Which to do?

Which one should be next?

I finished a puzzle yesterday morning, and then spent a great deal of time trying to decide which one was next. A decision didn’t seem to present itself, and then a lovely man in brown shorts dropped off a package at the front door!

After working the Cupcakes puzzle I was VERY interested in getting more of this series. Naturally, as one does, I ordered as many as I could find in one place. The nice man with the brown truck brought me 8 of them yesterday! Wooohooo!

In another chapter of today’s story, mom was coming over to bring me a prescription and timed it perfectly; 20 minutes after my delivery mom arrived carrying a Goodwill bag with recent thrift store purchases for me to check out. 😎

The dalmatians puzzle from the thrift store is intriguing to me, I’ve never done a Springbok family puzzle before and I’m interested to see how it goes. And it’s so adorable! The 12 shaped high heels are amazing looking, and I know they’ll be great fun. I want to do them both right now, but there is only one board to work a puzzle on in bed. Which to choose?

I Forgot!

Whimsies from Alice in Wonderland

Yesterday I posted the Alice in Wonderland puzzle, but I forgot to get a picture of all the whimsies before I put it away. I usually take the picture of all the whimsy pieces before I start the assembly, but since this puzzle was unusual and had many multi-piece whimsies I decided to take the picture when I was finished. Obviously, I forgot.

One of my readers pointed this out to me in the comments, so I went back through the box and pulled out all the whimsies I could find. I can’t be sure I got them all, but I hope I did – they’re beautiful, and perfect for the puzzle.

This was the first Wentworth puzzle I’ve done that had multi-piece whimsies, they were very detailed and appropriate for the image. There were dodo birds, rabbits, lizards, the Cheshire Cat, and even the letters L and C – for Lewis Carroll. They made for a fun assembly!

I’ll do my best not to forget again, but no promises; my brain is aging even as I type this. 😉