Roses Around the Door

Roses Around the Door
Roses Around the Door by Stephen Darbishire – Wentworth – 40 pieces

More flowers! This is definitely an image that I would not want to assemble in a larger piece count – it seems indistinct and like it would be more frustrating than entertaining. Just my opinion.

I still have many micro puzzles here that I haven’t assembled, including several Christmas themed ones. I usually do Christmas in July on the blog and have a few Christmas puzzles every week, but that didn’t happen this year. I guess they’ll have to wait until the actual holiday rolls around again, or until I feel like assembling them.

Roses Around the Door whimsies


Dinosaur – Patch Products – 24 pieces

Educational kids puzzles make me happy, because a lot of the time I’m learning or re-learning things too! I assembled a bunch of kids puzzles one day to try to bump up the number of puzzles in my queue, and I had a very good time with them.

This double-sided puzzle came from a box containing ten puzzles (20 if you do each side separately) that mom and I found at the thrift store. Luckily each puzzle was bagged by itself so I’m almost certain that all of them will be complete. They’re a very nice quality set of puzzles, with thick pieces that fit together well.

Dinosaur 1
Dinosaur (back) – Patch Products – 24 pieces

The T-Rex looks like he’s going in to make a meal of the Triceratops, but the Triceratops looks completely oblivious and happy. Too funny!

I don’t feel weird at all assembling these puzzles made for children. Firstly I donate all kids puzzles to a school for special needs kids where my daughter works, and I don’t want to send in any puzzles that are missing pieces. Second, I’m not one of those people who think assembling a small puzzle just isn’t challenging and therefore not worth my time – I’ve done some really difficult kids puzzles! Third, no matter the piece count, I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles.💗

Doing My Best

I finally started writing drafts for the puzzles I’d assembled but hadn’t published before mom went into the hospital. I find that I want to write about them all in relation to her – either she bought it at the thrift store, or it’s one we did together, etc.

I know this is a blog about puzzles first and foremost, and I’m doing my best not to be too maudlin or sad, but that may just be how it is for a while. I usually try to at least sound cheerful even when I’m not feeling it, or I used to. I’m not sure I can manage that just yet, it seems overly fake when I see the words.

So bear with me, if you can, I’m sure after a while I’ll feel somewhat like my old self again and be back to the happy puzzle-y posts you’re used to. Although, be forewarned, she bought SO MANY puzzles at the thrift store it may be a year or more before I get through all the puzzles that she bought us! 😎


**my oldest has a blog about his movie collection, and he wrote a beautiful tribute to mom, if you’re interested click the link. He’s a pretty damned good writer, at least his mom thinks so. 😉

Glenny’s Garden Shop

Glenny's Garden Shop
Glenny’s Garden Shop by Steve Read – Wentworth – 40 pieces

It’s been so long since I assembled this (more than 10 weeks) that I honestly don’t remember putting it together! The mind is one of the first things to go, or so I hear. 😏

Having put together many, many Wentworth jigsaw puzzles I can tell you that the quality is excellent. If you’re not used to laser-cut wooden puzzles you might be put off by the loose fit, but it’s been my experience that almost all of them are like that, no matter the brand. The feel of the pieces is wonderful in your hands, and the satisfying “plunk” as they fall into place puts a smile on my face.

I’m not sure that this is an image I would choose to assemble if it were larger. Big areas of flowers I find to be difficult, and sometimes more frustrating than pleasant. Otherwise I love the detail and homey feel of Steve Read’s artwork, it’s just beautiful. 💗

Glenny's Garden Shop whimsies

The garden whimsies I’ve seen before; but to be fair Wentworth does have a lot of countryside and garden images, so I don’t fault them for using these on more than a few puzzles.

Pixels in Progress

Pixels in progress

I started this 1000 piece puzzle yesterday, and am enjoying it very much. It’s called Pixels and is made by Cloudberries, a UK puzzle company. They have some wonderfully interesting and different images in their catalog and this is one of two that I’ve chosen to review for them.

If you’re a regular reader you know how I like blocks of color; this image jumped out at me because that all it is! 😎 It’s going together pretty quickly, but I’m to the greens now and you can see that there are more rows of green and blue than the other colors so it’s starting to be a little more of a challenge.

I’m pretty sure I can handle it, though it may take me a little while; I still can’t sit for long periods of time and I’m still recovering from spending 2 months sleeping in hospital waiting room chairs.