What’s Next?

I haven’t touched a puzzle in more than two days, it seems as if I’m in another funk. When I get like this every puzzle I look at just doesn’t excite me and I can’t seem to make a decision; it isn’t the puzzles really, it’s just the blahs. Stacey has a bit of a ‘tude today I’m sorry to tell you. 

Dog Tales 3

Perhaps just letting my puzzle friends know I’m in a funk and haven’t been puzzling is all I need to get myself back into the swing of things. I have PADS, and the predominant emotion today is unmotivated.

Save The Whales In Progress

Whales IP

I didn’t have much time yesterday when I was actually able to sit at the puzzle table, but I was determined to get this puzzle going – I’m so glad I did!

This image by Robert Williams (the Bob in Mr. Bob Puzzles) is the one that I was drawn to immediately when looking through their catalog of images. I love color and more modern artwork and this image is exactly my cup of tea, or pile of pieces as it were.

Save The Whales

After delaying gratification by assembling 100 Aussie Icons first (which was completely entertaining), it was nice to finally dive into Save The Whales. There was the obligatory sorting, turning over all the pieces, finding the whimsies and taking pictures – and then I was finally able to begin!

Unfortunately the time ran out on me and I wasn’t able to sit and puzzle for very long, but I am in love with this image and am having an awesome time with it already. There are still many more pieces to put together, and I’m looking forward to every single one. 💝