They’ve Arrived!

New Puzzles

The new puzzles are here! The new puzzles are here! Happy dance! 💃💃💃

I’d seen the Colorful Bottles around online and I thought it looked like an entertaining puzzle, when my PADS flared up last weekend and the opportunity presented itself – what else could I do? It’s an Aimee Stewart, I can’t possibly be held responsible for my lack of restraint. Of course once that puzzle was in my cart I couldn’t just buy one puzzle, I had to buy enough puzzles for free shipping – I mean, you wouldn’t want me to lose money would you? 😇

Next of course was the Common Quilt Blocks, it’s so beautiful and full of color and interesting fabrics. Gorgeous! It’s the one currently on my board and I’m having a fantastic time so far.

New Puzzles 1

Aimee Stewart’s gorgeous Banana Split puzzle was the next one I picked out, who could resist all of those beautiful colors? As with all of her puzzles I’ll try to hold off a little bit to make sure there’s always a fun, colorful puzzle with her artwork around when I need a bit of uplifting. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait too long though, it looks so fun!

As for the cereal boxes, my inner child is responsible for this one. With six 100 piece puzzles around I’ll have something fun as a palate cleanser between larger puzzles. (Plus, look how cute they are!)

Classic Games is full of very old mostly board and card games; I’ve never seen or heard of almost all of them, but it looks like a great time in a box. Anyone old enough to remember the old tv show McHale’s Navy from the early 60’s? It was over before I was even born, but apparently there’s a board game; most of the other games shown are just as old or even older!  This puzzle was the last to go in my cart because I wanted a smaller piece count to round out this purchase. It jumped right into my cart before I knew what was happening. 😮

Movie Lovers

Movie Lovers
Movie Lovers – Re-marks – 500 pieces

This was a great puzzle that went together extremely quickly; I love old posters of pretty much anything – advertisements, artwork, travel, movies, etc. It seems as though they put much more thought and effort into them back in the day as compared to now. (Or it could just be my age showing, “Back in my day……” 👵)

There were lots of titles and other words to put together, which I adore. But with an image like this I don’t start with all the words, I separate them by entire sections. If I pulled out all the pieces with words on them it would be 90% of the entire puzzle!

I’ve only seen 9 of the 32 movies shown here, I guess that means I’m not much of a cinephile. Oh well. I know it’s hard to read some of the titles because the piece shape is very obvious but of the ones you can read, how many of these movies have you seen?

Movie Lovers 1

You can’t really tell until you see them close up how good the image reproduction is – if your eyes were good enough you could read every word!

Movie Lovers 3

You can see from this picture that the fit wasn’t great; the pieces didn’t fit properly unless you really smushed them into place. I glued this puzzle for my son to hang in his room, and it looks a little better now that it’s been filled in a bit and the pieces are secured into place.

Movie Lovers 2

I’ve never even heard of this film before, but after doing a little research I find that it’s a comedy that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. So it’s no surprise that I haven’t seen it; I don’t speak French – and it was released 10 years before I was born! 🙂

Interestingly, I found this 500 piece Re-marks puzzle had poorer quality than the last few 1000 piece puzzles I’ve assembled by the same brand. It could be that I got a puzzle from the end of the run when the die was a bit duller, but usually with a smaller piece count the quality is better. I haven’t done enough 500 piece puzzles from Re-marks to be able to say for certain, but as of now my experience has been that their larger puzzles have better quality.

As per usual, I loved this collage – it was an extremely entertaining and interesting puzzle!