Mousing Around

Mousing Around
Mousing Around by Tim Rogerson – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

My very last puzzle of 2018 was this Mickey Mouse puzzle that was great fun even though there were basically only 4 colors to work with. It’s such an interesting look for Mr. Mouse, and it made for excellent puzzling. 🙂

*I’m not feeling very chatty this morning, perhaps it’s my PADS diagnosis*

New 40,320 Piece Mickey Mouse Puzzle!


Well what do you think of this?!? I read about this puzzle on the blog of a friend from Russia, and found it already available for sale on a jigsaw puzzle site in the Czech Republic! It took a lot of searching online to find it, but I refused to give up and finally found the little bugger. 🙂

Here’s the info I was able to find:

  • 40,320 pieces (same size as Disney Memorable Moments)
  • 22.3 feet x 6.2 feet (680 x 190 cm)
  • Comes in 10 sections of 4032 pieces
  • Box weighs about 44 pounds
  • Manufactured by Ravensburger
  • Priced at around $500 USD 😮

This puzzle is celebrating the 90th birthday of our beloved Mickey Mouse. I wish I could get a better look at each of the 10 frames, but unfortunately I was not able to find any images of each of the sections separately. This is the best I can do for now…


It looks as though it’s artist desk/collage images from Mickey’s past 90 years. I’m really looking forward to being able to see each panel close up – it looks like fun!

I wasn’t able to find the official title of the puzzle. It could be “Mickey – The True Original” – that’s what I can see on the front of the box; my friend in Russia says the title is “Disney – The 90th Birthday of Mickey Mouse”. According to the Czech puzzle site, the name is Puzzle Mickey Mouse. Google translate tries, but it doesn’t always do right by me, so I can’t say for sure just yet. 😉

I doubt I’ll be buying this one any time soon, but for some reason news of this puzzle really got me excited! I spent well over an hour searching everywhere I could think of to find any information I could. I’ll update with new info when I can find it, but these things seem to take a long time – especially when you’re really looking forward to them!

What do you think? Gonna give this one a go?