Country Store

Country Store
Country Store by Art of Eduard – Buffalo – 500 pieces

I enjoyed this puzzle very much, and if it suits your fancy I highly recommend it! The quality is excellent, and the image makes for entertaining puzzling. Mom came over to help me finish it and we both had a great time. 🙂

General Store puzzles are usually great fun – there are so many little signs to assemble, and so many things to discover. One of my readers asked me to be sure to show what was behind the windows, and here they are…

Country Store 1

You can’t see much with all the signs and things in the way, but there are some shelves inside that you can see.

Country Store 2

I love the “Free Beer Tomorrow” sign – it’s never tomorrow! 😉

Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbird Garden
Hummingbird Garden by Rosalind Solomon – Sunsout – 500 pieces

This is a GORGEOUS image, although it was a little tough in certain sections it was quite fun to assemble. It was very odd to work a grid cut Sunsout, there aren’t many of them around that I’ve seen.

This is another secondhand puzzle that my daughter gave to me, and I’m happy to say it was much nicer to put together than the other one. Sunsout isn’t one of my favorite brands, but I’ve worked some really nice puzzles of theirs too. Most of their puzzles that I’ve done have been a random cut, and this was a refreshing change. The pieces were a good thickness, fit together quite well, and the image reproduction was stellar.

Hummingbird Garden 1

As I’m writing up today’s post it’s reminding me of why I love puzzles. Beautiful images cut into little pieces; and I get to bring order to the chaos. A jumbled bunch of pieces with many colors turns into a complete picture using only my brain and hands. And while I’m putting it together it almost a meditative state; all I think about is what shape fits here, and what color goes there. It’s calming, entertaining, and many other words my sleep-deprived brain can’t think of at the moment. Puzzling rocks! 🤘