The Sewing Box

The Sewing Box – Springbok – 500 pieces

This was a super fun Springbok puzzle that mom and I assembled together. We love a collage and putting together each little compartment of the box made for a great afternoon. It was a little bit of a bummer that it was missing a piece, but c’est la vie – that’s life.

Springbok quality is sometimes hit or miss, thankfully this one was a hit. The pieces fit together well and didn’t require having to force connections; sometimes I find their fit is much too tight, but this one was just about perfect. The image reproduction was crisp and beautiful, and the image itself made for such a great puzzle!

I love our Fridays when mom and I spend the day together. We assemble puzzles, talk, laugh, and generally just enjoy each other’s company. When the hormones are raging and I can’t stand anyone, mom is the only one I want to be around; no matter how I’m feeling, spending time with mom is always good for me. Lately we’ve been doing smaller piece count puzzles, we are having more fun being able to do more than one puzzle per day.

I love a thrift store puzzle, there’s always a chance that it may be missing a piece but you can find such interesting, fun puzzles at deeply discounted prices. Yes, this puzzle had a piece missing – but it only cost us 99 cents. For less than a dollar we got to spend the afternoon together putting together a really entertaining puzzle – what a bargain!


Paw Patrol (2)

Paw Patrol (2) – Ravensburger – 49 pieces

This is the second of three puzzles that come in one box. They’re absolutely wonderful quality, and even when there are only a few pieces like this one they are so much fun to put together.

I love that each puzzle has it’s own poster to help with assembly and that the backing of each has a different pattern so you can sort them easily. They fit together easily but with enough of that signature Ravensburger “click” that you know you’ve got the right piece in the right place. Puzzles like these are great for beginning puzzlers, they stand up to rough handling and have great images that kids love.

Paw Patrol is crazy popular right now, so if you’ve got a little one in your life who loves them I definitely recommend these cute little puzzles – we loved them!