April – May


Kiki’s Delivery Service – 126 pieces – Artcrystal Jigsaw?

Put this one together with my oldest son and his girlfriend at a housewarming party. It’s a cute little plastic puzzle, and it was harder than it looks!

April Stats:

  • Puzzles completed          1
  • Pieces assembled      126
  • Brands                               1
    • Artcrystal


Fireplace Cuddle – Karmin – 100 pieces

Yay! Technically this is the first puzzle I’ve assembled all by myself this year, I’m proud of me! Not great quality, and the image was super shiny, but I didn’t really care that much.

Kellogg’s Vintage – RoseArt – 500 pieces

Adorable little puzzles, and they went together pretty darn quickly. It was fun to see all the older images of the cereal mascots, some of them I don’t remember at all.

Plumes of Color by Eduard – Buffalo – 300 pieces

BEAUTIFUL puzzle that wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. The colors were so striking, and the quality was excellent. I wish I had some more Buffalo 300 piece puzzles around here – this was so much fun. 😊

Meditating Skeleton by Ryoko – Artifact (Ecru) – 81 pieces

I didn’t mean to get this one finished so quickly. I thought it would be extremely difficult, but it wasn’t and the pieces just sort of flew into place. It’ll be a while before you see this on a blog post though, think I’ll save it till Halloween. Fantastic puzzle, and the perfect assembly. LOVED IT.

Broadway Musicals – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

Great collage with bright colors and fun images – what’s not to love? It went together pretty fast even though I was taking many, many breaks. My first 1000 piece in over a year – yay me!

100 Aussie Icons by Jim Tsinganos – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 40 pieces

Quick little one coffee puzzle to be sure I had enough puzzles to post after my surgery. Lots of fun and a great image to boot!

Goofy – Ravensburger (Disney Treasures from the Vault) – 1000 pieces

Fantastic image that was very entertaining to assemble – and great Ravensburger quality as usual. Each little section was great fun. 🧡

To Fetch or Not to Fetch by John Cuneo – NY Puzzle Co. – 500 pieces

This one was fun, except for the side of the border with the black stripe. In there pieces seemed to fit where they shouldn’t have – I hate that! Otherwise it was an entertaining assembly, even with all that grass.

Love Letters – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

Beautiful image that my son picked for me to assemble. The fit was VERY loose, but otherwise a nice quality puzzle.

Portrait of a Quilt by Helen Klebesadel – Cobble Hill – 500 pieces

Fantastic puzzle with a beautiful image that I adored from the first piece to the very last. Why has it been so long since I’ve done a Cobble Hill puzzle? Gotta fix that!

Reservoir of Succulents – Wentworth – 40 pieces

One last puzzle before surgery, isn’t it a beauty? It was more challenging than I bargained for, but that was probably for the best. It totally got me out of my head and completely focused on the puzzle. 💚

Heart Nosed Ned – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I adored this puzzle – and in my head I have renamed it Heart Nosed Buddy. Great quality, beautiful image, lots of memories of my sweet sweet fur baby. 🐾

1990s – Re-marks – 1500 pieces

Great collage that had me up and out of bed and raring to get to puzzling. I can’t believe I completed a 1500 piece puzzle so soon after coming back. Hooray for me!

Secret Ingredient: Love – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I love the image, but this was harder than I thought it would be. Luckily there was a recipe on the back to help out when I couldn’t find the correct piece.

King Lion by Marjorie Sarnat – Wentworth – 140 pieces

Stunning image that made for most excellent puzzling – I loved placing every single piece! Couldn’t have asked for a better puzzle.

Merlin by Phil Lewis – Liberty – 103 pieces

Adorable artwork and a beautifully made wooden puzzle for children – it’ll be no surprise to anyone that I absolutely loved this puzzle. So fun!

Boobie Trapped by Angie Rees – Artifact – 340 pieces

FANTASTIC puzzle that was completely entertaining from start to finish. I’m a little sad it’s over, and can’t wait to assemble this one again. 😍

Peanuts by Charles Schulz – RoseArt – 500 pieces

I wanted to enjoy this set of shaped mini puzzles, it just wasn’t to be. The quality was subpar and the assembly was just frustrating and disappointing – and it was missing a piece! Sigh.

Fabric Owls by Annya Kai – Artifact – 156 pieces

I absolutely adored this little puzzle, the assembly was on the easy side, but not so easy as to be boring in any way. The decorative border was a delight. It’s one of those puzzles I want to take apart and assemble again right away. 😍

Doghouse – Re-marks – 200 pieces

Cute little puzzle that unfortunately wasn’t as entertaining as I’d hoped. Oh well, they can’t all be home runs, right?

Cape Cod Pier by William Glackens – Artifact – 139 pieces

Absolutely GORGEOUS puzzle that was a joy to assemble, even though it was quite a challenge for this old lady taking many pain meds. 🤪

Banned Books – Re-marks – 1000 pieces

I enjoyed the assembly as much as I could, but it had me pretty riled up about book banning. I had to turn off my brain in regards to why these book covers were assembled in one image in order to just enjoy putting puzzle pieces together. Good quality puzzle though.

Burn It & Outback Footy by Sue Janson – Mr. Bob Puzzles – 40 pieces

A great little acrylic puzzle that was not only fun and challenging to assemble, but it also has survived a trip through my dishwasher!

Night Owls Study Group by Karen Burke – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

A very odd fitting puzzle, but an adorable image that was very quick to go together. Love the nerdy owls – nerds are my people!

Crafty Cornucopia by Tiffany Pratt – Blanc Puzzles (Buffalo) – 500 pieces

Beautiful puzzle that was extremely enjoyable to assemble. I was excited to try out the new(ish) brand too! Really nice puzzle.

  • Puzzles completed          25
  • Pieces assembled      10,279
  • Brands                              15
    • Karmin
    • RoseArt *2
    • Buffalo
    • Artifact (Ecru)
    • Re-marks *5
    • Mr. Bob Puzzles *2
    • Ravensburger
    • NY Puzzle Co.
    • Cobble Hill
    • Wentworth *2
    • MicroPuzzles *2
    • Liberty
    • Artifact *3
    • MasterPieces
    • Blanc Puzzles