Technology – Professor Puzzle – 150 pieces

Another “bathroom puzzle” that hubby helped me with. Lots of fun to assemble even with the tiny pieces. 🙂


Donut – Ceaco – 300 pieces

This puzzle isn’t named on the box, so I’ve done the best I can. It was extremely challenging for only a 300 piece puzzle, but very satisfying when complete. Yummy!


Bombs Away! by Tom Wood – Sunsout – 550 pieces

Adorable puzzle that was just the right amount of challenging. I love the finished image, it’s so cute!


Mathematics – Professor Puzzle – 150 pieces

The last of the STEM puzzles are finished, hubby worked on this one during the night when he couldn’t sleep. I woke up to an almost complete puzzle after just putting it on the tray the day before. 🙂


Droids – Buffalo – 300 pieces

Quick puzzle that was more fun to put together than I thought it would be. I haven’t done a Buffalo puzzle in a while, and I forgot how much I enjoy their smaller piece counts. 👍


World War I Posters
World War I Posters by Mark Karvon – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

A 1000 piece puzzles, aren’t you proud of me? I am! This was so much fun it didn’t intimidate me at all, it was the best! I’ve got another 1000 piece I’m planning on assembling soon, wish me luck!


Reese’s – MasterPieces – 500 pieces

This puzzle wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it might be, and was excellent quality. And it has me jonesing for a peanut butter cup!


Under the Sea
Under the Sea – Re-marks – 300 pieces

This was was ok, I wasn’t thrilled with the fit or the image, actually. But it was a good palate cleanser after the 1000 piece puzzle (I worked on this one in bed while I was also working on the Reese’s puzzle in the puzzle room).


Macaroons – Ceaco – 500 pieces

I love the pastel colors in this puzzle, and I had a great time putting it together. It was so much fun that I finished the whole thing in one day!


Cow Parade
Cow Parade – Cobble Hill – 1000 pieces

I’ve been wanting to assemble this puzzle for quite a while now, and am so glad to have the chance to put it together. It’s fun and funny and I had the best time!


Garden Room
Garden Room by Kate Mason – Re-marks – 200 pieces

I absolutely love these 200 piece puzzles by Re-marks. They’re not the large EZ grip pieces, they’re regular sized and great to work with. It’s so fun to put together a quick puzzle like this one, I hope we find more of them. 🙂


Retro Cats – Re-marks – 300 pieces

Loved this puzzle! Cat’s aren’t my thing, but I really enjoyed this one, and think it would be even better as a 1000 piece. 🙂


Bookmarks by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

I had the best time with this puzzle, and I even worked it without using the box top. So much fun!


Chocolate Sensation – Springbok – 400 pieces

This was my first family puzzle from Springbok, I was surprised how it went together! It was very entertaining  though, and made me hungry for some sweets.


Crafty Critters
Crafty Critters – Creative Edge – 100 pieces

I haven’t done a kid’s puzzle in a while, and this one was pretty fun! The quality was only fair, but it was still an entertaining assembly.


Highland Cow
Highland Cow – Mega Puzzles – 100 pieces

This kid’s puzzle was a little more difficult, but it was a fun afternoon putting together a few smaller puzzles. Not the best quality.


What, No Chocolate!? – Ceaco – 500 pieces

Another puzzle from the 8-in-1 box, I thought it would be easy – it wasn’t! Doesn’t mean it wasn’t fun though. 🙂