Mickey Mouse Soccer

Mickey Mouse Soccer – Mega Puzzles – 150 pieces

I had a Mega Puzzles box of 8 Disney puzzles in the car to deliver to my honorary grandson, and I just rediscovered them today. (I really need to clean out the backseat of my car 😐 )I realized that I haven’t done them to be sure all the pieces are there, and as an added bonus I’ll be able to do Disney puzzles all week leading up to Saturday, assembly day! As a matter of fact I’ll probably be able to do 3 or 4 of the puzzles in one day!

The box is supposed to have 4 puzzles of 150 pieces, 2 that are 300 pieces, and 2 that are 500 pieces. I normally only post a kid’s puzzle about once a week, but I’m super excited about Saturday and having these puzzles to do this week will be an excellent lead up to the big day!

I am surprised at how small this puzzle is, it’s 150 pieces but only 7 x 9 inches! It’s a nice image, I like that it isn’t all syrupy sweet (not that there’s anything wrong with that, syrupy sweet is adorable too!) and it’s a puzzle that specifically a boy would like. It didn’t take long to assemble and is a great start for Disney week here at My Jigsaw Journal. I didn’t have the idea until after I posted The Grinch on Monday, but I think he may be part of the Disney family. If not, it’ll be The Disney Rest of the Week! 😉

The pieces are quite thin, but I’ve found that is usually the case when you have multiple puzzles in one box. Despite the thinness, they weren’t bad to work with. There is a bit of shine on the pieces making glare an issue when working under lights, but they fit together well, and the image reproduction is very good.

Kid’s puzzles are fun to do, you start and finish the same day and even though they’re small or have a small piece count they’re still enjoyable. Well, for me they are, I’m still a little kid at heart❣

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