Lighthouse – Ravensburger 3D – 216 pieces

Mom found this 3D puzzle at the thrift store, unfortunately it was missing not only 7 pieces it was also missing the top of the lighthouse with the lights in it. It was kind of a bummer all around, but those are the chances we take. 😉

The tube shape was difficult to work with, I found it much more difficult than working with an orb shape…

Lighthouse 2

Once I got one side connected properly it would pop out the opposite side, so very annoying! I much prefer regular jigsaw puzzles laid flat on the board.

Lighthouse 1

Seven missing pieces on the top section – I think they must be wherever the very top of the lighthouse is. 😦

Lighthouse box

This is what it should look like when completed. I think I really would have enjoyed seeing the lights. Bummer.

My Puzzle Buddy


My handsome boy is having surgery this morning, it’s almost as stressful as when I’m having surgery! It feels horrible to leave him with the vet when I know he’s scared. I know he’ll feel better once it’s taken care of, so it has to be done whether I like it or not. 😥

He’s my puzzle buddy, and has his own bed in the puzzle room where he keeps me company. When he’s had enough of being supportive he goes under the table and taps me on the knees with his nose to let me know he thinks it’s time for us to find something else to do. So sweet!

I’m hoping he’s back to his old self and feeling better soon. 🐶