Kitty in a Basket

Kitty in a Basket – Unknown – 24 pieces

I found this puzzle in the puzzle room, sandwiched between two boxes. It had no container at all, so I have no idea of the brand or the title (if there was one).

Many puzzles for children, especially photographic ones, have no title. Just a cute little image that kids would like, and like to assemble. I’ve given this one the not so imaginative title, Kitty in a Basket. Sometimes the easiest and most obvious is the best choice. I could have gone with something enigmatic or ridiculous, like “She’s Hiding Her Sadness”, or “The Wistfulness of Veronica”. But what’s the point of that, other than to amuse myself? 😉

Anyway, not the best quality puzzle, but it was easy to put together and I finished a puzzle for the day – both good things!

Be safe out there tonight my friends, Happy New Year’s Eve! 🎉🎆🎉

Heroes & Heroines In Progress

Heroes IP
Heroes & Heroines by Aimee Stewart – 1000 pieces

This is technically two days worth of work but most of the day yesterday was spent away from home, and therefore away from my puzzle board. I did slip away to the board last night (insomnia, yay) and worked on it for a little while; it’s a bit of a challenge, and I find I’m enjoying the slow coming together of the image.

The pieces and I are getting to know each other, and every time I go through my trays looking for something specific we get more and more acquainted. Once I start seeing them over and over, and seeing the assembled bits and what might attach to them I get more familiar with the pieces and the overall image. What looked like a bunch of pieces that were very much alike are now becoming old friends, and when I get ready to assemble that curtain or a specific book I know which pieces I’m looking for and what tiny little blob of color on a certain piece will fit perfectly.

Sometimes I like a quick fix, a little puzzle with few pieces that goes together quickly, especially after working a larger or difficult puzzle. But sometimes I truly enjoy the challenge of a puzzle that takes a bit more brain power and goes together more slowly. This is one of those puzzles.

Aimee Stewart’s images are my happy place, and I’ve assembled many of them. The colors she uses and the way she blends them together makes for not only a beautiful image, but for puzzles that are pleasing to look at and even more pleasing to build. This one is going together more slowly than usual for a 1000 piece puzzle, but I’m enjoying the placement of every piece. 😍