Winter’s Warmth

Winter’s Warmth by Czes Pachela – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

This image definitely isn’t one I would choose in a larger piece count, but with only 40 pieces I’m willing to try just about anything. I’ve looked at a few of this artist’s other puzzles, and they’re very different than this one – and I liked every one!

Unfortunately this puzzle’s whimsies were another repeat, but it didn’t make the assembly any less entertaining. With so many trees and so much snow it wasn’t the easiest of puzzles, but was I completely absorbed by it.


With this puzzle, Christmas in July is officially finished! Woo hoo! Christmas puzzles aren’t my thing, but I know a lot of people enjoy them very much so I try not to be too derogatory about them. If I’ve offended anyone with my attempts at humor about Christmas puzzles, I beg your forgiveness.

See you tomorrow in August, when I’m back to assembling whatever puzzles I feel like, for whatever dumb reason I choose to apply. 😁

Megatab, Mintaka and the Snowman

Megatab, Mintaka and the Snowman by Ivory Cats – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

I like the colors in this image, but again with the cats? I shouldn’t really complain since I’m the one who bought the puzzles, but here I am complaining anyway. I just wish there were more dog puzzles to choose from – either that or I’m just cranky and annoyed today. There’s a good chance that the cranky thing is the reason.

I like the cat whimsies in this puzzle, which sounds really stupid after I just said I’m sick of the cat puzzles, I know. I don’t mind the whimsy cats, I guess I’m just not one for the actual image of them. Sounds ridiculous, I know – but that’s how my weird mind works, and I’m not apologizing for it.


This micro puzzle was more difficult to assemble than I bargained for, but it was still fun and engrossing. That’s all puzzlers really want, to be able to be completely absorbed in the assembly – well, that’s what I’m always looking for anyway. It’s almost meditative, whether there are 40 pieces or 4000 I enjoy being wrapped up in which piece comes next and what shape goes where.

Christmas in July is almost over, one more day and one more micro winter puzzle to go!

Cats Selfie

Cats Selfie by Howard Robinson – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

This is a cute puzzle, I enjoyed the bright colors. I’m not a cat person, but the looks on their faces are so funny! I don’t know many cats that would tolerate wearing Santa hats though, do you?

As usual, this was fun to put together. Wentworth quality is very very good, and working with wooden puzzles gives you a completely different tactile experience than with cardboard puzzles. They’re more expensive, but I say we puzzlers are absolutely worth it! Even if you don’t get to work a large piece count wooden puzzle, these micro puzzles are relatively inexpensive; and they’re puzzles you’ll want to do over and over again.

The piece shapes are obvious in the finished image, but to be honest this doesn’t matter at all to me. The enjoyment of the assembly for me outweighs pretty much any of the negatives, although I don’t think there are that many negatives. That’s just my personal opinion of course, but I’m a tiny bit addicted to jigsaw puzzles of all kinds so my opinions are a bit compromised.


More cute whimsies, I love the Santa with his sack of presents – it’s so detailed! The stocking full of presents is pretty damn cute as well.

My brain hasn’t been working well lately, and it just occurred to me this morning that there are 3 days left in the month. I have today’s micro puzzle and 2 more to go, so it looks like you’re going to have to put up with 2 more days in a row of Christmas/winter micro puzzles. Sorry, I’m blaming all the new pharmaceuticals I’m having to take – and the increasing dosages – that’s my story anyway. 💊💊

Butterflies II

Butterflies II – Lafayette Puzzle Factory – 500 pieces

These beautiful shaped puzzles are such fun for me to put together, and even though I have 9 of the series there are still a few that I don’t have and would love to get my hands on.

The colors on these butterflies are absolutely gorgeous and they were interesting to assemble. Unlike the cupcakes and shoes that I’ve already assembled, these were of varying sizes and shapes. The smallest of the butterflies had only 8 pieces, and the largest had 52 pieces! It was quite an entertaining assembly, and I can’t stress enough how stunning the colors are, they are so beautiful. 🦋

Each butterfly was delightful to see and put together, the varying sizes made sure that each was not a cookie cutter of the same shapes. The colors were bright, and the fit was very good. All in all I had a great time with this puzzle.

These are two of my favorites, although I had a hard time choosing only a few. All of them were interesting, challenging, beautiful, and fun!

I Found It!


This is Pattern 1, I’ve been looking for it for months, and mom and I finally happened upon it at Tuesday Morning!

I’ve already assembled Pattern 3 and Pattern 4, and loved every moment of putting them together. I don’t know what happened to Pattern 2, I can’t even find an image of it online. Perhaps it was never made into a puzzle, or possibly they love to keep us guessing by just skipping a number and making us crazy trying to find it. All I know is I’m thrilled we found this one!

I haven’t touched a puzzle piece for 2 days now, but hopefully today I’ll feel well enough to start puzzling again. I’ve gotta catch up and get some puzzles done, I’m running out of puzzles to post! 😱