Fish Doodle

Fish Doodle – MicroPuzzles – 150 pieces

This little guppy of a puzzle was lots of fun, and so colorful! We always have a puzzle going in the powder room these days, and hubby is enjoying them just as much as I do. These MicroPuzzles are very good quality, and are perfect for puzzling wherever you’d like to take them. 😉

Hubby and I were talking about it after we finished this puzzle and he was saying how much he enjoyed this one. Then he said “Sometimes you just can’t seem to find anything at all, and then one time you look at it and everything clicks. Then you can see where everything should go.”

I think I may have him on the line – he’s hooked! 🎣

Love Coffee

Love Coffee – Cra-Z-Art – 300 pieces

I was in the mood for a quick collage, and this beautiful 300 piece fit the bill just right! And as a coffee lover, of course the image spoke to me – gotta have my coffee in the mornings. ☕

The quality of this Cra-Z-Art puzzle had me pleasantly surprised. Excellent fit, beautiful image reproduction, good variety of shapes, and sturdy chipboard – all of these were better than I’d assumed they’d be. Don’t you love it when things are better than you thought? I do!

This was my favorite section, the hands cupping the mug make almost a heart. LOVE me some coffee! Black with two sugars please. 🖤

I love being able to do this with a puzzle. And I was so sure of this fit that I took this picture BEFORE I took any other pictures. I knew it wouldn’t fall apart, so there was no fear at all – I just picked it up and stood it on it’s bottom edge. That is not how things usually go, I always take my regular pictures before standing up a puzzle, just in case things go pear-shaped. The fit on this puzzle was exceptional!