Dinosaur Alphabet by Karen Rossi – Ravensburger – 60 pieces

Great kids puzzle from the thrift store – and educational too! I even learned about three new dinosaurs I’d never heard of. Good quality, it was a well-loved puzzle.

Krystol’s Palace by Ciro Marchetti – Buffalo – 750 pieces

Even though I was a little intimidated by this image at first, this puzzle was fabulous to assemble. The colors and perfect amount of challenge made for a great couple of days of dissectology. ❤

Butterflies by Anne Geddes – TCG – 300 pieces

Excellent image, and it went together quickly. The charming baby butterflies were just too cute to pass up – so I didn’t. 👶

80s Shows – MasterPieces – 1000 pieces

Excellent puzzle image, but it wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped. It seemed to have slipped my mind that photographic images aren’t a favorite, and it made it a little more tedious for me. Oh well, they can’t all be amazing – that would be boring.

Story of the Lion by Amanda Michele – Sure Lox – 300 pieces

I wish I could tell you this one was enjoyable, for me it wasn’t. Sorry. Too many whimsy pieces, without connections they didn’t lay flat or stay still. Disappointing overall.

Authors – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was great fun, and I really enjoyed it. Pretty good quality for a Re-marks puzzle, and the image was quite entertaining.

Puppyness* – Re-marks – 100 pieces

Adorable puzzle that didn’t take long at all to put together. The sweet face of puppyness. 🐶🤎

Typefaces by Hugo Maciel – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

The uniqueness of this image grabbed me the moment I saw it, and even though it was much more of a challenge than I thought it would be I found it to be completely absorbing and lots of fun!

Quilt Country by Lena – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

Beautiful puzzle with such bright, cheery colors! I enjoyed the assembly very much, it was so hard to walk away from that it was finished in one sitting. 😎

Hershey’s Moments – MasterPieces – 1000 pieces

Unfortunately this one wasn’t as much fun as I’d hoped; quality issues were a large part of it. Oh well, they can’t all be fabulous. 🤷‍♀️

60s Shows – MasterPieces – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was more enjoyable for me than the 80s shows, though I’m not sure why. Regardless it was a great quality puzzle and putting it all together was extremely entertaining. Plus the whole family got involved in trying to identify shows we didn’t know or weren’t certain of.

Lady Bug Land by Michael Searle – Ravensburger – 300 pieces

Such a colorful image, and all the ladybugs made it more challenging than the usual 300 piece puzzle – loved it!

Owl Collage by Kathrin Stockebrand – Schmidt – 500 pieces

I cannot express how much I loved this puzzle! Such amazing quality, a fantastic image – all around a fabulous jigsaw puzzle that made me incredibly happy. ❤🧡💛💜💚💙

The Writer’s Dogs – Buffalo – 750 pieces

The absolutely fantastic image here made for a wonderful assembly! It wasn’t overly simple to do, but each little section was the right amount of challenging and entertaining; love it when that happens.

Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY by Dean MacAdam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

I had SO MUCH fun with this one, I wish it wasn’t over yet and I was still working on it. Fantastic image for puzzling, beautiful quality – I highly recommend this puzzle – LOVED IT!

Brian in Shipping – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This was much more difficult than it looks, but once I brought it into the puzzle room it didn’t take much time at all. Adorable image too!

Bestsellers – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

Great collage that I completed VERY quickly. I had the best time with it and even though the quality wasn’t perfect it didn’t matter because the image was so fun to put together.

Father & Son by Karen Burke – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

Isn’t this the cutest image? I love it! It was also one of the best quality MasterPieces puzzle that I’ve worked on in quite a while. I had a wonderful time assembling it.

February Stats:

  • Puzzles completed            18
  • Pieces assembled      10,310
  • Brands                                8
    • Ravensburger *4
    • Buffalo *2
    • TCG
    • MasterPieces *5
    • Sure Lox
    • Re-marks *2
    • Schmidt
    • MicroPuzzles