kravarik – Heye -1500 pieces

I must have been having balance issues when I took a picture of this because it is crazy crooked and I don’t even have the whole puzzle in the picture!  In my defense I didn’t know these would end up being published in a blog. Apologies.  My first Heye puzzle and oh dear, I’m in love with this company too!  The pieces are a little smaller than average, but it doesn’t matter because they feel sturdy and dense and fit together very well.  The image reproduction was stellar, really beautiful and detailed.  After this puzzle I had another small break from reality and purchased a LOT of Heye puzzles.  I love the triangle boxes of the cartoon puzzles, and that you get a ginormous poster inside.

What If #1 The Lost Lottery Ticket by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Here’s another puzzle I won’t show the whole picture of.  Like the Wasgijs, the image on the box isn’t what you puzzle, you have to figure out what would happen if….. For this one, the cover of the box shows what our hero wants to happen when he buys a lottery ticket.  The puzzle itself shows what if his ticket was the winner, but he lost it.  I absolutely love the art of Geoff Tristam.  It’s a fun cartoon puzzle, which I enjoy doing very much.  Uh, I now own all 16 What If puzzles.  I clearly have an addictive personality!!!

Wasgij #11 Beauty Salon by Graham Thompson – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

Anyone see a theme going on here?  I am slightly off my rocker, but having an awesome time!  This is another of the original Wasgij puzzles, what is everyone on the box cover looking at?  Fun, fun, fun.  Something is amiss in the beauty salon, just look at the poor guy up above trying to help.  Great image, great puzzle, great time.

More Colorful Egg Pattern Favorites To Go For by Gregory L. Blackstock – Pomegranate – 1000 pieces

When I first saw this puzzle I though, “That’s kinda cool”.  Then I read the little blurb about the artist and I had to own it.  Gregory L. Blackstock is an autistic artist who defines the world around him by identifying, ordering and arranging things.  His artwork helps him find a sense of order in a chaotic world.  I have two children with autism, and completely understand his need for order and an outlet for the stress of dealing with people and things that are confusing or upsetting.  In addition to being excited to get a jigsaw with artwork by a person with autism, it’s a fabulous fun puzzle that is hard to walk away from.  Once you pull pieces for an egg and assemble them, it leads to pieces of another one, and so on and so on.  The Pomegranate quality is exceptional, and their boxes AND puzzle pieces feel amazing.  Thick and sturdy and soft feeling at the same time. LOVED this puzzle!

Fairytale Fantasia by Aimee Stewart – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

Aimee Stewart #5 for September.  Another gorgeous image and wonderful Ravensburger quality.  I may have run out of adjectives to praise both the artist and manufacturer. Excellent puzzle, a good time was had by all 🙂

Wasgij Original #17 Ballroom Blushes by Graham Thompson – Jumbo – 1000 pieces

Oh my, what is everyone looking at?  Another fun Wasgij puzzle.  Cartoon puzzles have always been my favorite and the Wasgij concept makes them even more fun for me.  I love figuring out what’s going on or what will happen next.  It’s more of a challenge to only work from the pieces and not from the picture on the box, and it makes it more interesting.  I know not all the puzzles have the same artist, but so far I’ve worked only the ones by Graham Thompson, and I love his sense of humor.