The Human Body
The Human Body – Eurographics – 200 pieces

My first puzzle of the month was this really fun educational kids puzzle by Eurographics. I love the look of it, and loved each small section. Great puzzle!


Retirement by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 501 pieces

This image is FANTASTIC, and I had the best time putting it together! Another great wooden jigsaw puzzle from Mr. Bob puzzles. 🙂


Bulldog with Butterflies
Bulldog with Butterflies by Coco de Paris – Cardinal – 300 pieces

This pupper looks almost exactly like my sweet little Buddy Boy, and I absolutely LOVED IT! It’s already glued and ready to hang as soon as I find the perfect place for it.


Paws Gone Wild
Paws Gone Wild by Sergio – Vermont Christmas Company – 100 pieces

What an adorable puzzle for kids, and it’s great quality too! Look at all those sweet little puppies and kittens, too cute for words! I’m looking forward to trying more from their catalog of 100 piece puzzles.


Mixed Flowers
Mixed Flowers in an Earthenware Pot by Renoir – Wentworth – 40 pieces

This micro puzzle is one I wanted to redo; when I looked through my collection this one reminded me of my mother and the images that she liked. I can’t think of better reason, and it is such a beautiful image.


Coastal Getaway
Coastal Getaway by Alan Giana – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

I love the beautiful colors in this artwork; the flowers, the trees, the blue of the sky. They all work together to make a puzzle that was both entertaining and beautiful.


Hound of the Baskervilles
Hound of the Baskervilles by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 300 pieces

A beautiful Wysocki image, and an entertaining assembly. It was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but a great puzzle nonetheless. If you have a chance to assemble this one I highly recommend it!


Lapping Up the Luau
Lapping Up the Luau – Re-marks – 100 pieces

These little 100 piece puzzles are not only fun, they’re not only cute, they’re not only entertaining – they’re REALLY GOOD quality too! I love this image and had a great time with this puzzle. 🙂


Building Facades
Building Facades by Iralu – Cardinal – 500 pieces

Terrible quality puzzle with a great image – from a multipack of puzzles from the same artist. I knew it would be terrible quality, but I love the artwork and I muddled through.


I can’t begin to express how much fun these unicorns were to assemble. I mean, just look at the beautiful colors! Gorgeous images and so many different shapes – I had an amazing time with them, and I’m a little sad that they’re done. It would have been nice to have a lot more. 💗


A Walk on the Pier
A Walk on the Pier by Art Poulin – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

A beautiful piece of artwork on a puzzle that was really good quality. A great puzzle that was fun to assemble.


Ice Cream Pops
Ice Cream Pops – Eurographics – 100 pieces

Fun kids puzzle that I had a great time assembling. It’s a perfect time for ice cream pops too, it’s getting pretty hot where I live. 🌞


Toadstool Brook
Toadstool Brook by Steve Read – MasterPieces – 500 pieces

A highly entertaining puzzle, that I’d forgotten I even had. It was much more fun than I’d thought, and made for some very pretty pictures.


Birds – Lafayette Puzzle Factory (Cra-Z-Art) – 500 pieces

These small shaped puzzles make me extremely happy, and even re-assembling ones I’ve done before is highly entertaining for me. I hope everyone is looking forward to more of them.


Fuyune by Haruyo Morita – Wentworth – 40 pieces

Beautiful image that made for a beautiful puzzle! I’m really enjoying going back and putting together some old micro puzzles, they’re perfect for when I can only do a little bit of puzzling at a time. 🙂


Willard & Margaret
Willard & Margaret – Re-marks – 100 pieces

I love this image! It’s just so silly and fun, and it made for a great puzzle too. Very good quality, and excellent image reproduction.


Avocado Doug
Avocado Doug (Doug the Pug) – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Ah, Doug the Pug. What an ugly avocado he makes! LOL I had fun with this puzzle, though it’s harder than it looks. Not a bad image for the last puzzle of the month. 🙂


June Stats:

  • Puzzles completed          1
  • Pieces assembled        4681
  • Brands                                 9
    • Eurographics *2
    • Mr. Bob Puzzles
    • Cardinal *2
    • Vermont Christmas Company
    • Wentworth *2
    • MasterPieces *3
    • Buffalo *2
    • Re-marks *2
    • Cra-Z-Art
    • Lafayette Puzzle Factory