Currently In Progress…

My youngest son and I went to the bookstore yesterday, and he helped me pick out a few puzzles – he also helped me pick out which puzzle was next. So currently I’m in the process of sorting an adorable and silly puzzle called Night Owls Study Group; my son is crazy about owls at the moment, so we’re just going with it.

*The picture above is a “recycled” one and not the puzzle I’m sorting. There is a limited amount of space for media on my current WordPress plan, and since the puzzle isn’t even started yet I decided to use any old “sorting” picture and save space for future puzzles.*

It’s Memorial Day here in the United States; a day to honor and mourn those who gave their lives in service to our country. It isn’t about an extra day off work or getting a great deal on some new furniture or a mattress – it’s about remembering those who gave all. So if you’re an American, maybe take a minute or two today to think about what this holiday is really about.

To all of those who currently serve in our military, to those who have served, and most especially to those who gave their lives to try and keep our country safe and free – Thank You. ❤🤍💙

Working On…

Currently this gorgeous wooden puzzle is on my board. It’s slow going; partly because I don’t sit in the puzzle room for long periods of time, and partly because I’ve put the box away and am working without an image.

When working with wooden puzzles I prefer to work without any helpers, it makes it take a little longer and I can enjoy the feel of the pieces and the way they fit together for just a teeny bit more time. It’s nice to only think about the colors and shapes, where this oddly shaped piece might go, and does this section connect here….. I find it easier to be mindful about what I’m doing and one hundred percent engrossed in the puzzling itself.

I’m extremely thankful that we’re in a place where I can afford to get myself some wooden puzzles if I am so inclined, and I don’t take it for granted at all. Honestly, the wooden puzzles I’ve been working with lately have done wonders for my state of mind, they’re almost a therapy substitute – it’s difficult for me to be in a crappy mood when working with them, they take me completely out of my head so I stop thinking too much and they’re just so much fun! ☺

Currently In Progress…

To Fetch or Not to Fetch by John Cuneo – New York Puzzle Co. – 500 pieces

I’m not sure why my brain has decided that this puzzle is next and that it WILL BE conquered, but that’s what’s happening over here. Hopefully it’ll get a little bit better as I go along, but as of now it’s a little “iffy” – as in, I’m not sure how I actually feel about it. 🤷‍♀️

My long time readers may remember the times where I “get a bee in my bonnet” and become stubborn about finishing a puzzle no matter what; well, there seems to be another bee. Oh dear. 🐝

Heart Nosed Ned In Progress…

Heart Nosed Ned by Dylan R. – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I haven’t decided which puzzle is going on my board next, so until that happens I figured you’d like to see this sweet puppy puzzle that I’m working on in one of my trays.

It doesn’t look like much, but that border wasn’t the easiest to assemble and a rest was needed after sitting up in bed for that long. It’s progress though, and that’s what matters. 😊

Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday and that you’re working on something fun at the moment. Care to share? What’s on your puzzle agenda for the day?

In Progress…

Plumes of Color by Eduard – Buffalo – 300 pieces

As I was too chicken to sort or assemble a larger piece count I am currently working on this beauty. It isn’t as difficult as it may look, but it isn’t too easy either – it looks like it’ll be a “goldilocks assembly”.👱‍♀️

Plus, I’m having pretty radical oral surgery in less than two weeks, so I’ve got to get my puzzles-ready-to-post count up before that happens. It’s going to suck, to be sure; but I don’t want to give myself any excuses for staying in bed and wallowing either.

I’ve discovered upon reflection about the last two breaks I took that if there is a post typed up and scheduled I’m more likely to keep at it even if I’m not feeling my best. If I have to get up and write something to post that day it’s more likely that I’ll just stay in bed and do nothing. So, here I am working on smaller puzzles in the hopes that it’ll be quite some time before there’s another mental health break from puzzling.

Ain’t she a purdy puzzle? She’s gonna be stunning all put together!