The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls – Cardinal – 300 pieces

I love the cartoon style of this image, and found this at the thrift store just a few days before the death of the last surviving Golden Girl – Betty White; she was a comedic force to be reckoned with, and a classy lady all around.

This puzzle was unopened, and I was hoping that it would be good quality, but I was sadly disappointed. The pieces were on the thin side and slightly bent out of shape, but it was the extremely loose fit that made it so terrible to work with. Cardinal Puzzles can be hit or miss with their quality, and this was a big miss.

I wish I’d been able to enjoy this puzzle as much as I enjoyed Betty White’s hilarious performance in the silly horror movie Lake Placid – that movie makes me laugh every time I see it, and her potty-mouthed character was awesome!

Sadly, this puzzle didn’t measure up.

What’s In Progress?

Happy Sunday dear readers! What’s happening on your boards this weekend? I finished up the Dogs with Jobs, completed a 150 piece mini (it was so cool!), and have started sorting my next puzzle – a 1000 piece Hot Cocoa collage. I’m hoping it’s as much fun as it looks!

I’m certain you’ve noticed that recently I’ve been posting every third day about what’s in progress instead of posting only new puzzles every day; that’s because my queue of puzzles has dwindled down quite a bit and I’m trying to stretch them out. Hubby has needed me to be his helper and chauffeur since the beginning of the month when he had his surgery, and it’s worn me out – the puzzling has slowed down significantly.

He has just this week had his sutures removed and is now able to walk with a boot, though not all the time. Since the crutches and scooter are not needed nearly as much now I’ve been back at the puzzle board – thank goodness. My services, including making meals and carrying things are no longer as in demand as they were before and I now have a bit more time for myself. Yay!

So what are you all up to? Working on something fun? Something awful? Have you been shopping in stores or online and found anything exciting?

Do tell!

Dog Selfies – Day 4

Dog Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

Sadly we have come to the final day of Dog Selfies; but never fear, there are four more sets of Cra-Z-Art puzzles here that need to be assembled – including main street buildings, butterflies, and two different sets of “selfies”. Those will be a treat to post about!

Have you tried any of these puzzles yet, or are you just having fun reading about them and have no interest in assembling them yourself? Just wondering. I highly recommend them, and am always on the lookout for new sets or old ones that I may have missed. My hope is that Cra-Z-Art continues to make them and come up with new ideas for new sets; they make me very happy indeed.

And now, the final three mini biographies…

Wesley. Dear, sweet Wesley. He is one of the kindest and most patient pups out there, and he needs to be. Wesley works as a sober companion living with and assisting recovering addicts. His current client is a recovering leather addict and has refrained from chewing any shoes or furniture for almost 17 weeks. When he isn’t working with clients Wesley enjoys teaching himself new skills and is at the moment learning cross-stitching and all forms of needlework and embroidery.

Rhonda works from home as a medical transcriptionist, which leaves her plenty of time for her other passion – pretending to work in the yard so she can keep tabs on her neighbors. She’s a busybody who is always minding everyone else’s business and you DO NOT want to get on her bad side; she tries to watch and see all, and is the worst gossip there is. Don’t be fooled by that face – Rhonda is a know-it-all backstabbing b*tch.

This is Bubbles, and she is a professional cheerleader for the Burbank Badgers. Her expressive face and killer dance moves have seen her rise to the rank of captain of the squad, and she loves to help choreograph their dance routines as well. When she’s not cheering on her team Bubbles enjoys spending her time searching flea markets and antique stores for hidden treasures, and is hoping to find a that one rare item that could finance her retirement. Good luck with your treasure hunting Bubbles!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey through my weird and warped mind with these posts of dog selfies. Creating names and backstories for these little puzzles is, at times, an entertaining break from real life. They may not be as engrossing for you as they are for me, but I do the best I can. 😎

Dog Selfies – Day 3

Dog Selfies by Howard Robinson – Cra-Z-Art – approx. 125/500 pieces

These three were the funniest in my opinion, and with every name I gave them it made me laugh even more. I absolutely adored these puzzles, especially these three faces!

I mean, how can you look at these three silly puppy faces and not laugh? They’re hysterical, and they lent themselves to names that just immediately popped into my head when I looked at them. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth and I can’t settle on the right name for the right face; but these three let me know who they were with no hesitation at all.

This is my friend Mingus. Mingus is a freelance photographer who doesn’t sell many of his pictures, but he tries his best. He always seems to catch his subjects at exactly the wrong moment, but sometimes those make for more “interesting” images. Mingus is looking for love on many dating sites/apps, but has so far failed to find a heart-mate (I fear it’s because he took his own picture to put on his profile – the one above). He is a homebody who enjoys making and stuffing his own sausage, and creating elaborate dollhouses. Sweet, silly, simple Mingus.

Henrietta here is the best loved third grade teacher at Precocious Pups Primary School. She loves to encourage her students to study what they love best and are most interested in, and is always ready for a field trip to someplace fun. Her class is the most requested, and every third grader under her tutelage loves going to school. Henrietta loves watching trashy tv in her spare time – dating shows are her favorite, and she enjoys taking ski trips with her partner whenever she can.

Everyone, meet Greg. He is the MOST enthusiastic canine officer you’ll ever find, and loves nothing more than chasing down a suspect and keeping him busy until backup arrives. He’s hoping to be promoted to the drug enforcement unit soon, but he’s having trouble with sinus issues – it’s hard for him to smell anything at the moment – therefore drug detection may be a problem for him. Greg and his wife Millie have 13 pups, and coming home to play with them all is his great joy. Perhaps there’s a budding canine officer or two in the litter – you never know. 🚔🚓

Frenchie In Progress

Frenchie – de.bored puzzles – 500 pieces

My beautiful daughter found me this puzzle when she was out shopping and knew that I would love it. She texted me a picture and after I determined it wasn’t made by a brand on my “do not purchase” list I told her to pick it up for me. It’s going to be beautiful when it’s finished!

I tried to find this puzzle online, and while the company has many puzzles for sale they are not currently showing this one anywhere on their site. In fact the only images I could find were one from instagram with a partially completed puzzle, and another that was on sale on eBay; nowhere could I find an image of just the puzzle itself.

It’s a new company to me, and I’m moderately impressed by the quality so far. There are a very good variety of piece shapes, the image reproduction is very good with bright colors and sharp lines, and the fit is fair/good as well. They use the “sharp” white backing that I am not a fan of, but it can be overlooked if the rest of the quality is reasonable. It reminds me of the quality of a Mudpuppy puzzle, with the difference that it has a variety of piece shapes instead of only ballerinas.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do much work on it yesterday, I had to take my strongest pain meds and spend the day in bed. Today is driving around hubby to both physical therapy and an appointment with his surgeon. I doubt there will be much accomplished until tomorrow – but I’m looking forward to it!