Monsters – Ceaco – 700 pieces

I enjoyed this more than I expected to. I haven’t done a cartoon puzzle in a while and I forgot how much fun I find them. The bright colors make me very happy, and the easier sorting is a bonus as well.

Monsters 1

I started with Mike, the green was easy to find and I loved the character too. Every time I look at it I hear Boo yelling “Mike Wazowski!” in the movie. So cute!

Monsters 2

There were an abundance of eyes, and I worked on them next. So many eyes! This puzzle was completely absorbing and entertaining, it reminded me how much I like cartoony puzzles. I bought this one on the insistence of my daughter, it seems she knows better than I do what puzzles I would enjoy – I should take her shopping with me every time. 😉

Dapper Dandies

Dapper Dandies
Dapper Dandies by Amy Lynn – Mega Puzzles – 300 pieces

Dapper Dandies was the first of my Facebook Marketplace purchases that I assembled, and what fun! I love the artwork by Amy Lynn, and it made for an excellent and entertaining assembly. 🙂

I find Mega Puzzles to be hit or miss, sometimes the quality is much better than expected and sometimes not so much. The fit was fine on this one but the chipboard was on the thin side and it definitely didn’t lay flat.

Dapper Dandies 1

Still, if we’re discussing the puzzling itself I enjoyed this one very much. It gave me a bit more challenge than I would have thought, but I find the challenging ones are pretty darn fun too! Looking at the finished image I’m surprised that it was as difficult for me as it was, but I can’t only blame the puzzle. I was recovering from a long trip and on pain medication; that sometimes slows down my brain function, which slows down the assembly. 😉