The Riding Lesson by Marlier – Ravensburger – 300 pieces

Bummer this one was missing a piece, but it was still fun and actually a bit of a challenge to put together.


Songbird Symphony – Springbok – 500 pieces

My second puzzle of the month and it’s missing pieces too! Oh well, it was pretty darn fun even though it’s not the typical image I prefer. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂


The Bridesmaid by John Everett Millais – Pomegranate – 500 pieces

I absolutely adore this image, it’s gorgeous! That being said, oh my there is a lot of hair, and it was a bit difficult – totally worth the effort though.


Wild Animals by Michael Searle – A Broader View – 500 pieces

All the bright, beautiful colors in this puzzle make you think it’ll be pretty easy to assemble. The colors lie, this one exercises your brain cells! Still entertaining though. 🙂


Lakefront: Milwaukee, WI by Hannah Jablonski – HANmade Milwaukee – 500 pieces

Really fun and interesting puzzle we actually got in a swap with a local puzzler mom met in an online puzzle group. Great quality, fun cut, excellent image!


Spring Dance by Diane Phalen – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

Spring Dance was more fun that I anticipated and not as difficult as I thought either. I love surprises like that.


Private Library – Springbok – 500 pieces

This was quite dark and about as difficult as I thought it would be. Unfortunately it was one of those Springboks with a super tight fit – not a fan of that at all.


Summer Surprise by Mary Ann Vessey – MasterPieces – 500 pieces

Terrible quality on this puzzle, but for some reason I really wanted to finish it. I enjoyed the assembly itself but this puzzle was not the usual MasterPieces quality I’m used to. Pretty picture though, isn’t it?


Pattern 4 by Patchwork – Milton Bradley – 300 pieces

I LOVE this image, it’s so bright and colorful! The quality of this puzzle was excellent and it’s definitely a keeper, I would assemble it all over again tomorrow. 🙂


Whistler – Butzi Games – 60 pieces

New company for us, and I’m reserving judgment on it. The pieces were thick and sturdy but didn’t lay flat. It’s an interesting image for a kids puzzle though.


Fancy Nancy by Robin Preiss Glasser – Briarpatch – 100 pieces

How I wanted this puzzle to be complete! I love this image – the attitude of this little girl is absolutely me! What a bummer there were four missing pieces. 😪


Construction Crowd by Michael Searle – Ravensburger – 60 pieces

Another bummer with missing pieces. Great quality though with an excellent image perfect for little boys.


Frozen – Clementoni – 104 pieces

My first Clementoni puzzle for children, I was impressed! Really nice quality pieces and image reproduction. One of these days I’m going to have to see this movie, I’ve done so many puzzles with images from it.


Fly Away Home by H.J. Gillespie – MasterPieces – 500 pieces

Love the bright colors in this image, and mom and I had a good time assembling it. Fun puzzle!


Mountain Grazing by John Silver – Bits and Pieces – 300 pieces

Not our usual image, but still it was easy to sort and fun to assemble. Nice quality pieces, very sturdy.


Heart of the Garden by Nancy Wernersbach – Sunsout – 200 pieces

Gorgeous puzzle! I was a little disappointed with the quality of the pieces, but the image reproduction is lovely and this was quite the entertaining puzzle. 🙂


Colors of Venice by Joel Christopher Payne – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

When I bought this puzzle I didn’t pay attention, it was 300 MINI pieces – oh no! But I made the best of it, and it looks pretty darn good.


Preamble by Mike Wilkins – Pomegranate – 1000 pieces

Loved this one, challenge and all! It’s the first 1000 piece puzzle I’ve done all month and I’m super proud of myself. Great puzzle. 😎


Ah-Ha to Zig-Zag by Maira Kalman – Mudpuppy – 300 pieces

My first Mudpuppy puzzle! I enjoyed the quality very much, and the collage was great fun to put together. The perfect puzzle at the perfect time – I needed some stress relief. 😱


Americana – Bob’s Your Uncle – 550 pieces

We were slightly unimpressed with this puzzle; the image just isn’t what we normally look for and it wasn’t overly fun to assemble.


Humility by Richard Welker – Ceaco – 550 pieces

I have to eat my words with this puzzle, we were quite happy with the quality of this Ceaco puzzle, and the image was really enjoyable to assemble. Mom and I loved it!


Yoga Dogs – Eurographics – 1000 pieces

This puzzle was so much fun, I couldn’t tear myself away from it. Amazing image that kept me entertained, look at those adorable dogs! 🐶


Ladybugs by Michael Searle – MasterPieces – 100 pieces

Quick and fun 100 piece puzzle filled with beautiful ladybugs. I loved the bright colors and that it wasn’t too easy – a nice challenge. 🙂


Harvest of Gold by Charles Freitag – Sunsout – 500 pieces

It’s hard to tell from this tiny little picture, but this puzzle is 3 feet long. I loved the colors of the tractors and really enjoyed this assembly.


Cupcakes I – Lafayette Puzzle Company – 500 pieces

Mom and I put together these 12 mini puzzles, they were a lot of fun! I think I may be in trouble, because I want all of this series now – birds, fish, shoes, butterflies, etc. Bring ’em on!


Irises by Vincent Van Gogh – Andrews + Blaine – 126 pieces

This is a very small puzzle that measures only about 12 x 4 inches. It’s not the easiest image, but I was looking for something to do while lying in bed. The entire puzzle fit on a cookie sheet and was the perfect size. I enjoyed it more than I anticipated!


Delphinium Cottage by Howard Robinson – MasterPieces – 300 pieces

Here’s another puzzle I bought without knowing it had “mini” pieces. I’m actually starting to like these now! Adorable image and hubby helped too. 🙂