Paying the Price! by James Alexander – Jumbo (Wasgij Destiny #17) – 1000 pieces

I have yet to find a Wasgij that doesn’t make me happy. I always enjoy the assembly, the pieces feel amazing in your hands and the image is always funny and fun! Love me some Wasgij puzzles! 🙂


P****d as a Newt by Mike Jupp – All Jigsaw Puzzles (Party Animals) – 500 pieces

New company, All Jigsaw Puzzles, which is also an online store where I purchase most of the European puzzles I buy. Excellent quality, fabulous artwork by Mike Jupp, awesome puzzle!


Puzzleworld by Kozyndan – Heye – 1000 pieces

This was way more difficult than I thought! Puzzle shapes on the puzzle shapes OMG! Still it looks awesome and I had a great time. Heye puzzles are excellent!


The Portrait by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger (What If #7) – 1000 pieces

Another great What If puzzle.  What if Da Vinci never painted the Mona Lisa? Would he still have been famous? What would things look like today? Fun fun fun!


Drunk as a Skunk by Mike Jupp – All Jigsaw Puzzles (Party Animals) – 500 pieces

Second Party Animals – loved it! This one was more challenging than P****d as a Newt, but still fun. Mike Jupp’s artwork is so detailed and beautiful!


Love To Sew – Andrews + Blaine – 550 pieces

Thrift store find, missing a piece unfortunately. Mom loves buttons and has SO many! I was hoping this would all be there to glue and frame, but no such luck. This was the first 550 piece Andrews + Blaine that I’ve done, and I was pleased there was a nice variety of piece shapes. The 1000 piece puzzles of theirs that I’ve completed are all ballerina pieces (2 prongs/2 holes).


The Best Days of our Lives! by Graham Thompson – Jumbo (Wasgij Destiny #1) – 1000 pieces

Wasgij Destiny #1 – the box shows kids in the cafeteria, and you have to puzzle what everyone looks like at the reunion many years later.  So much fun! Excellent quality and I enjoyed this assembly very much. 🙂


Mickey Mouse Soccer – Mega Puzzles – 150 pieces

Working through a box of Disney puzzles purchased at a thrift store. 2/8 puzzles are missing, but I’m hoping to get through all the rest of them, missing pieces or not! I like this image and the assembly was quick. The pieces were very small and the finished puzzle was only 7 x 9 inches!


Finding Nemo – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

Alas, missing pieces. Oh well, can’t win ’em all! Where’s Nemo? I don’t see him! Maybe he’s off somewhere with my 3 absent pieces?


Cars – Mega Puzzles – 150 pieces

Another quick 150 piece puzzle. The fit is quite nice even though the pieces are thin – but it was still fun to put together. And every time I see Mater it makes me smile. 🙂


Disney Princesses – Mega Puzzles – 150 pieces

The last of the 150 piece puzzles in this box. Someone was very careless with this puzzle as there are 2 missing pieces and there is ink spilled on some of the pieces. Yikes! Thin pieces, and some image lift, but it wasn’t too bad to work with. Even though some puzzles aren’t premium quality doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to assemble!


Snow White – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

Last of the puzzles for Disney week on the blog, but there’s still 1 puzzle left to assemble. This gorgeous thing was the most fun of all of them so far, and the colors and image reproduction was stunning! Nice variety of piece shapes, excellent fit and just an all around nice assembly. My favorite. 🙂


Root Beer Break at the Butterfield’s by Charles Wysocki – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Nice afternoon of puzzling with a beautiful Wysocki image. The 300 piece Buffalo puzzles are a treat to assemble with large sturdy pieces and lovely artwork. Completely worth the 59 cents spent at the thrift store!


Sweet-Tart by Ellen Jareckie – Ceaco (House-Mouse Tails) – 500 pieces

Another different and interesting puzzle from Ceaco! We’ve had cork backing, velvet backing, and now curly shaped pieces! They’re fun to work with as long as there’s a good image with colors and textures to guide you. The puzzle is from 1999, so I’m not sure if the pieces are warped with age, because we live in Florida, or a quality issue. They are quite warped as you can see, but still a fun assembly. 🙂


Is this amazingly cool or what? Mom found a jigsaw puzzle/program where you have 300 puzzle pieces shaded in browns on one side and with colors and shapes on the other side. You upload a photo to the program, and it rearranges all 300 tiles to give you a map showing the colored side of the pieces. Follow the map and you’ve got a mosaic puzzle of your photo – in just a few minutes! With the program and the pieces you can make a puzzle of just about anything and use it over and over again! We had a great time playing with it – she found this at the thrift store for $1.99!! (That’s mom’s little guy, Zorro up there and my little guy down below – adorable!)



Disney Panorama of Friends – Cardinal – 150 pieces

Quick 150 piece puzzle from Cardinal. The pieces were very good quality, nice and sturdy with lovely image reproduction. The box, however, yikes! Anyway, excellent quality puzzle for kids.


Going to Church by William H. Johnson – Mattel – 1000 pieces

This artwork by William H. Johnson is compelling, and makes for an excellent jigsaw puzzle! It’s not as easy as it looks however, it was more difficult to assemble than I assumed. Surprisingly sturdy pieces with very nice image reproduction – I saw “Mattel” and thought they wouldn’t be very good quality (I was wrong, and shame on me). My only complaint was that the piece fit was way too loose. If you’re working without a fabric covered board it’s easy to bump them apart.


Memorable Disney Moments – Ravensburger – 40,320 pieces

What can I say? I’m super proud of myself. I did it!!! By the way, the plastic sheeting we put down under the puzzle is the cause for those places where it looks as if it’s buckling up. It’s an awesome puzzle and I’m bragging a bit, yay me! 🙂


Old Woodland by Dominic Davison – E&L Corp. – 250 pieces

Quick puzzle with beautiful image reproduction but not the best pieces.  They were thin and there were a few pieces where the image was lifting a bit. Otherwise not too bad!


Pirate Map – Pottery Barn Kids – 48 pieces

Very large floor puzzle 2 x 3 feet! Thick, sturdy pieces and beautiful image reproduction – too bad it was missing a piece. 😦 How do you lose such a large piece?


Super Mario Bros. Wii – USAopoly – 550 pieces

Mom and I assembled this one with the help of my oldest son (who LOVES video games). It went very quickly and was a lot of fun! Pieces were slightly on the thin side, but otherwise very nice.


Day at the Zoo by Eric Dowdle – Dowdle Puzzles – 100 pieces

Lots of kids puzzles completed in one day! Looks like there may be more of them than usual on the blog. 🙂


Tsuki Hoshi by Haruyo Morita – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

My first actual review! Loved this puzzle, the artwork is amazing! The piece shape is obvious in the lighter parts but otherwise it’s just beautiful. 👍


Neuschwanstein Castle – Masterpieces (Masters of Photography) – 500 pieces

Photography puzzles aren’t really my taste, but this puzzle was pretty good. I honestly don’t understand the fascination with Neuschwanstein Castle, there are so many puzzles of it! Anyway, pretty nice pieces from Masterpieces, I was impressed with the quality.


Summer Hummer by Spencer Williams – Sunsout – 1000 pieces

This is a gorgeous puzzle that would be excellent glued and framed. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it was a fun assembly even though I’m not a fan of the way Sunsout puzzles fit together. Absolutely beautiful!


Vineyard Visit by Art Poulin – Masterpieces (Town & Country) – 300 pieces

This puzzle is part of the Town & Country Collection from Masterpieces and Art Poulin. I enjoyed it very much, the artwork reminds me slightly of Charles Wysocki, very linear and symmetrical in some ways. Fun afternoon puzzle!