What’s In Progress…

I’m working on a wooden puzzle called Fairytale Cottage, and these are some of the whimsies – aren’t they adorable? My puzzle mojo is taking a beating so far this month, so I’m trying to get myself motivated with this beautiful wooden puzzle.

I find myself laying in bed with no inclination to get up and do anything at all. Depression sucks big time. I’ll weave my way through it, I always do, but while you’re in it it doesn’t seem as if it will ever be better; you know in your head that it will not always be this way, but you don’t feel like it will.

Hopefully this funk won’t last long, and I’ll be back at it with vigor very soon.

What’s In Progress?

Unfortunately I don’t have anything in progress at the moment; our AC is on the fritz and we’ve spent the last two days trying to deal with it.

I still haven’t finished sorting my next puzzle, which has been sitting on the board, partially sorted, for two and a half days now. So what is everyone else working on? What’s in progress at your house?

1000 Piece Puzzles – How Long Should It Take?

The answer is simply this – however long it takes.

There is no right way, wrong way, or time frame anyone should stick to; puzzling works best for you when you don’t compare yourself or how you puzzle with anyone else.

I’ve seen many an article/blog post/answer to this question – how long does it take to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. There are averages I suppose, but if it takes you much longer than it takes me that doesn’t mean a thing.

Perhaps you have young children, a full time job, or less inclination to sit at the puzzle table as much as I do……so what? Are you having fun? If the answer is yes then however long it takes you is the PERFECT amount of time.

There are many factors that go into how long puzzles take to complete; the image, the cut, the quality, your preferred method of puzzling, etc. An easy collage image doesn’t take nearly as long as a landscape with plenty of sky and grass to deal with; so there’s no way to tell you how long it “should” take. It takes as long as is necessary for you.

It all depends on how you puzzle, and as long as you’re enjoying the assembly it doesn’t matter if it takes one day or six months!

What Are You Working On?

What fabulous puzzle are you working on this Mother’s Day weekend? Have you treated yourself to a beautiful puzzle that you can spend some time on tomorrow? I certainly hope so.

I’m laying out a new wooden puzzle I bought for myself so the actual assembly hasn’t started yet. It was just delivered yesterday and by the time it got here I was done for the day. I bought myself a few small wooden puzzles from Artifact that were on sale and looked interesting to me. It’s been a little while since I’ve assembled a wooden puzzle that wasn’t a mini (40 pieces), so a week ago I decided it was time to change that and get myself a few new puzzles.

The one I’m assembling first isn’t really an image that I think I would go for usually, it’s the cut of the pieces that makes it interesting. It’s the same cut as In Dreams, the second wooden puzzle I ever owned – it was a gift from mom 5 years ago. Anyway, the cut is one I’ve only ever seen from Artifact (they call it mini-hex), and to me it makes for such an entertaining and challenging assembly that I’m not certain the image matters much at all really.

It’s only a 105 piece puzzle, so sorting isn’t really necessary; I’ll just lay out the pieces and get to it. But the cut and the image will make it so that concentration and focus will be necessary – I’ll be completely absorbed by the assembly. Love that!

Not Quite In Progress

Art Nouveau Tiles by Barbara Behr – Cobble Hill – 1000 pieces

I starting sorting this one yesterday, but ended up spending the rest of the day in bed. Hopefully today will be better and I’ll finish the sorting and actually get to put pieces together. 🤞

My fellow puzzle blogger and friend from Finland/Germany (Puzzler1909) assembled this puzzle a while ago, and when I saw it I knew it would be great fun. It’s so beautiful, and absolutely my kind of image. I can’t wait to get started!

Also, happy Star Wars Day to all you fans out there – especially my two boys. 💖 May the 4th be with you!