Happy Meow-o-ween!

Happy Meow-o-ween by Michele Ridgeway – Wentworth – 40 pieces

This is a repeat of this puzzle, it was posted two years ago on this day. But there weren’t any Halloween puzzles here for me to do in time for the holiday, so you’re all getting a repeat. On the positive side, the picture is much better this time, there’s a lot less glare. It’s also much easier to see that the candy corn is actually a mouse in a costume. 🐭

Showing the whimsies is something I always do with any puzzle that contains them; love the bat in this one, it’s my favorite.

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m so looking forward to the half price candy sales tomorrow, as I’m a little too old (and broken) for trick or treating. 🍭

Ji-Ga-Zo Puzzle Problems….

This is another puzzle I first posted about over four years ago, and I’m still getting emails and comments looking for help. Well, hubby and I spent a few hours trying to get things figured out and we seem to have come up with a solution.

Many people have contacted me looking for help installing the software that comes along with this puzzle; you need the software to upload a picture so the program can create a “map” for you to assemble your chosen image. It seems everyone is unable to install the program. Well, after much trial and error, searching the web for answers, even finding old laptops to see if older operating systems might help we seem to have it figured out.

It’s something to do with an expired “certificate”. I do not profess to know much about computers, so I honestly couldn’t tell you what in the world this is all about. I asked my puzzle pal Penny who works with computers, and we had a pretty long discussion about whether or not this is the right way to do things, and whether or not I should post about the solution we came up with.

I need to preface this by saying that this is NOT official technical advice, this is just a workaround that we found to let us get the program put on our computer and get it running. Please take what I’m telling you for what it is; a mildly computer literate old lady trying to help put the program on your computer so you can play with this puzzle. Nothing terrible happened to my computer when we employed our solution, so hopefully it won’t have any dire consequences for anyone else – but there are no guarantees. Please don’t hold me responsible if there is a problem.

The solution we came up with was to reset the date on our computer. I set mine to 2016. Once I did that the program installed with no problems whatsoever. As soon as it was installed we reset the system to the current date and time and ran the program. There was no issue with uploading pictures and making maps.

I hope this helps anyone who has been having problems with installing the software onto their computers.