The Sewing Shed In Progress

In Progress 2

I barely got a start on this yesterday evening before the family was wanting food. How rude! They’re always making demands on my time for silly things like sustenance, it’s quite an annoyance. 😉

This puzzle was new in the wrapper and one of the puzzles I brought over from mom’s house; my daughter and I finally started going through her things this weekend. There are still so many puzzles I have to go through, but I only brought home two brand new Ravensburgers that were sitting right on top of all the boxes. I remember when this one was delivered to her house, she was so excited! She was always doing crafts, sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc. She absolutely adored this image and was looking forward to putting it together.

They moved before she was able to get started on this one, and it ended up packed in a box which is where I found it. So now I’m putting it together in her place. And although it makes me sad that she didn’t get to assemble it for herself, I do smile when I remember that just buying this puzzle brought her joy. Hopefully I have as much fun assembling it as she did buying it. 🙂

It’s fitting that I’m working on one of her puzzles now, today would have been my parent’s 54th wedding anniversary; I’ll be thinking of her even more than usual today. Love you mom. 💖

Panorama in Progress

In Progress

I’m almost done with the 1000 piece panoramic puzzle I’m working on; all that’s left is the trees and grass. I’ve separated the pieces by shape, and it shouldn’t be too long now.

I’m excited to complete this one, and I’ve been having a great time with all the panoramic puzzles I’ve been assembling lately. It’s nice being able to comfortably reach the top of the puzzle, and in general I just enjoy them even though I’m not sure exactly why.

All the images I’ve found have been completely entertaining and engrossing – I think I may be addicted to panoramic puzzles at the moment. 😉