Friday 03-31-17


It’s starting to move faster now. I spent most of the day at mom’s working on the puzzle I got her for Christmas but between early morning and later in the evening I managed to get a couple of hundred pieces put in. 🙂

I should be done on Sunday. OH MY GOODNESS I should be done on Sunday! Completely done. How in the world did I do that? Of course I guess if I’m really missing working on this puzzle I could always assemble the extra Fantasia section with the damaged piece. At this moment I’m thinking ……..NOPE. Of course that does make me think that if I end up donating the puzzle somewhere or it ends up with someone else I’d always be able to assemble and frame that section of Fantasia as a reminder. I just cannot seem to make up my mind what to do with this puzzle. If only I had a wall anywhere in my house big enough to display it. I don’t. Not even close. I don’t even have a family member with a wall in their home big enough! Damn it!

So don’t leave me now, in 2 days this entire thing will be finished. I have no idea when I’ll be able to completely assemble it, that somewhat depends on where it’s going to end up. But at the very least I will have all the pieces put together!

Thursday 03-30-17


Flower finally has his entire tail! Still the cutest little guy in this image if you ask me. 🙂

My mom keeps commenting on how much bigger the sections seem in person, that the pictures on the blog don’t give you any sense of how large it actually is. I took this picture today to hopefully show some perspective. This is my hand, which is about as large as one of Thumper’s feet, or Bambi’s ear.


It definitely makes the puzzle look larger – especially when you scroll back up and look at the whole thing! I know, a photographer I am not. I do the best I can. The colors look much brighter in this picture, a lot more true to life. I was able to leave the overhead light on because glare wasn’t a problem taking the picture from this angle. This shows how bright and pretty the colors actually are. 😎

According to my count there are just over 800 pieces left to assemble, and I can’t put into words how excited but sad that makes me. I’m super proud of myself for sticking with it, especially when I dropped one of the sections trying to get a better picture and had to assemble it twice! It definitely doesn’t feel like it, but holy guacamole, I’ve been working on this giant puzzle for SIX MONTHS!

So I’ve probably still got 3 or 4 days left to go, depending on if I’m feeling well enough to sit and work on it. Pretty much all that’s left is flowers and whatever Thumper is on top of – probably a rock.

I’ve got all the pieces on trays so I’m ready to get going and finish this thing!

Oh man, I’d better slow down or I’m gonna finish this thing!

Wednesday 03-29-17


Looking good, right?

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get all the grass done and then all that will be left is the white flowers at the bottom and the rock or stump – whatever Thumper is lying on. The grass isn’t too difficult with the different blades showing, it’s a little easier to match up the blades and shades of green. I didn’t work on Flower at all today, so if I finish the grass and am still feeling up to it I may try to get his tail finished.

I want it to last, but I also want to be done! I still haven’t figured out yet what to do with it, and I can’t really assemble the whole thing until I have a plan as to what’s going to happen with it afterward. I want pictures of the entire puzzle assembled, but I really don’t want to assemble it only to have to disassemble it afterward back into the 10 sections. Arrgghh! I have to make a decision! 😕


Tuesday 03-28-17


It’s unimpressive, but whatever. I can only do what I can do, stop pressuring me! 😉

Both of the tree trunks are assembled, and I was able to attach one of the falling petals near one of them; then I started filling in between the trees. It’s slowly coming together and looking good!

For the most part, from here on out it will be filling in.Tomorrow will be filling in the rest of the dark pieces and probably finishing Flower, his tail isn’t completely filled out. Once most of the top half is done I’ll turn the board back over and start on the bottom half. Lots of white flowers to do!

I realized yesterday while working on a smaller puzzle in bed that I was in danger of losing one of the pieces to this giant Disney puzzle! I went and grabbed one of the trays so that I could sort edges pieces; and when I dumped the edge pieces onto my smaller puzzle board and started assembling the edge there was a piece that definitely didn’t belong. I’m working on a Wasgij puzzle from Jumbo, and they have a distinctive feel to them – it wasn’t a Jumbo piece. It was definitely a Ravensburger and it had a mottled brown color (it goes between the tree trunks, I’ve already placed it) – and I thought “Holy crap, I almost lost this thing!”

It was most likely underneath the liner I have on the trays, and if I had been careless in how I carried the tray from the puzzle room to my bedroom I could have dropped it. I would never have looked anywhere except where I’m working on the puzzle!  There’s no way I would have searched in the hall, living room or bedroom. I came really close to losing that piece! Thank goodness I didn’t, I would have been SO upset with myself. 😮


Monday 03-27-17


It doesn’t look like much progress, but I’m pleased with what I got done today. I finally found the last piece of the filmstrip (yay!), filled in the pale yellow, assembled the rock next to Flower and attached it to Bambi, assembled most of the butterfly, and found all the pieces I was missing at the top of the puzzle. Sweet!

I have all the remaining pieces on trays now, as of today’s count there are 1300 pieces left. 😮 Wow. It’s moving along so quickly!

Tomorrow’s work will be the trees and darker background above Flower. I’ve got the pieces all separated by shape and ready to start. It will go quickly I’m sure because the left side of the puzzle is filled in and I can see which piece shape I need on the right, that’s especially helpful with the dark pieces.

Stay tuned guys, it won’t be long now!