Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY

Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY by Dean MacAdam – Ravensburger – 1000 pieces

FANTASTIC puzzle from beginning to end! The image, the colors, the contrast between bright colors and dark shades – I loved it all. Dean MacAdam, please give us many more images like these, I can’t get enough of them. 💛

Great quality as usual, there were a couple of bent pieces but that happens with every brand once in a while. Great matte finish, excellent fit, and beautiful reproduction. Well done Ravensburger, puzzles like this one are why you have such a stellar reputation for quality puzzles.

I love the silly faces of the munchkins, whatever those things with blue hair are, and that in the trees there are evil bees. So fun!

Scariest flying monkey I’ve seen – much more evil looking than the movie monkeys in my opinion.

It seems that because I’ve never actually read the books I have no idea who these two characters are. The wizard is in the hot air balloon – so who is this guy? And what about the royal rat? Anyone? (I could look these things up online but I’d much rather talk to you guys about it. 😊)

My New Puzzles

Most Everyone is Mad/Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My by Dean MacAdam – Ravensburger – 1000 pcs. each

The addictive Ravensburger puzzle dust took hold in my system and two more of their puzzles have found their way onto my shelves. I couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t want to.

After assembling Hansel & Gretel and enjoying it so much, I knew I’d have a great time with the other images by Dean MacAdam. They’ve both been adopted and brought here to a loving home. ❤

Woodstock Love

Woodstock Love – Cra-Z-Art – 100 pieces

This cute little puzzle was one I bought new for myself quite a while ago. Normally I acquire children’s puzzles from the thrift stores only – but there was something about this one that caught my eye. It was quick to go together, but thoroughly entertaining.

It was excellent quality for a Cra-Z-Art puzzle, much nicer than I anticipated. The pieces were thick, they had a great fit, and the reproduction was stellar with crisp lines and bright colors. The pieces were almost all ballerinas, but there was such a variety in the shape of each one that it didn’t seem boring or tedious. Overall it was one of the nicest puzzles from this brand that I’ve done.

Harbor City

Harbor City by Shanghee Shin – Re-marks – 300 pieces

This puzzle was just what I needed – I had much more fun putting this together than I’d predicted – that’s always a big bonus for me!

Excellent quality Re-marks puzzle; thick pieces, excellent fit, beautiful reproduction. All in all a great puzzle with a fun image to assemble.

This gondola and it’s occupants really made me smile. I love the hat of the gondolier, and it looks as though the frightened cat is holding a ring box – perhaps there’s a proposal in the works?

For some reason the kitty doing a handstand in the window struck me as truly funny. Perhaps while mom is downstairs watering the flowers the kids are upstairs messing around. Whatever the reason I found it amusing.

Let’s All Go To The Lobby!

Let’s All Go To The Lobby! – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

I put this one together by myself in the puzzle room the day after I received my subscription box. It was so colorful and reminded me of my younger days going to the drive-in with the whole family – plus it’s a 3D puzzle! I know it’s a little wonky looking without the 3D glasses, but it was still loads of fun to assemble.

Any of my fellow oldsters remember seeing this at the movies back in the day? I can still sing that song all these years later and remember the hot dog doing a backflip into the bun. We used to all pile into my parents van and go to the drive-in theater. My parents explained to us that it wasn’t a true drive-in experience if you didn’t sneak someone in – so my sisters and I laid flat on the floor in the back of the van trying not to giggle – and we usually failed. My parents being who they were I’m certain they actually paid for us all, but wanted us to have some extra fun trying to sneak in. Ah…..memories. 💗

Back to the actual puzzle! Like the puzzles in the New Year’s box, this one also had an image on the back….

Perfect for watching a 3D movie don’t you think? Love it!

I’ve been a member of the MicroPuzzles subscription program since late last year. I decided that I was worth it, and making myself happy with these puzzles every month was definitely beneficial to my mental health. (Plus, there’s my P.A.D.S. diagnosis to think about too). Every month I receive a themed box with two exclusive puzzles that are only available by subscription and a surprise gift.

This month was a movie theme – Lights, Camera…..Puzzle! There were two movie themed puzzles, including the 3D puzzle shown above, a pair of 3D glasses with which to enjoy the puzzle image, and a small box of buttered popcorn flavored Jelly Bellys. It also comes with a small booklet that talks about the month’s theme and shows the puzzle images; this month that also included a small quiz about 3D movies. This is my favorite month so far!

Since I’ve started receiving these boxes every month not only have I received beautiful and interesting puzzles to assemble; I’ve gotten a puzzle piece shaped Christmas ornament, a refrigerator magnet, a sticker for my car, a pair of puzzle socks, and now my favorite flavor of Jelly Bellys and some cool 3D glasses. I’m not subscribing for the gifts, but they are definitely a fun bonus. I can’t wait to see what shows up next month. 😎