Cats, Rabbits, Birds, Fish, and Flowers by Makoto Nakamura – Pomegranate – 300 pieces

OMG was this puzzle fun! And if you look closely you might see what the title means. 🙂 I love tessellations!


Loose Change – White Mountain – 550 pieces

Mom and I assembled this together, what a challenge! We finally finished it even though it took most of the day. 💰


In Full Bloom by McKenna Ryan – Cobble Hill – 500 pieces

GORGEOUS quilt puzzle that is so much more beautiful in person than in pictures. Highly recommended!


Playing Cards by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

This one is more difficult than I gave it credit for, but still fun to assemble and very pretty when done.


Secret Garden (Biddlestone Manor) – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 40 pieces

I was feeling the need to work with some awesome wooden puzzle pieces, so I chose one of the more difficult micro puzzles. This 40 piece puzzle took me about 20 minutes! 😯


Easter Eggs – Cobble Hill Puzzles – 1000 pieces

Boy did I have fun with this one! I’ve really enjoyed all the Cobble Hill cookie puzzles. They’re colorful and very entertaining to assemble!


Root Beer Break at the Butterfields by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo Games – 300 pieces

Interesting experiment for me, re-assembling this puzzle, this time for review. Not any less fun the second time around!


Unicorns – Ravensburger – 96 pieces

A child’s puzzle ball – very cool, except for the 5 missing pieces! Luckily because it was a ball we were able to get a nice looking photograph without showing the empty space. 😉


Paw Patrol (1) – Ravensburger – 49 pieces

3 puzzles in one box, amazingly all of them were complete. Great quality, fun puzzles!


Paw Patrol (2) – Ravensburger – 49 pieces

Ravensburger kid’s puzzles are the best. Excellent fit and beautiful image. Mom and I had a great time with these.


Paw Patrol (3) – Ravensburger – 49 pieces

Cute pictures, fantastic quality; the kids at the school are going to love these!


The Sewing Box – Springbok – 500 pieces

This puzzle was so much fun that it went much faster than we expected to. I absolutely love collages!


Stuffed Animal Collection – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

The last of the 6 puzzles mom and I assembled today. Yes, I know 4 of them were kid’s puzzles, but I’m taking credit for 6 puzzles anyway!


The Typewriter – Clementoni – 500 pieces

Isn’t this a cool image? I love it! It looks very dark and difficult, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I definitely recommend it. 🙂


Holland – ReMarks – 1000 pieces

This puzzle took me 5 days, not because it was difficult, but because I lost my puzzle mojo for a while. It was fun and I was glad to finally get it done!


Children’s Globe – Ravensburger – 96 pieces

Mom found another globe! All the pieces were there, and we had a good time assembling it together. I like these puzzle balls. 🙂


Backpack Kitty by Amy Rosenberg – Bits and Pieces – 300 pieces

This was a great puzzle to work with a partner, mom and I had a great time. Thrift store puzzles are so fun!


Hopetown Light by Shari Erickson – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

Not the best quality with this puzzle, and the image is beautiful to look at, but quite difficult to assemble. Still, being able to hang out and puzzle with mom makes up for a lot. ❤


Summer Flowers by David Kay – Cardinal – 500 pieces

So pretty! Deceptively difficult though – I was kinda cocky and thought it would be easy and boy was I wrong! It’s fun to be challenged though, sometimes. 😉


Joyful Blooms by Diane Phalen – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

I think I want to give flowers a break for a while, these last two puzzles have tested me! They’re certainly pretty though, aren’t they?


Beach Bums by Charles Wysocki – Hasbro – 300 pieces

I love a Hasbro/Milton Bradley large piece puzzle! Thick gorgeous pieces that fit together so well, and made for a lovely afternoon of stress relief.


Potato Chips by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

Mom did most of this puzzle, but I helped. The image reproduction was a little fuzzy, but altogether it made for a beautiful picture.


Disney Classics – Kohl’s Cares – 300 pieces

I was so excited for this puzzle, it’s obviously for kids but was more challenging than it looks and lots of fun!


Teddy Bears with Flags – Hasbro – 300 pieces

Adorable 300 piece puzzle that I actually put off assembling for a while. I was a little intimidated by all that teddy bear fur. It’s so cute!


4th of July Market by Geraldine Aikman – Karmin – 500 pieces

This image was the exact perfect balance of challenging and fun, it was my favorite of the 4 puzzles mom and I finished this day. Not great quality, but the image made it more tolerable.


Noah’s Gathering – Cobble Hill – 400 pieces

My first Cobble Hill family puzzle. It’s pretty dark and a little difficult, but I think challenge is a good thing. Very good quality.


The Ark – Ravensburger – 300 pieces

Apparently this was a day for Noah’s ark puzzles. This is a Ravensburger from 1991, and held up very well other than the missing piece.


Old Town Market, San Diego, CA – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

I don’t really care for this image, but it was really fun to put together. The quality was fair, and mom and I had a great time with it.


Seed Packets by Tim Coffey – Lang – 500 pieces

This was our most fun puzzle of the day, it’s bright and beautiful and super fun to assemble. Loved it even with less than premium quality.


(What If #11) Elizabeth and Raleigh by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

I didn’t enjoy this puzzle as much as I’d hoped. It wasn’t the puzzle’s fault, I just was in the wrong mood and it took me 8 days. I had fun, and it’s a great puzzle, all I need is to get my head on straight.


Fascinating Underwater World – Ravensburger – 100 pieces

Very pretty puzzle! Wonderful quality and lots of fun to put together even though it was only 100 pieces. Loved it ❤