Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses – Mega Puzzles – 150 pieces

Another puzzle with missing pieces unfortunately. In addition, someone managed to spill ink onto some of the pieces – ouch.

I’m not sure if this puzzle was a favorite and assembled more often than the others, or if the quality was lacking. The pieces fit together well enough, but in addition to being quite thin there were several pieces with the image lifting up as you can see above.  The colors were more muted than most of the other puzzles in this collection, but still pretty. I can’t definitively say that quality is the reason for the image lift, as I didn’t see that problem with any of the other puzzles in this box. I try to err on the side of positivity if I’m not sure, and so I’ll say that most likely this was the puzzle most loved and assembled which accounts for the extra wear and tear.

The assembly was quick and easy, in fact I assembled all 3 of the 150 piece puzzles in the same day. They were small enough to assemble on a cookie sheet and I was able to be in bed resting but still get some puzzling done! 🙂

Mom and I had to travel to a doctor’s appointment this week, and were discussing movies we would have liked to see in the Memorable Moments puzzle. Doing this princesses puzzle made me wonder what criteria was used to decide which movies to include – I think Sleeping Beauty would have made a gorgeous section! And mom and I both agreed that The Aristocats would have been great too – we both loved the movie and it had such wonderful songs and music (important criteria in our family), and those adorable kittens would have made for a delightful section as well. But there have been so many great Disney movies, I don’t think you’d ever make everyone happy with your choices unless every single Disney movie was included – how big would that puzzle be? 😮

This puzzle won’t be going to my grandson’s house since it’s missing pieces and damaged, but it’s Disney week and I wanted to add it to the blog because two of these princesses are in the giant Disney puzzle. Poor Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was left out, but at least she made it here to My Jigsaw Journal. 😎

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