Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

Next puzzle for Disney week, unfortunately this one is missing 3 pieces. Still, it was a fun assembly and a bit of a challenge too!

Mega Puzzles are thin compared to the more premium brands like Ravensburger, Jumbo, or Pomegranate; but it doesn’t always have to be about only working with premium puzzles. Sometimes a cool thrift store find with thin pieces but a great image is just what I’m looking for; sometimes I just want to work a fun puzzle with an image that I really enjoy regardless of the quality of the pieces.

Mega Puzzles does have a nice variety of piece shapes and the pieces fit together quite well as you can see, but they were thin. This image was a little challenging with all the ocean dwellers everywhere and a lot of water, but still fun! The image reproduction was nice and there was no image lift even when a piece was placed incorrectly.

This movie wasn’t one of the movies included in the Disney Memorable Moments puzzle, but I do have good memories of watching it with my kids. Disney movies were a big part of my childhood; I enjoyed sharing those same movies with my kids and experiencing the newer movies with them as well. My husband still quote the seagulls from Nemo and says “Mine?” over and over when he wants to make me laugh – it usually works. 🙂

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