In Dreams by Geoffrey Gersten – Artifact Puzzles – 116 pieces

Happy Birthday to me! Is this an awesome puzzle or what? Hexagonal shapes made it interesting and moderately difficult. 🙂


Yoshi – USAopoly – 200 pieces

I’m bummed Yoshi was missing pieces, look how cute he is! Ah well, it was still fun to assemble.


Song of the Unicorn – Springbok – 500 pieces

Another super tight fitting Springbok, you can see how the edges curl up. Pretty, vintage puzzle from 1982. Wow.


Dear God I Nearly Missed the Bus by Annie Fitzgerald – Vista Puzzles – 100 pieces

Mom found 3 of these Dear God puzzles thrift store shopping. They’re adorable, but they are not easy at all! It looks simple and straightforward, but it takes concentration to assemble. 🙂


I Spy Blue – Briarpatch – 100 pieces

What a fun, interesting puzzle! There were 6 colors in this series, and if you lined the puzzles up they were holding hands. Thin pieces, but sturdy.


Ballet Recital – Melissa & Doug – 100 pieces

Beautiful puzzle, the picture doesn’t do it justice! Sturdy pieces, gorgeous image, and a wonderful fit. Excellent kids puzzle.


Moulin Rouge by Marilyn Dunlap – Remarks – 1000 pieces

The last of the 4 puzzles mom and I completed on our visit day. We were cranking them out! Pretty puzzle, but more difficult than I thought it would be. Still, fun!


Incidental Music for a New Year’s Eve Party by Dr. Suess – Liberty Puzzles – 527 pieces

I am seriously in love with this puzzle company. The most entertaining puzzle I have ever assembled! Oh my, bankruptcy is looming if I don’t rein it in!


Ninety-Nine Butterflies – Bits and Pieces – 300 pieces

Beautiful puzzle with a shiny finish that makes it look like a china plate. More difficult than it looks!


Tulip Field – Sibbett Studio – 363 pieces

This wooden puzzle company is family run and makes everything in their garage. I like the image, but a little disappointed with the piece shapes and how they fit together.


(What If #9) Santa & Rudolph by Geoff Tristam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

My first Christmas puzzle this season (not counting Christmas in July). Another fun What If with such great humor in it. Here’s a shocker – I loved it!


Hang Loose by Scott Westmoreland – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

Mom and I assembled this together, excellent puzzling image that we both enjoyed very much!


African Splendor by Andrew Farley – Ravensburger – 500 pieces

Mom and I started this one together and she finished it after I went home. Gorgeous image!


Down on the Farm by Charlie Girard – White Mountain – 1000 pieces

I love a collage! The fit was much looser than normal for a White Mountain; it was a little frustrating. Still, fun and adorable!


Fairgrounds by Eric Joyner – Andrews + Blaine – 126 pieces

Really cute, tiny puzzle. Only 126 smaller pieces and you could take it anywhere! The box was so small I was expecting less than optimal pieces, but they were quite thick and very nice.


Escape From Alcatraz by Albert Lorenz – MasterPieces (Mythic Mazes) – 1000 pieces

Even though all the pieces were ballerinas I really enjoyed this assembly! The colors were bright and there were plenty of words to put together too!


Einstein’s Rainbow by Edward Kinnally – Peaceful Wooden Puzzles – 260 pieces

A stunningly gorgeous puzzle that was as much fun to assemble as it is to look at!


Darling Doe by Charlie Zabarte – Andrews + Blaine – 500 pieces

Fun puzzle, even though all the pieces were ballerinas. I really enjoyed the artwork.


Humpty Dumpty – Milton Bradley – 60 pieces

Quick assembly at the end of my visit with mom, beautiful colors and very nice pieces!


Chocolate Artistry – Springbok – 1000 pieces

I think this is the most fun Springbok puzzles I’ve ever done. I had a great time assembling each little chocolate. Loved it!


Blind as a Bat by Mike Jupp – All Jigsaw Puzzles – 500 pieces

I loved this one! An excellent puzzle with an unbelievably crisp image, gorgeous!


Spider-Man 3 – Milton Bradley – 98 pieces

I was hoping this was all here, I wanted to give it to my youngest. Bummer!


The Puzzle that Wrapped up Christmas – Wentworth Wooden Puzzles – 300 pieces

So much fun! A really cool image of wrapping paper – repetitive image and repetitive pieces – had a great time!


Wavy Rainbow – All Jigsaw Puzzles (Impuzzible) – 1000 pieces

The picture doesn’t really do it justice, this is a GORGEOUS puzzle. I ran into a little quality issue while gluing, but got a wonderfully fast response from the company and I’m completely satisfied with the resolution. 🙂


Homage by Danny Hahlbohm – Sunsout – 500 pieces

Beautiful puzzle, I might actually be getting in the Christmas spirit now! Loved this assembly (and I really am not a big fan of Christmas puzzles)


Mandala Fruit Tree by Paul Heussenstamm – Pomegranate – 500 pieces

Gorgeous puzzle, and I even learned some cool information about mandalas from the back of the box!


Lighthouse 1 by Karla Gerard – Educa – 1000 pieces

More challenging than I anticipated, but I love the artwork and enjoyed the assembly anyway. 😉


Fall: The Joy of Puzzles with Bob Ross – Wellspring – 500 pieces

Isn’t this a lovely, calm image? I enjoyed it very much!


Dream Cottage Retreat by Cra-Z-Art – Kodak (Lafayette Puzzle Co.) – 1000 pieces

This is a beautiful puzzle, the colors are amazing – so much so that several of my family members commented on it while I was assembling it. Tiny issue with the quality, but otherwise very nice.


Canned Veggies – Springbok – 500 pieces

Very nice puzzle, mom loves it so I’m guessing she’ll want to assemble it herself and then perhaps frame it. Excellent picture for a kitchen!


Skates by Amy Rosenberg – Bits and Pieces – 500 pieces

I forgot to add the 5 puzzles mom and I did last week on our puzzle day! This cute thing and the next 4 we did on last Friday afternoon. I love puzzle day with mom. ❤


Teachers (Girl Power) – Eurographics – 100 pieces

Our first Eurographics kid’s puzzle, LOVE the quality. Super thick, sturdy board – and I’m loving the Girl Power series!


Dance, Hug, Sing – Cardinal – 48 pieces

I’ve named this puzzle because we found it in a bag, inside another kid’s puzzle. No image, just a bag of pieces. 🙂


Dear God, You Thought of Everything! by Annie Fitzgerald – Vista – 100 pieces

Last of the 3 Dear God puzzles mom got at the thrift store. These take a little more concentration than some other 100 piece puzzles, but they’re so cute!


Polar Bear – Ceaco (Glow Zone) – 100 pieces

Last of our puzzles for the day. We tried to get a good picture of the glow in the dark effect, but no luck. 😦


Sweet Surprise by Steve Barry – PuzzleTwist – 1000 pieces

My last puzzle of the month. I’m not showing the entire image so I don’t spoil the sweet surprise. 😉 Fun, challenging puzzle!